Reign 1x11

woooahh woaah woah! Clarissa is Cathrines daughter.. Her first child! Therefore Nostradamus’ prophecy had a twist! Did he not say that Marys marriage to Francis would mean the death of Cathrines first born?! AKA CLARISSA NOT FRANCIS! Oh damn I can tell some shits about to go down in the love triangle soon.. Why oh Why do i have to love both Frary and Mash… 

My Reactions to 1x11

For the majority of this episode I was following some whacked out shampoo instructions:

“OMG!” “Holy shit!” Repeat.

After it was over though, the one thing that kept running through my head was: 

I can’t be the only one who’s noticed that every time Mary kisses Bash she looks pretty miserable. Not once has she kissed him and looked happy like she did when she was with Francis. If that doesn’t tell you something, then I honestly don’t know what will.

Reign: Inquisition.

Live blogging Inquisition, except in one post.

  • Bash. Mary. Baby… yes, yes! I like the way this looks. 
  • Enter the Medici’s… very stoic & creepy.
  • Who would want to practice putting their head on a block?!
  • “I called you an Italian Mule.” haha!
  • I have love/hate feelings towards Catherine. Sometimes I LOVE her. Other times, I just want to smack her face off. She knows that Henry won’t give up his alliance with Scotland because England is in play, but she doesn’t want Francis & Mary to marry. She got her wish, but that’s not good enough since her children lose their inheritance. Ok, I get why that bothers her. So let’s get rid of Bash so that can’t happen & Francis can be dauphin again… ok but that means Francis will wed Mary which, according to the prophesy that she actually believes, will kill Francis… & we’re back at square one. Does she not realize that Francis becoming king will bring his death?! & she wants that?! Obviously not but… It’s like she’s fighting for everything & nothing at the same time… I’m not sure if that little tangent makes sense. 
  • I love when Mary & Catherine go head to head. Both strong women.
  • Does any one else find Nostradamus chained up & his raspy voice hot? No? Just me? Ok… I admire his loyalty to Catherine. Good for him. 
  • Bash wants Mary to make more than a political commitment to him! *stay calm* Speechless Mary… Damnit Greer! Way to ruin the moment!
  • Catherine looks like she knows the baby Nostradamus is describing… omg!!
  • Apparently Catherine & Henry had a whole lotta sex but it wasn’t tender enough for Henry?? What kind of man……
  • “I was in love with you!” Let the shipping begin!! (& end in the same episode… ouch)
  • Bash & Mary are very close in that closet… I’m not complaining.
  • Catherine & her Mister (aka. long lost baby daddy) who she loves best. 
  • “I just want to be sure of the truth.” “Well that’s new.” HA!!! I love a sassy Bash!
  • “If you need more time together, I can have his head delivered to your chambers within the hour.” Now I see where Bash gets his sass from. Like father, like son!
  • Oh DAYUM! King Henry be choppin’ heads! 
  • Oh, Diane chose to share her pagan secret with the king? I feel like we could have avoided a lot if she had just told Bash that little tid bit of information.. 
  • “I was only interested in claiming you.” -Bash to Mary… SWOON.
  • Bash is willing to kill his own father, or anyone who hurts Mary… BECAUSE HE LOVES HER & ALL HE CARES ABOUT IS HER! SWOON! 
  • MARY’S HEART IS OPEN TO BASH!!! Bash’s face! Aw, baby! He always has a look of disbelief when Mary kisses him, it’s the sweetest thing. & look how happy he is because her heart is open to him so he grabs her & pulls her close for a kiss & could they be more PERFECT?! (it’s probably unhealthy how much I ship them…)
  • *this song playing right now (?) so beautiful & creepy. I dig it.*
  • Murder/Suicide? That is one clever & vindictive queen, that Catherine.
  • “Wake up, mother!” Oh heyyy Clarissa! You know, she wouldn’t be so bad looking if they would just pluck her eyebrows & fix her hair. I barely even noticed her scars……………….. 
  • Look how Bash runs to Mary! How scared, worried, & angry he is! The way he grabs her, holds her tight & doesn’t let go!!!!! HE LOVES HER SO MUCH!!!!! 
  • “I know who he is! And I have made the perfect choice.” YES YOU HAVE!!!!!!!!!!

WOW. So this was an AMAZING episode! Seriously, it was almost perfect! Almost…

  • Where in the hell are the ladies??! Last week they were all so strong & amazing, then this week we got maybe a combinded 15 seconds of Greer & Kenna… um… and HELLO, what about LOLA?! 
  • My biggest issue… WHERE THE HELL IS FRANCIS?! I know he ran off to deal with his hurt feelings & broken heart & enjoy being free while it last so I’ll excuse the last episode. I also understand that he needed to be sidelined for a bit so they can focus on progressing Bash possibly becoming king & building on Bash & Mary’s relationship… but does he really need to be completely gone?! NO. Just because I ship Mary with Bash doesn’t mean I don’t ADORE Francis… because I do! Even more than that I LOVE Toby Regbo & miss having him on my screen. It didn’t even look like he was in the previews for the next episode! What the hell is that about?! GIVE ME BACK FRANCIS!