Religious Rallies

There was a guy at the Anti-Islam Rally who had a shirt on that said Fuck Islam, and while he was there he changed his opinion on the matter. He spoke to a Muslim on the opposite side and realized that not all Muslims are what he thought and said that they deserve rights too. 

The news is all over this mentioning how great it is, which like… yeah okay but how fucking isolated and ignorant do you have to be? Wow amazing people besides you/people like you deserve to be treated fairly. You were out here slinging slurs towards a group of people you knew nothing about. 

No one was more energized by the news from France than the Republicans running for president, who fell all over each other trying to see who could sound the toughest. Marco Rubio declared, “This is a clash of civilizations,” as though ISIS were in fact its own civilization. Ben Carson, displaying his usual commitment to factual accuracy, attacked the Obama administration for “bringing 200,000 people over here from that region,” even though the actual number of refugees we plan to take in is only 10,000. Speaking of which, Ted Cruz said that we should accept only Christian refugees, a position made all the more heartwarming by the fact that he said it at a “rally for religious liberty.” Mike Huckabee released a statement saying that because of the attack we should revoke the nuclear agreement with Iran, I guess because all Muslims are scary.
And Jeb Bush, super-macho-man that he is, said “We should declare war” on ISIS, apparently because he doesn’t know what it actually means to declare war. And that’s not to mention the inane attacks on Hillary Clinton for her unwillingness to repeat the words “radical Islam,” as though doing so would actually accomplish anything.

Anti-racism coalition rallies against Donald Trump in Manhattan

Activists from dozens of organizations against racism, supporting immigrants and religious tolerance rally at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue to condemn statements by presidential hopeful Donald Trump who they deem racist and Islamophobic.

Photos by M. Stan Reaves

Burning Barry

Forest Park, Ga. – Rock music record albums, including Barry Manilow, are burned in a bonfire outside the Landmark United Pentecostal Church outside Forest Park on March 17, 1982. Traveling minister Steve Timmons branded the music a tool of the devil and albums were thrown on the fire. Timmons, a Wisconsin Pentecostal minister who is taking his crusade against rock music across the country, drew a crowd of about 200 people. (Nancy Mangiafico/AJC staff).”

Photo courtesy of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Religious liberty is a rallying cry for many evangelical voters, and it has been popping up repeatedly throughout this presidential campaign. But in the current political climate, some conservative Christians are struggling with how to apply religious freedom to other faiths — like Islam.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz made religious freedom a hallmark of his failed campaign for the Republican nomination. Now, presumptive nominee Donald Trump is picking up the theme.

“Religious freedom. The right of people of faith to freely practice their faith. So important,” Trump said in a June 10 speech in Washington, D.C., to members of the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

On June 21, in a room full of evangelical leaders in New York City, Trump again promised to protect religious freedom. The presumptive GOP nominee said if he’s elected, “people are going to say ‘Merry Christmas’ again.”

For decades, fights over religious liberty in the U.S. have mostly been about the religious liberties of Christians. Evangelicals have rallied around issues like prayer in public schools, and more recently, whether conservative Christian vendors should be required by law to provide services for same-sex weddings.

But now, as the nation’s small but growing Muslim population gains a higher profile, other questions are emerging, including debates in several communities over the right to build mosques.

Conservative Christians Grapple With Whether 'Religious Freedom’ Includes Muslims

Photo: T.J. Kirkpatrick/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Instead of condemning the terrorists, Pakistan condemns Charlie Hebdo, burns the French flag

Well, if you didn’t know which side the government of Pakistan was on, here you go.

Notice the banner that says in English that Christians are “starting wars all over the world with Muslims.”  

from the Local:

Pakistan’s parliament on Thursday condemned satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo for printing a “blasphemous” cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad as religious groups held rallies throughout the country, including one at which the French flag was burnt.

The parliamentary resolution, which also criticized Western media for reprinting the caricatures, comes a week after the government officially condemned the murder of 12 people at the offices of the weekly on January 7 in Paris as a “brutal terror attack”.

The magazine this week published a “survivors” issue featuring an image of the Prophet Muhammad weeping, which sold out Wednesday before more copies of an eventual print run of five million hit newsstands in France.

“This house strongly condemns (the) printing and reprinting of the blasphemous caricatures… and also takes serious note of the continued trend of their reproduction in numerous other newspapers and magazines of other Western capitals,” the resolution said.

“This house genuinely believes that freedom of expression should not be misused as a means to attack or hurt public sentiments and religious beliefs,” it added.

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In other words.  We believe in our freedom of expression but not your freedom of expression. 

Note to Pakistan: liberty is a two way street.

 As Zip noted on his blog, “Oddly enough, no condemnation of the jihadists who slaughtered the paper’s staff.