MKX thoughts:
Ermac rolling his (their??!) eyes every time he gets referred to with he/him/his pronouns instead of they/them/theirs

Raiden approaching the White Lotus and telling them
‘this my boy Kung Jin, you will ACCEPT him and train him’ with no small amount of 'I will electrocute your ass if you are homophobic’ implied

Erron Black’s school of Bucky Barnes makeup application

Ermac’s hip to shoulder ratio

Ermac’s awkward walk because he’s accustomed to floating

Raiden for a god you sure are a fuckup

Erron and Ermac just had a verbal sass-fight and Ermac lost and that’s why he’s only moving the boxes one at a time, he’s sulking

Ermac seems to prefer showing as little skin as is possible, but Mileena forced him to wear a 'sexy’ revealing outfit

Mileena is kinky AF and Reiko hates his life

10 Reasons Honey and Reiko Kanazuki Make An Amazing Couple

DISCLAIMER: I AM A MULTI-SHIPPER. I DO REALLY LIKE THIS COUPLE. A LOT. NEAR OTP STATUS A LOT. Please don’t yell at me for my opinions, and I won’t yell at you for yours. Thank you~

p.s. - Reiko is a manga-only character. So, if you haven’t read the manga, you’ll have no clue what I’m talking about! Sorry!

  1. They’re personalities totally balance each other out and makes Reiko happier and Honey calmer
  2. Reiko is super sweet and understanding (emotionally) even though she has a hard time understanding how relationships work
  3. Honey helps bring Reiko out of her shell and helps her make friends (or at least helps people understand her better and vice versa)
  4. Honey is willing to be kind to her and see her for her true self when nobody else is
  5. They just have a super healthy relationship
  6. They help each other with everything. Even working on independence
  7. Reiko doesn’t care that Honey is shorter than her
  8. Honey doesn’t care that she can be suuuuuuper creepy
  9. They won’t force the other to change
  10. So. Much. Understanding. And. Love.