Small(?) post concerning mistranslations and Reiner/Bertolt shipping

So, this has been bugging me for a while since I see a lot of people doing this, shipping Reiner with Bertolt or really just assuming that Reiner is gay/bi given words everyone thought he said in chapter 38. Specifically, this page…

Now, from this it looks like Reiner is admitting that he isn’t interest in women. But, there is an important detail that even some translators missed like the ones doing the translation I’m using as an example.

Look at the two speech bubbles and compare them. See the difference? 

The bubble on the left is coming from Reiner, as indicated by the part of the bubble extending towards him. The bubble’s on the right, however, have no such indication, which means they are coming from someone off screen, Ymir.

The translators missed this detail and because of that, translated the bubble to make it look like Reiner is saying it, when in reality, the bubble should really read something like “What a shocker… I didn’t think you looked like a guy who’s interested in women.”

Basically, Ymir made a gay joke, and Reiner responded by calling her out on it since she, a gay person, is making the joke.  

As for Reiner’s actual sexual orientation, it’s made pretty clear that he has a crush on Krista, so he is most definitely interested in women, he could possibly be bi, but he is most definitely not gay as so many people here seem to believe because of this panel. Which doesn’t really make sense to me since even if this translation was correct, there are still the multiple times Reiner made comments about Krista, either concerning her looks or how he wanted to marry her (please know that I do hate the Reiner/Historia ship and I enjoy watching it sink like any other Historia/[Not Ymir] ship).

As for Bert, it’s also made pretty clear that he has an interest in Annie. Again, he could be bi, but him being gay seems about as unlikely as Reiner being gay. 

Now, I’m not saying people can’t ship them, they can continue to ship them if they want, and I don’t necessarily dislike the Reiner/Bert ship either, I just felt like sharing this important translation detail since I think more people should be aware of it. 


Look at these dorks //literally literally everyone is looking pls stop

Okay, so I saw a little confusion about this panel, I think, and I wanted to clear it up ( as best I can ) because this panel is so important to Reiner’s character and I feel like a lot of the whole ‘villain’ aspect of his character blurs with this line and people don’t realize it.

Reiner Braun has dissociative identity disorder. Due to the guilt of what he’s done as the armored titan, he’s developed a second personality. I like to classify them as the ‘soldier’ and the ‘warrior’, due to his goals and associations with each personality.  

The soldier is the one who’s friends with the 104th— the one who everyone sees as the big brother— and he’s not just a lie, as with Annie and Bertolt’s time in training. Reiner’s got a very distinctive change in personality when he’s interacting with those in the 104th. Annie is still cold and calculating, and Bertolt is quiet and seems as if he’s rather unattached, but Reiner gets really close to them despite knowing what he’s done and what he must do.  

The warrior is the one who killed those people when he broke down Wall Maria. The warrior is the one who kidnapped Eren— the one who wrote the note on the female titan’s hand to give away Eren’s position. He isn’t as strong as he looks. The guilt eats away at him, and to cope with it, he becomes the soldier.

This panel is from the soldier’s point of view. He doesn’t remember the things he does as the armored titan, because for him it never happened. For him, he’s good, and there is no blood on his hands, because he’s the personality who’s meant to be guilt-free. So, when he asks why Eren’s mad at him, he’s not being a sarcastic shit, and it’s not like he’s so stupid that he doesn’t think Eren should be mad at him— it’s beause he really doesn’t remember what he’s done to make Eren mad.

Food for thought, I suppose. I just really love this character.


Taking a break from schoolworks to do quick sketches.  Jean’s design was originally for Wen’s incubus cosplay thing. But then, my Shayne and I were talking about a joint au … And it turned into a whole set of angels and demons au. Was going to do more…. and make Sasha and Connie demons too, so it would be 7 deadly sins. But then….. got lazy. So meh.

AU where Jean becomes a fallen angel and his wings (it’s the soul which gives him power) were taken from him. His wings were then sent to earth and became human, for him to never discover and acquire again. And the soul of his wings became Marco Bodt. (Of course Jean tries to find his wings and finds Marco instead and falls in love— just— I feel the angst everywhere for this au)

And demons covered with nothing but tattoos. because… I like tattoos okkkk? Even though I’m bad at designing them. OTL. The fact that I unconsciously made jean and marco pose like that though lol. HNGG—-

Oh— and Christa’s and Ymir’s page look like that, because I wanted it to be like…  Christa was able to tame Ymir as her own demon weapon…. and to be with her always cuz..-*cough*-lovelove *cough  All my otps..