Relationship Break Ups


“I threw myself at love and I got burned. People warned me about getting hurt, they warned me about becoming reckless, losing the sense of what’s wrong and what’s right. They never warned about losing myself.

I threw myself at love because I wasn’t afraid of getting hurt, I’m still not. I know pain and hurt are things you can’t avoid and I know I need love more than I hate pain.

I threw myself at love and I don’t regret doing it. But now my heart’s ripped into pieces and it hurts so much; because he had been taking pieces of me from the start and now I can’t get them back no matter how fucking hard I try. And I’m trying so hard. And I want to be with him maybe because I think like that I can keep myself together, I can bend my heart putting the pieces he took away and the ones I have left together. But I can’t keep looking for my happiness in the same place I lost it.

I threw myself at love and you didn’t fucking catch me. I set my heart on fire but it wasn’t fucking enough to keep you warm. I wasn’t fucking enough.” 


Yesterday when I cleaned my room
I found the past
between old school books
Dust and
Old magazines.
Your face smiled at me
from photographs
I had forgotten about.
that brought back memories
I had safely stored in the back of my mind.
I sat here for a while and
thought about you.
I wonder if you kept my stuff
or threw it away
like I should have done.
Instead I placed your face in
my spanish grammar book - past tenses.
And shoved your smile between
Algebra and geometry.
I filled the box to the top,
sealed it
and wrote
School Stuff.
I hid it somewhere in the basement.
Maybe in ten years I will open this box again.
Maybe then I will leave it behind.
Long forgotten
Dusty smiles
Your voice has faded
into a distant memory.
I lie awake that night
and wonder if I can ever throw away
a part of me
no matter how sad and broken.
—  Dusty Smile, Nana Kitano
For anyone who's ever ended a relationship

You’ve done the right thing simply because you knew you wanted to break up with that person. Don’t let them or anyone tell you that you’re wrong. You felt that way for a reason and I’m proud of you for recognizing it and acting on it.

Those who are dumped need love and support, but so do those that ended it. You’re brave and wise for doing what’s right for you, and ultimately, for that other person.

Everyone deserves the love they give to others, and if you couldn’t offer that to that person, you’re right to end it and allow them to find someone who will.

You will find someone who you would change the world for just to make them smile. And they would do the same for you.

I’m proud of you.

anonymous asked:

Help a gal out I've been dating my bo for almost 2 years now and he's done nothing but be kind and amazing. But I'm kinda bored of him, he seems so childish to me now and I often think about breaking up with him because of my lack of interest. But at the same time everyone tells me I'm so lucky to have a guy that'll do anything for me, and I'm just so confused.

you can’t force yourself to have feelings that aren’t there. if you don’t see a long term relationship happening with him then i think it’s a bit selfish to continue the relationship.. he deserves someone who loves him just as much as he loves you. if you’re bored with him then break up. relationships fall out of place all the time it’s just life

You will rot
for the boy
whose love once filled books
and poems
and lines
upon lines
upon lines

of passion.

You will rot
for his apologies
for his text message
for his 2am phone call
when his words
are slurring
and swerving
down the road
into a head-on collision of

I’m sorry.

You will rot
waiting for the magnificent explosion
that will amount
to an amazing symphony of


And in the end,
you will rot

if you wait
for him.

—  Michelle K., Rotten.
You can’t trust your feelings

Although we would all like to trust our feelings, they are not a good guide for the ways things really are. They are often fickle and irrational – and not an accurate measure of reality. As you’ve probably discovered:

1. Feelings vary depending on our health. If we’re sick we often feel despondent and blah.

2. Feelings vary depending on our hormones – which is why doctors recognize and treat PMS.

3. Feelings vary depending on events and the changing circumstances of our life. If things are going wrong, or we’re highly stressed, we feel inadequate and overwhelmed.

4. Feelings are affected by relationships. If we fall in love we feel happy and elated; if a relationship breaks up we feel rejected and depressed.

5. Feelings vary depending on the weather. If it’s sunny we feel happy and optimistic; if it’s cloudy and grey, we feel morose and negative.

6. Feelings can depend on the way we’re being treated. If someone in a store is rude to us, we may react with anger, or even feel ashamed.

7. Feelings are affected by our actions at the time. If we do something kind we feel good about ourselves; and if we’ve hurt someone’s feelings we may feel some regret.

So don’t react and respond based on feelings alone. Always use your mind as well – and check your thoughts are accurate.

You only want me when you think I’m moving on…
—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #9