Had an amazingly fun weekend at Genesee Country Village and Musueum’s Jane Austen weekend. Then right at the end we got hit with lots of rain and ended up soaked.

On the way home though the rain cleared enough fora giant double (sometimes triple) rainbow directly in our path (sometimes to the side) for almost the entire drive home.

We stopped to get pictures and decided that this was what we needed to finally share this news. It’s been almost 6 months now and today just felt right.

Basically, me and @hinata42691 are together, and we are really happy to let our followers know.


As of two days ago I’m no longer a single man. I’m in a relationship with a friend of mine I started talking to a lot when I was hit with some heavy news about a family member. He understood that I was sad and let me be sad but didn’t let me wallow too long. It’s a slow start and I didn’t really expect it but hey, it’s making me happy. As is the case I never refer to myself or my partners with our real names so I will be referring to him as Rex/Rexy and will of course update all of you if anything changes! - Rye