Reject the gender binary
» 2015 Word of the Year is singular “they” American Dialect Society

Here’s the Word of the Year announcement from the American Dialect Society: 

In its 26th annual words of the year vote, the American Dialect Society voted for they used as a gender-neutral singular pronoun as the Word of the Year for 2015.They was recognized by the society for its emerging use as a pronoun to refer to a known person, often as a conscious choice by a person rejecting the traditional gender binary of he and she. […]

While editors have increasingly moved to accepting singular they when used in a generic fashion, voters in the Word of the Year proceedings singled out its newer usage as an identifier for someone who may identify as “non-binary” in gender terms.

“In the past year, new expressions of gender identity have generated a deal of discussion, and singular they has become a particularly significant element of that conversation,” Zimmer said. “While many novel gender-neutral pronouns have been proposed, they has the advantage of already being part of the language.”

Word of the Year is interpreted in its broader sense as “vocabulary item”—not just words but phrases. The words or phrases do not have to be brand-new, but they have to be newly prominent or notable in the past year.

You can also see the entire ballot, as well as an exciting livetweet of the entire voting and nomination process, on the #woty15 hashtag

Some days I am so very in love with my transness, my genderqueerness.

Genderqueer as freedom, as expression, as beauty, as wings, as magic, as self-love, as a shield.

Genderqueer as resistance, as revolution, as power, as strength, as a journey, as self-discovery, as a hard won battle.

Rejecting the gender binary, cisheteronormativity, the notion that transness can only be suffering and tragedy.

I fought so hard to get here. I love my gender, my name, my pronouns, my self. I love who I have become and I love that I am not yet done becoming.

“According to the Kabbalah, Adam was not a male, but both a male and a female. Instead of simply possessing organs of both sexes, he was vertically divided, one face forward, one face behind. This challenges the Christian story telling that Eve was made from one of Adam’s ribs: it is said that the Hebrew word tzela was misinterpreted as “rib,” but actually means “side,” and that after God created the so-called Primordial Adam, he cut his body in half. Let our imaginations handle that. Anyway, since Adam was made in resemblance of God, it is deduced that the latter is a hermaphrodite.”

I am into all of this except the use of the word hermaphrodite.

So lately I’ve been interjecting with the phrase “reject the gender binary!” every time I hear something like “this is for girls” or “this is for boys” (that phrase is probably not technically accurate, but whatever)

And so tonight at dinner, our last night in Canada, my younger cousin goes “all boys are dumb in some way,” and my older cousin says “Reject the gender binary! All *people* are dumb in some way!”

If there’s anything I’ve accomplished in life it’s this x)

Only  48 percent of Gen Zs (aged 13 to 20) identify as exclusively heterosexual, compared to 65 percent of millennials aged 21 to 34.

Fifty-six percent of 13-to-20-year-olds said that they knew someone who went by gender neutral pronouns such as “they,” “them,” or “ze,” compared to 43 percent of people aged 28 to 34 years old. Over a third of Gen Z respondents also strongly agreed that gender did not define a person as much as it used to. This figure dropped to 23 percent among millennials who were 28 and up.

Those belonging to Generation Z also rejected the gender binary while shopping—only 44 percent said they always bought clothes designed for their own gender, versus 54 percent of millennials. But they also felt strongly that public spaces should provide access to gender neutral bathrooms, with 70 percent of Gen Zs coming out in support of the move compared to 57 percent of 21–34-year-olds.
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Singular 'they' voted word of the year
The singular pronoun ‘they’ has been voted 2015 word of the year by the American Dialect Society.

The 127-year-old organization said it was recognizing the pronoun’s emerging use ‘to refer to a known person, often as a conscious choice by a person rejecting the traditional gender binary of he and she.’

‘In the past year, new expressions of gender identity have generated a deal of discussion, and singular they has become a particularly significant element of that conversation,’ said Ben Zimmer, chair of the society’s new words committee. ‘While many novel gender-neutral pronouns have been proposed, they has the advantage of already being part of the language. They’ won 187 of the 334 votes cast. It also won most useful word, a category that included shade – to ‘insult, criticism or disrespect, shown in a subtle or clever manner.’

Do not ever reblog my posts with “It’s okay to be cis uwu”.

Everyone already knows that it’s okay to be cis. You don’t have to say it. Every message sent to us by society affirms cisness, and depicts transness as brokenness and deviance.

The expectation of cisness is pushed onto all of us from birth, and refusing to conform to it is frequently punished with abuse and violence.

So yes: Reject cisnormativity.

Reject cisness as normalcy.

Reject the belief that everyone must identify with the gender they were assigned at birth.

Reject the gender binary.

Reject transphobia.



As a Hispanic non binary, my gender has always been rejected by my parents, friends and my community in general since no one in Mexico knows much about gender and no one ever talks about it, but I’ve learned to accept myself and I’m really proud of it. sorry for my terrible english btw aha (they/them)

Being intersex and non-binary, I reject binary gender in a way that is different than dyadic nbs do

That’s why I detest a lot of trans identity politics right now because it adheres to the idea of solely “cafab” or “camab” experiences and that’s not how my gender discovery happened

Intersex trans experiences are important too

I’m editing the following anthology and submissions have slowed a little bit with about a month and a half left in the reading period. I’m not sure why I didn’t post this on Tumblr sooner, but better later than never, I suppose. Tumblr has so many writers who identify all along the LGBTQiA/MOGII acronym and/or who care about seeing more than cishetero people represented in science fiction and fantasy that it’d be a shame not to see some of your stories in my inbox.

Guidelines come from here (scroll down).

(Gender) Queered Space is an anthology of speculative fiction focused on characters who defy, transgress, toy with, subvert, or who reject or just plain don’t fit into the gender binary of cisgender (non-transgender) man or woman. Got a space opera starring a trans woman and her non-binary lover? A steampunk story with a genderfluid protagonist? A retelling of Snow White with a bigender Snow White? Show us! Characters can be any sexual orientation as long as their gender identity isn’t (at least primarily) cis male or cis female.

Although we are particularly interested in stories by transgender, genderqueer, genderfluid, and non-binary authors, and all other authors who don’t fit into the male-female gender binary, authors of any gender identity are welcome and encouraged to submit.

We are particularly interested in reading submissions about characters who are underrepresented in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and related genres. These include but are not limited to: people of color (particularly those who live in countries other than the US), disabled/neuroatypical people, working-class people, non-Christian people, immigrants, and people who live outside the US.

Our interest in diversity also extends to authors. We are particularly interested in stories by writers of color, disabled/neuroatypical writers, working-class writers, non-US writers, non-Christian writers, immigrant writers, and writers whose primary language is not English but who have translated their stories into English.

Stories should be 2,000 – 10,000 words long and should be sent as .doc, .docx, .rtf, or Open Office attachments to If you work on a Mac and are not sure how to convert, let us know. Standard manuscript format preferred.

We are not interested in the following:

  • Stories that denigrate transgender and genderqueer/genderfluid identities. This should go without saying, of course.

  • Stories that denigrate any race, ethnicity, culture, sex, gender identity, sexuality, nationality, religion, class, or other group, or that appropriate or exotify any identity. Look up “cultural appropriation” for an idea of what we mean.

  • Stories where a protagonist saves a backward alien race—or even a human culture—that can’t possibly save itself. No Avatar remakes, please!

  • “Issue” stories that only serve to teach the main character how not to be transphobic/racist/homophobic/some other form of prejudiced.

  • Stories where the sole explanation for the antagonist’s behavior is that they are “crazy.” Seriously, do NOT do this.

  • Fanfiction (stories that use characters the author doesn’t hold a copyright to)
  • And, this should go without saying: stories that feature a transgender or non-binary person prominently but are really about a cis man—especially those where a woman is his prize for doing something well.

Submissions open May 26 and close September 26.

Please send submissions to editor JoSelle Vanderhooft at with the following subject line:
Gender Queered Space: Submission: (Your Last Name): (Title of Your Story)

A bit about me: I’ve edited seven anthologies to date, mostly of lesbian SF/F (the most read of these is Steam-Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories, which was a finalist for the 2012 Lambda Literary Award). I’ve made including diverse authors in my projects a priority for the last decade. I identify as bisexual/omnisexual and do not identify as cisgender.

things i wish cis ppl understood:

non-binary =/= identities between male and female (though some nb ppl id that way). non-binary is any identity other than male and female, and these identities frequently have nothing at all to do with any concept of male or female. i, as a femme afab non-binary person, am no more female than a binary trans man. 

go beyond recognizing non-binary identities, reject the binary as your default conception of gender. stop thinking of non-binary ppl in shades of male and female unless that is how they personally identify.

A proposal on how to end the Truscum vs. Tucute arguement

Simple, we just split terms. Here’s what I propose:

Gender Non-Conforming (or GNC for short) or a similar term. This term would mean, ‘I do not agree with the gender and connotations of the gender I was assigned at birth’. This would be the umbrella term people seem to want to preserve with whichever identities this community would choose to uphold underneath it but not including the other proposed term. These individuals transitions paths can include seeking medical intervention but there is no medical connotation associated with it.

Transgender/Transsexual is the term I would propose for those who experience dysphoria. The reason I think these terms are most suited for this definition is the historical context of medical intervention with these words. These individuals again can have variable transition paths but acknowledge the positive influences mental health counseling and medical intervention have on dysphoria.

So with these definitions an individual can be considered part of one or both groups. For example: an individual rejects binary gender and all of its connotations. They use neutral pronouns such as they/them/theirs. They also experience dysphoria and are seeking mental/medical intervention in order to deal with this dysphoria. This person would be considered a Gender Non-Conforming and Transgender individual.

Edit: Defining terms (mtf, ftm, etc) would still be used in both larger terminologies for explaining an individual’s specific transition path. However in order to make spaces more friendly to both groups I would suggest tagging things like this 'FTM GNC’ or 'FTM Transgender’ as an example.

Anyways, just a proposal. Hoping that all correspondences related to this post are calm and thoughtful.
Relationship Anarchy vs. Nonhierarchical Polyamory
I’ve noticed that in the sexual polyamory community, when the subject of relationship anarchy comes up, it is often used as a term interchangeable with nonhierarchical polyamory. I view the t…

Following up my last ask/answer, here is a great definition of Relaitonship Anarchy,

“ a relationship anarchist’s partnerships and important, intimate relationships are not going to be limited to their romantic, sexual, or romantic-sexual partners. They may not even have romantic-sexual partners or sexual partners, because hey, celibate asexuals and aromantics can be RA’s too.”

As someone who is pan primarily because I reject the idea of a gender binary, RA fits better because I reject the idea that intimate relationships have to include sex.