Here’s what I’m doing currently. Enjoying some Final Fantasy VII speed running being done by CarNage64. He’s pleasant to watch as he doesn’t get too insane but a few minutes here and there when Demon’s Gate destroys one of his runs (as can happen pretty often, sadly). He’s very interactive, welcoming and deserves all the support he gets from his community.  

 Life wise I’m not doing too much right now. I bought some pizza and things to go with it this afternoon for my roommate, who enjoyed his 40th birthday on Friday. That’s as exciting as it’s getting for me today thankfully. I think I’ll go on a walk in a bit as it is a nice, but not overly hot afternoon. Just a nice Fall day.

 Tomorrow, after my Bible study with my friend, my sister is taking the second half of the day off of work and we’re seeing that western that is in the movies right now… forget the name, but it has Chris Pratt in it (among other good actors), which is enough to get me to go as he is a great actor, and he’s freaking hot. Two great reasons, along with hanging out with my sister, to go see an afternoon movie on a Monday.

 Hope you all have had a fabulous weekend!

 - Lana