The story of young Mary Queen of Scots is coming to an end. The upcoming fourth season of the CW’s costume drama Reign will be its last. The CW brass have made the decision and have informed the series’ producers.

Reign, from CBS TV Studios, is in production. The cancellation news comes just as the series is starting filming the Season 4 finale. That is the same timing as the CW’s decision to end 90210 three years ago. However, in the case of Reign, I hear that the call did not come out of the blue. I hear the network and the producers had been having conversations that Season 4 may be the last, so the writers had been crafting this as a possible final chapter. Word is that they are prepared to shoot a series closer, and the show will be able to give fans a conclusion to the story of Mary Queen of Scots, which was not the case with 90210.

The 16-episode final fourth season of Reign premieres on Feb 10, with the period drama occupying the Friday 9 PM slot. Its last episode is expected to air in June.

Reign is one of two female-centered CW dramas certain to end this season, along with The Vampire Diaries. Created by Laurie McCarthy and Stephanie SenGupta, Reign stars Adelaide Kane as Mary, Queen of Scots.

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it’s all too easy to blame reign’s cancellation on its lack of quality: bitter fans do that all the time whenever a show that disappointed them gets axed. but reign never had quality to begin with. it was always a little silly, it’s just that its silliness was smart in its own way: no one expected a serious period drama from characters wearing prom dresses.

the real problem came when the show started to take itself seriously.

its weird tonal shift in season 2 undoubtedly alienated a lot of fans. the rape storyline was flat out outragious both in itself and in its ramifications. meanwhile every character began to suffer some severely shitty writing that made every episode frustrating to watch. unsatisfied with this exercise of multiple character assassination, the writers also proceeded to kill what usually keeps teen dramas alive and kicking: its ships. frary, catcisse, lorcisse, greith, kennash (arguably the best couple on the show): all slaughtered, sometimes literally, fagocitated in a roller coaster of storylines that made zero sense and gave no rest to characters and fans alike. blood was spilled weekly and viewers couldn’t even find solace in their faves being together behind closed doors. reign didn’t have the budget nor the brains to be the tudors or game of thrones, still it tried hard and failed harder.

whoever was in charge at least understood that the show needed to be silly again in season 3, but it was too late and fan fave francis died. it all only went downhill from there. bash had nothing to do anymore (the writers wisely dispatched kenna somewhere else, probably having fired caitlin stasey for being outspoken about their shit rape sl or being a feminist, which is the same thing). despite delivering some good enough messages on mary’s display of soft power vs elizabeth’s iron fist, it just didn’t know what to make of its cast and kept throwing things at a wall to see what stuck. 

nearly nothing did. 

ill wishing is always bad and i tried not to do that with this show. it’s going to be very sad to let go of megan follows (let’s not pretend anybody else matters). but it’s one thing to ill wish and another to just aknowledge that some writers deserve their fate: reign’s have. i only hope the money cw saves from this cancellation helps keep the sublime crazy ex girlfriend alive.

Reign has been an amazing show with vivid, complicated characters. It’s use of history mixed with just enough of a modern touch to keep it interesting, sets it apart from any other historical drama on TV. The fans are loyal and very emotionally connected to this fantastically unique show. Somehow, it always felt off being on a network that clearly wasn’t the right fit for it. I believe Netflix is a place where it could thrive and even gain new audience. It may be cancelled, but it still has a lot of steam left in it.

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I was in my English class the other day and, as usual, I was reading fanfic.

Out of nowhere the girl sitting next to me leans over and whispers,

“I’ve read that fanfic before.”

I felt like screaming because,

  1. It was about my otp

The costumes [of Reign] are beautiful and amazing and fitting is always very exciting, but one of my pet peeves with the costumes are heavy earrings.  Wearing a really heavy pair of earrings all day… it hurts your ears.  The clip-on earrings? That’s killer. They give me headaches – and some of the crowns give me headaches.  I think my biggest pet peeve though, the thing that’s most likely to frustrate me is stepping on the skirts, whether it’s other people stepping on my skirts or me stepping on my skirts.