MAY RELEASE! Fuwamofu Pometan

Ohhhh my goodness, look at these puffballs! Fuwamofu Pometan (or “Fluffy-Wuffy Pometan”), are a brand new line of characters, and are they adorable or what? The standard size and smaller look super fluffy, and I hope they’ll be just as soft in real life as they look in the promo photos!

I’m definitely snagging one of the white Pometan. I don’t know if any of you have played Undertale, but he reminds me of the Small White Dog from that game!


it’s finally finished! and ready for release!

this is after the bell, a project i started last year and meant to have finished by halloween, but due to complications that never happened. but now its done!

in this game, you play as a recently deceased student who can’t remember her name (and is referred to in files as yuurei for the sake of convenience) and upon awakening as a ghost, she feels a strong urge to return to her school to look for her real name. explore the school, talk to a few other ghostly students, maybe grab some things for them and uncover your name!

this game features:

  • a limited color palette
  • all female characters
  • cute talksprites and art!
  • ghosts
  • cute girls
  • who are also all gay. gay ghost girls, what more could u want
  • and a small bonus folder for when you achieve the true ending!

i’m still a beginner with RPGmaker so it’s nothing too complicated, but i hope you enjoy it anyway!

click here to download!

this game requires the RPGMaker 2003 runtime package, which you can get here!

IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE WITH THE RTP, i’ve bundled a version of the game that includes it here (you will need winrar or another similar program that can handle .lzh files)

if you encounter any other issues, please let me know right away!

you can also send questions/comments/concerns of any kind to my ask box, and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

i hope you enjoy it!

A Choice With No Regrets: Special Chapter 5


Hello everyone! Today we bring you the final special chapter for A Choice With No Regrets. In this chapter, Commander Shadis attempts to put the new recruits in their place.

Don’t forget that volume 2 of A Choice With No Regrets is out now if you haven’t already bought a copy. We will be releasing special chapter 2 as well as any other goodies in volume 2 in the upcoming days and weeks.

If you have any feedback about this chapter or any of our releases, feel free to contact us on Tumblr or email us at We’d love to hear from you.


Title: Ichinichi Kareshi (One Day Boyfriend)
Type: Doujinshi
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Kageyama Tobio x Hinata Shouyou
Artist / Circle: Kazukirai / ぶぶん飯店 (Bubunhanten)
Pixiv Preview here.


Original Scanlator:  面包一郎泥塑塑
Typesetter / QC: kurasuchi
Translator:  miffan
Cleaner / Redrawer: omchan

Here, it’s finally finished. Let’s not forget that Kageyama and Hinata are the only ones who would probably bring a volleyball to a date.

And if you have seen our future releases post, you probably know that we’re gonna bring in more works from the Kagehina goddess. We are trying to complete all of her works, so if you have one that isn’t included in any of our posts and in our list (and is not scanlated yet, of course) then please share it with us!

Please do not repost or rescanlate without permission.

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SHINee is back!! New album is called ‘Odd’ and it will be released on May 18th, at midnight, just one day after SHINee World IV concerts end. This is the first Korean comeback after Everybody as a whole group, one year and seven months ago. Also it has been confirmed that SHINee will perform their new song on MBC FM4U Blue Night, at DJ Jonghyun’s program. Watch the official teaser here!!!


Otonoki Kindergarten by Mope

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This was my first time translating, as well as my return to cleaning and typesetting, and I gotta say, wheeeeewww that was a lot of work. Much props to Kouhai for doing this most of the time because I can’t even imagine doing it for more than 10 pages (I mean, Jesus, this was only 7 pages long). But I persevered for the cute.

MAJOR PROPS TO SHIMAPANDA FROM GIB FOR TLCHECKING THE SHIT OUT OF THIS. This would have had disgusting errors without her.

La Dispute Announce New Album 'Rooms Of The House'; Tour With PBTT, Mansions

La Dispute will finally be releasing a new album titled Rooms Of The House on March 18th via their own new label, Better Living, as an imprint of Staple Records. Check out the album artwork plus tour dates with Pianos Become The Teeth and Mansions below after the jump! 

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A Choice With No Regrets Volume 2: Special Edition Booklet


The SE tankobon includes a ‘limited edition special small booklet’ which features special chapters 1 and 2, as well as character sketches (Flagon and Sayram), and colored Levi illustrations.

If you have any feedback about any of our releases, feel free to contact us on Tumblr or email us at We’d love to hear from you.



UmiEri Pocky Game by tMnR

Full Size ]

DON’T LOOK AT ME. THIS RELEASE IS DEDICATED TO GIRLS IN BOXES. They forced me to work on this! I have nothing to say for myself, this is the last UmiEri from me. If you have to complain or compliment please direct messages to their direction. At least the good news is I have some really fucking cute NozoEri coming out next to make my sinner self feel at least a little better.

ex-At The Drive-In, Red Hot Chilli Peppers Members Form New Band

Omar Rodríguez-López (The Mars Volta, At The Drive-In) and John Frusciante (ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers) have formed a new band called Kimono Kult. The band’s debut EP will be titled Hiding In The Light and will be released on March 4th via Neurotic Yell Records. Check out details for the EP and release below after the jump.

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Kocchi Muite Waratte ch.5+Extras

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. I was planning to release this next week which is also my birthday and bulk release but I couldn’t wait to release it now! I know all of you Ichikawa Kei fans are waiting impatiently for this *dodges tomatoes and eggs flying towards me* I’m sorry, I’m sorry! The waiting is over now, though!


On the side note, I still have three doujinshi of these two dorks with me that I have yet to scan. I’m an incredibly lazybum so you’ll have to wait patiently or if some kind-heart person would be willing to share their scans for us to scanlate…. which is unlikely. But yeah anyway, please do wait! I’ll scan ’em soon, probably after the bulk releases are done.

Well, please enjoy reading KMW’s last chapter! =)