SnK Guardians AU Drabbles - Pressure

“Speaking of, Bertholdt, how comes your Guardian only takes on two forms? Shouldn’t they have all three by now?” Asked Jean glancing down at his own Guardian, Fier, and scratching at their poor excuse for a mane. The sub-adult Lion let out a grumbling purr that rumbled from their chest, appreciating the comforting gesture as most Guardians did, leaning its large head into Jean’s side and stretching out further on the covers of his bed lazily.

Bertholdt jerked his head up to look at the many pairs of eyes now staring at him, and blinked in surprise, caught off-guard at both being dragged into the conversation whilst peacefully reading a book he’d borrowed from Armin, and the question itself.

He gaped like a fish for a few long seconds, breaking out into a sweat the longer the pressure to answer followed. Bertholdt’s Guardian, Everest, wasn’t fairing well either by the look of the blue Staffie’s heavy panting, tongue lolling out as they too, looked up to him for answers from where they lay curled in the crook of his arm.

How could he answer something like that? Bertholdt seemed to shrink in on himself, knowing that he wasn’t the best liar in the world.

Normally he could just about get away with not necessarily lying but ‘sparing most of the truth’ from his peers, with a question so specific though it was nearly impossible to beat around the bush. Bertholdt wasn’t going to throw Everest under the horse at the risk of jeopardising his, Reiner’s and Annie’s own mission, it was questions and accusations like these that kept him up at night.

‘Oh, well, you see Everest here does have three forms, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, a Cinereous Vulture and, remember that giant Argentavis who hangs around the Colossal Titan? The one that attacks other Guardians if they try to attack it, including Eren’s that one time? Yeah that’s Everest too.’

That was sure to go down a treat, he couldn’t even imagine the response he would get to that, the thought making his head swim and his stomach flop uneasily.

A muffled ‘Ruff’ from Eren’s German Shepard, Donner, broke the tense silence, followed by the light sound of small, flapping feathers as Armin’s Harris Hawk, Velma, stretched out their wings for a couple of seconds before folding them back against their body to get more comfortable.

“Hey now, just because Everest doesn’t have all their forms yet, it doesn’t make them any less of a Guardian than they already are. Some Guardians are just late bloomers, right Jean?” Reiner. Of course, Reiner always swooped in at the last second to save the truth, if it weren’t for him, Bertholdt and Everest would be screwed they were sure.

Fier huffed grumpily, having only recently unlocked their last form a few months after most of the other 104th Squad’s Guardians.

A few chuckles, barks and easy laughter at the face Jean had pulled at the backlash eased the tension greatly, as did the sound of Everest’s tail thumping happily against the blanket at the massive paw Reiner’s young Polar Bear - that somehow managed to squeeze into the room without taking up all of the space in its preferred form - had laid over them protectively.

What I'm Looking Forward in Season 3

1. The new Levi Squad
2. Erwin’s character development (THIS ONE IS A MUST)
3. Levi and Hanji torturing a dude
4. Armin killing a dude
5. Erwin’s abs
6. Levi’s abs
8. Heads blow up like birthday baloons
9. Erwin’s beat up face
10. Rod Reiss titan
11. Levi’s past
12. Historia’s coronation
13. Basically every single part that actually happens in the godamn manga

“Another head hangs lowly, child is slowly taken.
When the violence causes silence, we must be mistaken.”
Warriors of the Marley || Zombie - The Crabberries