What’s in a Name? The True Meaning of Maat.

There is a tradition among ancient mythologies that if you were to learn the true name of a god, you would acquire power over that god. However, given the way the Egyptian and Dogon languages work, one is led to suspect that this tradition has more to do with secret meanings than with actual secret names. The Egyptian phrase bu maa, which is translated as “truth,” actually implies something that is a “longstanding perception” or something that has been “thoroughly examined.” The Egyptian word maa means “to perceive or examine” - therefore, the word maat, defined by Budge as meaning “truth” or “justice” would literally mean “that which has been perceived or examined.”

Laird Scranton - The Science of the Dogon: Decoding the African Mystery Tradition.

Image Credit - Tefnut, Shu, Bastet, Khonsu, Maat, Hathor by birkenlaub

Sometimes God puts you at your lowest point so you’ll learn to praise Him for the simple things. He takes away what you think you need. He puts you in situations you couldn’t ever picture yourself in. He takes you out of your comfort zone, just so you’ll learn to say “thank you” for another day spent with a friend, or the way the wind whispers through the blades of grass and kisses your face as you watch the clouds.