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We breathe every day

But these breaths are shallow and rapid. learning to breathe properly and setting aside some time to go through some breathing exercises lets your blood receive max oxygen to circulate around your body. this will not only help you relax, but also help you feel refreshed. 

however please note that if you have a breathing problem then don’t try this without asking a doctor. also, you may experience a slight dizziness the first time you do this. that is usually alright. this happens because your body hasn’t experienced this type of breathing before and is getting used to receiving that much oxygen. simple take a break and breathe normally then try again when you feel ready. if you feel a discomfort besides the slight dizziness then stop. 

■ get comfortable. you can breathe anywhere you would like but if there’s something that you know will help you feel more relaxed, such as drinking water or wearing something soft then go for it.

■ belly breathing - place one hand on your stomach, place the other hand on your chest. breathe in deeply through your nose, letting your stomach push your hand out. breathe out through your lips, gently letting your hand guide your stomach inwards, helping to let out the breath,

■ 4-7-8 breathing - inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, release and exhale for 8 seconds

■ 3-3-3-3 breathing - inhale for 3 seconds, hold for 3 seconds, release for 3 seconds, and hold again for 3 seconds

■ morning breathing - stand up. slightly bend your knees, and bend your torso forward from your waist, let your arms hang above the floor. inhale slowly, and straighten until you are standing again, ending at your head. now exhale and bend forward again. when you’re done, stand up.

■ mrigi mudra - make a fist and press first and second fingers against base of thumb. curl third finger and rest the tip on the pinky finger’s nail. these two fingers will be extended. don’t turn your head towards your hand but position these two fingers so that they press the opposite nostril to close it. inhale through the open nostril. now cover your open nostril with your thumb and open the previously closed nostril to exhale. you can look up this technique if you’re confused about the positions or the process.

I hope this helps you relax and I hope you have a brilliant and stress free day. You can do this! -hana from kiyoko-studies