She was scared to let him go because once she did, she’d be gone forever. She doesn’t temporarily close doors-she burns them down and replaces them with tombstones. It becomes a place to mourn a relationship that once was but isn’t anymore; a place where dreams, hope, love, the life they shared and the people they were together are buried and only memories remain.
—  How she grieves and lets go - Jess Amelia
Have you ever had that love where you can feel every emotion they have?
Have you ever loved somebody so much that when their lips press on your neck your heart could explode.
Wanting to tell them how much you love them but can’t find enough words to describe the feeling you get in your chest when they say your name, when they sip their coffee, when they tell you about their day.
Have you ever loved somebody to the point where you’re only existing for them?
—  I do