I respect everybody’s opinion’s but I need to vent right quick!!! Michonne is my absolute favorite character. I love her DOWN!!! Shes the only one who can make me legit stop watching MY FAVORITE SHOW IN THE WORLD (for 3 weeks😂) if they EVER even THINK about killing her off. (I didnt even like typing that) but Im also a fan of THE WALKING DEAD!!! I read the comics, Been watching since S1 so while I understand ppl being upset that Michonne and/or Rick arent getting much screen time, I cant help but be annoyed at how much complaining the fandom has done this season, its so ughhhh. Like, I get it if you dont like the story thats being told but I like being part of the social media fandom to ENJOY this show w/ yall. To ENJOY our ship!!! Thats why I joined Tumblr in the first place and I STILL dont know how to work this shit for real😂😂😂 This season is about Negan and what his presence does to the group. Love it or hate it thats what it is. Things are gonna change as the story moves forward. YES this season has been slow and it aint the first time a season has been slow…things will pick up and things will change. Ok Im done!!! ✌🏽️

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concept: me, sitting in a café and revising my notes. on the table are my favourite stationery and drink, and I am thinking about the great things I have planned for later. I enjoy my studies a lot, and am able to manage my time so I can both study and relax doing what I love. I have a healthy sleeping-schedule and am refreshed and at peace with myself and my life.

Friendly reminder to check you’re not holding tension in your body. Let your shoulders drop, unclench your hands and jaw. Take a deep breath. Much better.
Relax and Breathe

If you want to enjoy your life today …

1. Make peace with the past and decide to let it go.

2. Choose to be present and to focus on this moment.

3. Smile and laugh often; enjoy the little things.

4. Be positive and grateful; remember ALL life’s blessings.

5. Don’t allow other people to affect your happiness

6. Don’t listen to, or ruminate on, empty lies and gossip.

7. Be patient in your struggles - and know that trials end.