Talk to me about Aaron Hotchner who is a sociopath and decided to be different and have a wife and child who lost the one who helped him feel and love to the hands of another sociopath. Who conceals his emotions because he feels to strongly. The “walking drill sergeant” is what people whisper.

Talk to me about Spencer Reid who dealt with being an autistic genius 12 year old in college, who dealt with his mom having schizophrenia, who dealt with drug addiction, anxiety, and depression. Who also has the possibility to become a schizophrenic. Who feels like he can’t help his mom or himself. The “prodigy boy genius” is all people seem

Talk to me about Emily Prentiss who moved around all the time and was never settled because her never around mom was an ambassador to the USA. Who dealt with her best friend having mental issues and drug addiction, who dealt with religious fanatics and had to choose to abort her child. Who was known as a “disappointment child”.

Talk to me about JJ who lost a sister to suicide when she was younger. Who deals with anxiety and depression too. Who watched her son and husband be taken hostage. Who herself was taken hostage and tortured. Who was the all star athlete and “perfect girl” because that’s what her parents wanted for her.

Talk to me about Derek Morgan who lost his dad while he was on the job. Who was known as a “gangbanger”. Who was sexually abused by someone he trusted, who suffered from anxiety and depression from that incident, who lost a cousin to a serial killer.

Talk to me about Penelope Garcia who was the nerdy little kid who got picked on for being “overweight” and “nerdy” and so she hacked the kids phones and put all their secrets on social media. Who had to deal with maybe an eating disorder and abusive parents which is why she loves technology more than the people around her. Who has such a pure heart.


  • Rossi:Only one victim?
  • Hotch:It's what he did to her that concerns me.
  • Garcia:[passes a folder to Reid] Morgan sent this late last night.
  • Hotch:He and Prentiss are waiting at the district.
  • Reid:[checks the folder] Body seems posed, left arm raised. Oh, it's a first. I see your concern.
  • Garcia:What?
  • Rossi:The photo wasn't all he took.
  • Garcia:Reid, what?
  • Reid:Her lips have been removed.
  • Garcia:Oh my god
  • Rossi:Maybe a trophy
  • Reid:[chewing on a muffin] Maybe he ate them?
  • Rossi:
  • Garcia:Okay, now I have that memory burned in my mind for the rest of my life.
  • Reid:You asked
The Name On Your Lips

Author: Cherrywhisp

Y/N was tired, she’d been awake for over 36 hours and the team was not making much progress with the latest case. She was practically falling asleep at the round table when Hotch dismissed her, telling her to go and find some where to get a couple of hours sleep, they’d let her know if they made any head way.

She wandered out of the briefing room and down into the empty office space below. She wanted a desk to lie on, somewhere hard to stretch her back out on. Her desk was full of various crap but the desk opposite hers, the one belonging to her colleague and long time office crush, was not. Spencer wouldn’t mind, she thought as she shifted his desk phone to one side and crawled atop of his desk, her legs dangling off the edge. Ahhh, she could almost feel her back cracking as she sprawled out resting her head on her arms on closing her eyes.

Just an hour or so she thought, then she’d be okay.

“Reid, go and get Y/N. We need her back here now,” Hotch commanded the younger profiler who sprung to his feet almost immediately.

Finally the team had had a breakthrough, Garcia managing to track down a vital piece of information. He exited the office looking down into the bull pen and spotting Y/N straight away. She was lying face down on top of his desk, her head buried in her arms.

He crept down the stairs hating the fact that he had to wake her up, she looked so peaceful asleep on his desk, so beautiful. And he tried not to read too much in to the fact that she had chosen his desk to fall asleep on.

Spencer liked Y/N, alot. Not that he would ever tell her because there was no way that a girl like her would look at him twice. She was beautiful, smart, funny and just so lovely. And she was kind to him, not making fun of his the way the others did sometimes.

Approaching his desk he hesitated slightly before touching Y/N’s shoulder gently.

She snored softly, her lips opening.


“Y/N. Hotch needs you. We have a lead.”

“Oh Spencer… Mmmmm. Don’t go, stay… ”

It was then that he realised she was still asleep, dreaming.

Oh god. She’d said his name. Was she dreaming of him? No way. He touched her shoulder again, crouching down so his face was level with hers.


“Mmmm… Hold me Spencer.”

Oh christ, she was. He felt his face burning red as he squeezed her shoulder more firmly this time. “Y/N, please wake up. Hotch needs you.”

Her eyes suddenly flew open and she bolted upright awkwardly, wiping her mouth with her sleeve.

“Shit… How long was I out for?” Y/N felt a blush creeping across her cheeks, recalling the dream she’d just been having about the man standing in front of her.

“About an hour or so. We’ve got a lead.”

Y/N nodded and slid off Spencer’s desk, wobbling as she stood. He caught her arm and steadied her.



Could he ask her? Should he ask her?

No. He couldn’t. He’d only make a fool out of himself.

“Erm… You head into the office, I’ll go fetch you a coffee.”

“Okay. Thank you. Sorry for snoozing on you desk.”

“It’s fine…. I’ll see you in a minute.”

Reid walked away, looking back at her with a strange look on his face. She smiled, thinking back to how close they’d been in her dream and then suddenly having a horrifying thought.

A roommate in college had once told her she sleep talked. Had she been? Oh fuck. Had she said his name and he’d heard?

Was that what the weird look was for?

Could she… Could she ask him? Should she ask him?

No. She couldn’t. She’d only end up making a fool out of herself.

A/N: I wrote this a while ago from a prompt @louiseeleanorbee sent me from one of those Otp blog things. I can’t remember which one lol.

Gif source:  Spencer

Imagine Spencer getting jealous when he sees someone flirt with you.

——— Request for anon ———

He loved the way you laughed. The perfect combination of your smile and the ring of the sound that made you look adorable in a way he’d never really appreciated on anyone else before. At least, not the way he appreciated it on you.

But in this context, your laugh was a reminder that he wasn’t the one causing those giggles to erupt. It didn’t bring him happiness this time to watch you laugh with another man, who had been flirting with you for the last five minutes without being sent away by you. Instead, you were a pillar of politeness, taking his flirtations with jokes of your own, all the while making Spencer’s jealousy grow as he watched from the sidelines.

His courage wavering, he was on the brink of resigning himself for the night. Heading home alone and hoping that the unnamed man didn’t coax you into his. That is, until you looked towards where Spencer stood uncertainly near the door, and sent him an inviting smile upon realizing he’d actually accepted your invitation to catch a drink after work.

Checkmate, Ch. 2

Sorry this took so long! I’m at the beach and it’s a little frantic. Back now!
Warnings: violence
She should have called. He chewed his lip, tapping his foot on the floor. He stared at his phone, silently willing it to ring, even when it should have rang seven hours ago. It was dark outside. He still waited.
Come on.
Y/N always called after her lunch break. It was law; out of the small time they got to see each other, talk to each other in the way they wanted to, lunchtime calls were important.
Spencer looked up. Hotch stood at the entrance to his office, a very grim and controlled expression on his face. Penelope stood a little bit behind him, her face white, fingers fidgeting with her lanyard.
He had a bad feeling.
He didn’t know how bad it would be.

“Say hi to the camera, Y/N. Won’t you?”
She didn’t say hi. What she did say was a stream of curse words in all of the languages she could think of, from Portuguese to Swahili to Mandarin. She trusted that Spencer would understand them.
Her head throbbed-had she been hit? She didn’t remember anything after being put into the van. He must have knocked her out. Now here she was, her clothes gone except for her underwear, tied to a Cold metal chair, shaking like a leaf. Oh, and her eyes were covered. It was a nice touch. Keep her disoriented, confused. When she woke up, head lolling, she feared she was blind-until she recognized the feeling of fabric.
Wherever she was, it was gross. It smelled dank, musty. Something whirred softly in a corner. A generator?
“Play nice,” he chided, before a blinding pain exploded across her thigh.
She screamed for half a second before biting it back. Come on…. Dad trained you for this…. She took deep, gulping breaths of the gross air, clenching her fists.
“Little Y/N here is in the confessional. Reason for the blindfold and dark atmosphere. Until she confesses, I’m afraid she’ll be here for a while.” His tone was pleasant, and caused a wave of nausea to roll over her. “Of course, priestly hours end at sunset…. So what happens after that will NOT be on video.
"You’ve got a few minutes before your hours are over.”

Spencer’s white knuckled grip on the table was plain to see. The tv screen showcased a horror that he thought he would never see again. Shaking, he shut his eyes tight.
“You would die for her?!”
The gunshot echoed in his head, bouncing around with echoes of sobbing, a comforting voice, a new laugh, a soft song…
“Garcia, the signal,” Hotch said sharply. His grip on the table was as tight as Spencer’s, his face white. “Now!”
“I’m t-trying,” she stammered, tears streaming down her cheeks, Derek standing behind her with a protective hand on her shoulder as her fingers flew over her keyboard. “He’s bouncing it off a ton of towers, I-I don’t know if I can pinpoint it in-”
“Do it NOW!” Hotch roared, spinning around and throwing a folder in her direction. Garcia jumped as it hit the wall and Derek glared at him.
“Do you like it when he does this?” The crackly voice of the man dressed as a priest permeated the tense atmosphere and demanded attention to the screen. They all spun to see the man biting deep into Y/N’s shoulder. She gasped, a tight, pained sound. It was obvious she was holding back a scream.
“Or this?” He slid his hand up her neck gently, almost lovingly, to her hair, yanking it back and digging his nails into her scalp. Even in the dim light, it was plain to see he was enjoying every moment of it, and she was shaking.
“The rest of it isn’t too holy… Good thing our time is almost up, isn’t it?” He laughed and walked toward the camera, covering her figure in the chair. “See you at sunrise. Perhaps she’ll be in a confessing mood then.”
“Garcia…” Hotch warned through clenched teeth.
“Almost!” She squealed, her fingers flying even faster.
The picture shut off. The room was silent. Emily and JJ had solemn, somber faces. Hotch was staring out the window in pain. Derek was holding a sobbing Penelope, his face pale.
Spencer hadn’t stopped staring at the tv screen. His whole body began to shake. An odd buzzing filled his ears.
“Spence?” The voice was far away. It was JJ’s. He paid it no mind. “What’s wrong?”
He shut his eyes tightly, before saying softly:
“Me. He was talking about ME.”


“SERIOUSLY, I LOST AGAIN?” You said putting down cards of the cities you bought. Spencer smiled and shyly looked down counting his money. It was the end of another creepy adventure this time in San Francisco. Everyone was exhausted except for you and pretty boy. You wanted to kill time while flying back home so you decided to continue your round of the monopoly game. 
“You two are still playing?” Alex questioned putting her book down. 
“Well not anymore.” Spencer said proudly. 
“He kicked my ass I’m broke.” A sigh escaped from your lips. 
“How long have you been playing?” JJ suddenly asked.
“2 months.” You mumbled.
“When you count the number of days we spent playing well 70 days.” Spencer added. Of course he knew that. 
“Okay I’m out. I’m never playing monopoly ever again with you, Doctor Spencer Reid. I feel like a loser.” 
“Try wining him at poker.” JJ suggested sarcastically. 
“We are kinds from Vegas, oh it’s on. Let’s play.”



Sticking your head into your son’s room, you see Spencer sitting in the rocker, his eyes dead-pan as he holds his sleeping son with his stare as you let out a light sigh.

The evaluation appointment today didn’t go exactly as you had hoped.

Jacob was doing wonderfully.  He was walking and babbling, he was exploring and loving the outdoors.  He was learning to swim and blossoming in so many areas.

But he wasn’t talking, and it was worrying your husband.

“It’s normal for boys to talk later than girls,” you had soothed, rubbing his back at night as you tried to get him to sleep.

“Just keep reading to him like you do.  He will latch on,” you had coo’d at night as he held Jacob in his lap, opening up a children’s book and sounding out the words in front of him.

You even bought him a foam alphabet mat, trying to get him to say just the sounds of individual letters.

But all that seemed to come out was incoherent babbling and spit bubbles.

Spencer had insisted that he be at the appointment, which meant you had to postpone on three separate occasions for particular cases.

But, eventually, the two of you had made it.

You knew he had a speech delay.  All of the research you had done online while he was napping indicated that by a child’s second birthday, no matter what age, they should at least have a vocabulary of 10-15 different words.

You and Spencer, on the other hand, had yet to hear Jacob’s first.

The term “severe delay” didn’t come as a shock when the speech therapist was talking to the two of you after the appointment.

But you watched Spencer’s body stiffen with every word that poured from her lips.

And then she had said something that got your wheels turning.

“Maybe he doesn’t learn the way you are trying to teach him.  Utilize the things at your disposal.  Try different methods.  See what works.”

But when Spencer didn’t come to bed, even after two hours of doing research into “alternative learning styles,” you new exactly what he was doing.

“Spencer…you have work early in the morning,” you coo.

“Do you think he’s-”

Spencer couldn’t bring himself to say the words.

You knew what was going on in his head.  He has always been mentally spectacular.  There’s never been a moment in his life where he hasn’t been.

So now that his son is presenting with a developmental delay, he’s at a loss.

This isn’t where his expertise lies.

Even with all of the books he’s kept himself up reading.

“No, Spencer,” you coo lowly as you walk over to him, sinking down to your knees as you scoot your body in between his legs, “I don’t think our son is dumb.”

Watching as Spencer crinkles his face, you take his hands within yours as you bring them to your lips to kiss.

“Just because you are a genius doesn’t mean your children will be,” you begin.

“I know that,” he bites.

“…buuuuut…” you draw out as you clench your jaw, “…that doesn’t mean that there is something wrong.”

“He’s not talking, Y/N,” Spencer breathes as Jacob shifts in his bed, “there’s obviously something wrong.”

“But not in the way you’re quantifying it,” you urge as you squeeze his hands.

“Spencer.  Jacob understands the world around him,” you begin, “There isn’t a command you can give him that he doesn’t obey.  There isn’t a task you can give him that he doesn’t understand.  You can even ask him to bring you a certain book and he can pick it off of the bookshelf as long as you describe it accurately!”

You quieted down as Jacob shifted again in his crib, rocking his little body side to side as he tries to soothe himself back to sleep.

“Let’s let him sleep,” you whisper, slowly pulling Spencer to his tired feet as the two of you shuffle out of his room, shutting the door quietly behind you.

“Stop worrying so much,” you urge as you watch Spencer run his hands through his hair, “besides…I already have a plan in motion.”

“A plan?” Spencer asks as he pans his gaze over to you.

“Uh huh,” you smile lightly as you place your hand on the small of his back.

“What plan?” he asks as the two of you slowly walk down the hallway.

“We can talk about it in the morning,” you soothe as the two of you cross the living room floor.

“The appointment was only this morning,” Spencer states, turning towards you just outside of your bedroom door, “how can you possibly have a plan now?”

“Spencer…you’re forgetting something,” you say as you lock your eyes with his.

“What?” he breathes.

“Being a mother is my job,” you urge, “It’s my job to be prepared.  It’s my job to know the possible outcomes of my child’s development way before it even happens.  It’s my job to research different avenues and treatments for different things depending on whether or not something goes wrong.  And it’s my job to have those numbers readily available should I need them.”

You saw a tired, reverent adoration flood Spencer’s face as a light smile dons his cheeks.

“So trust me…as his mother…and know that I’ve got a plan already in motion to catch him up,” you reassure him, smiling up at him as he slowly snakes his arm around you, pulling you close as his lips dip down to yours in a soft, long, sensual kiss.

“Mmmmm…” you moan into him, causing him to wrap his other arm around you as you slowly lock your arms around his neck.

“Hm hm hm…what was that for?” you giggle lowly, your foreheads resting against one another’s as your eyes stay closed.

“For being an incredible woman.  For being the perfect mother to our son.  For being so strong and reliable,” Spencer muses lightly.

“My pleasure,” you giggle as you lightly brush the tip of your nose against your husband’s.

“Oh yes…” he says lowly as he quickly sweeps you off of your feet, a squeal emanating from your lips as Spencer quickly steps into the bedroom, shutting the door with his foot.

“The pleasure’s about to be all yours,” he says gravelly.

  • Reid:This building has three exits -- north, south, and west. You're here to target a woman but you don't want to attract attention.
  • Hotch:Well, standing in the middle, gawking at passing women would certainly attract attention. Like you're doing now.
  • Reid:[still looking at the woman who passed by him] What's that?
  • Prentiss:Just like that [flicks her fingers], IQ of a 187 slashed to 60.
Escaping Fate

This is the exerpt guys (I know the names aren’t right for the time period but oh well)

Spencer x Reader

 Description: A reincarnation A.U where you and Spencer have lived many lives, loosing and finding each other, making choices that ultimately lead to it ending in some tragic accident. Now present day, you meet at the B.A.U and your past lives come to you in dreams, each teaching you a different lesson. You both need to learn from them in order to save the other, and escape your tragic fate. 

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And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, I’d find you and I’d chose you. ~The Chaos of Stars

You were gathering food with your mother. The sun was just right, hidden behind the pyramids, so you were covered in shade as you worked on pulling out roots, and gathering the vegetables you had planted. But the Egypt air was still hot as you stopped every so often to wipe away the sweat and drink some water.

It was on one of these brakes that someone reached out and touched your arm, making you jump and spin around. You sighed in relief as you saw your neighbor. 

He had broad shoulders and tan skin from working outside with his father.He was one of the most eligible men that lived in your village. Every girl was after him, except for you. And that drove him crazy.  He smirked at you and grabbed a hold of your hand.“Scared you didn’t I?” 

You rolled your eyes and pulled your hand from his.“Yes. Now if you don’t mind I have to finish helping my mother and then get to the Nile, we need some fresh water.”

“Y/n just take a little break. I need to talk to you about something.” He said grabbing your hand again, and dragging you away from your work.”Come with me.” You were going with him whether you liked it or not apparently.

You had trouble keeping up with his long strides as he lead you away from the small family farm you had, and towards the houses that lined the edge of the river.

 He pulled you to a stop behind his small house, boxing you in with his hand on either side of you. Your back was to the wall. You felt your heart rate begin to rise “What are you doing?” You asked trying to keep your voice steady. 

“You know when you ignored me, I thought you were just playing hard to get. But then I saw you with him.” He said spitting out the word in disgust “After that I made my desire for you known and started chasing after you. You still shot me down. Now here we are and I will have you. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Either way you will be mine” He said leaning down whispering in your ear while his hands began to caress over your skin.

You shuddered and cringed as far back into the wall as you could. The realization that you wouldn’t be able to stop him began to take over. He was stronger than you were, and there was no one around to help you if you screamed. The only person who might be able to hear was your mother but she was most likely on her way to the river. 

Tears fell down your cheeks and you opened your mouth to shout, hoping someone might be passing by. But he lifted one of his hands and pressed it over your mouth, silencing you. 

Then it was gone. His hand was ripped away from your mouth and his weight was lifted. You fell to the ground crying it in relief and looked up to look up and see your savior. It was him. It was Spencer.

He faced off against the other man with a fierce, angry look in his eyes. “Y/n is mine. Stay away or I’ll end you.” Spencer said his voice coming out as hard as a rock. There was no doubting the truth in his words.

The other man stood up and laughed at him. “Oh I don’t think so. Didn’t you see us a second ago. How close we were. I think that maybe y/n doesn't want you anymore.

You could see Spencer shaking with rage. You jumped up off the ground and ran to him yelling out his name in a desperate effort to get him to stop. “Spencer! Please wait. It’s not true he was…” But just as you were about to reach him he pulled away and ran straight at your neighbor. 

You ran after him with dread seeing something reflect off the light. You realized it was a blade and Spencer was running right into it. You made your legs move faster so you were able to push him out of the way. You saved him but you couldn’t save yourself. 

The knife went through your chest and you fell to the ground. You knew you were going to die. 

“No!” Spencer screamed out kneeling down next to your limp body, pulling you into his arms. “Why would you do that y/n. How could you do that to me.” He cried.

“Because you would have done the same for me.” You said feeling your body grow cold as you struggled to say what needed to be said. “He was lying Spencer, he was doing that against my will. I don’t want you to be jealous of him… I don’t…I  don’t want to die with you thinking that.”

He rocked you back and forth in his arms “You’re not gonna die y/n. Stay with me. Please stay.” 

“I love you Spencer.” Was the last thing you were able to get out before darkness claimed you. 

You sat bolt up right in bed breathing hard.  “What the hell was that” You thought to  yourself.

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Title: Avertion
Author: totalfanfreak
Rating: T+
Prompt/Summary: Can you do one where Garcia and the reader(she is also on the team) have a sleepover, the read are tolls Garcia there she likes Reid, they get pretty tipsy and Garcia call some of the team members and tells them without the reader knowing that the reader likes Spencer Reid. The next day the reader and Garcia can’t remember anything that happened but the team can remember the calls/voice mails. Thank you so much I hope it’s not too complicated, I love your work so much, and it’s truly amazing.
Main Character(s): Spencer Reid/ Reader, Penelope Garcia
Trigger Warning: Angst, foster care abuse mentions, cursing
Word Count: 4,000
Beta/Editor: Me
Multishot: Nope
Author’s Notes: Hope it’s okay, I feel like I was dragging a bit
Morgan arc spoilers?: Nope

“I think you could use a boa.”

You were straining to open your eyes, when you felt the soft tickle of feathers on your face, finally forcing them open you saw the bright pink and purple scarf fall on your chest.

“And here I thought you were talking about a snake.”

Sitting up, you scrubbed the grime out of your eyes, still tipping over towards drunk when Garcia thrust another drink in your hand.

“C’mon Y/N, keep up.”

You sipped the drink, eyeing Garcia and giggling, she too had donned a boa, hers neon blue and green to match her pajamas. You wrapped the feathers around your neck, putting your feet up on the coffee table as you let the drink relax you. This is what you needed, what you both needed, you weren’t necessarily a heavy drinker but after the last case you felt as if you had been nearly crippled both physically and mentally. You could tell Garcia needed it too, as she topped off her drink coming back over and clinking you glasses together.

“Cheers, my darling.”

You put on a fake British accent. “And what are we cheering to, my dove?”

“Oh, getting the baddies and praying there won’t be any more for a good while.”

“Is that all?”

You drained your glass and reached for the wine bottle, having trouble steadying yourself to pour. How does someone get drunk off wine? Sure, this was the third bottle, but still, it was just grapes. You looked at the ruby red liquid, as if expecting it could give you the answer before Garcia piped up.

“So who on the team would you get between the sheets with, Y/N?”

You were glad you hadn’t taken a drink yet, with that statement it would’ve surely ended up all over Garcia’s rug.

“Excuse me?”

Garcia scoffed at you. “Oh, come on, you listen to this all the time with JJ and Emily, but no one’s ever asked you.”

“I think it’s because I obviously wouldn’t sleep with any of them.”

Garcia gave you a pointed look. “Really?  I know you’ve dated a few guys but you keep them to the curb in a few weeks. There’s got to be somebody you’ve got your sights on, how about one of the girls then? Me included, I’d be flattered if you thought about getting horizontal with me.”

You burst out laughing at that. “Sorry Garcia never had that thought about you. Everyone’s too much like family to me. You and the girls are the sisters I never got to have, Morgan is the big brother type, Hotch is the dad, and Rossi the uncle. And I don’t do incest.”

“And Reid?”

“That should be obvious too.”

And it should be, everyone in the BAU knew of Reid’s aversion to you. Except you never understood why, from the second day of working he steered way out of your direction. You had tried to bond with everyone on the team, hoping, with time, you’d earn the young genius’ respect and perhaps friendship. You always believed you were a good person, nurturing even. Each member calling upon you in a time of need. Except Reid. He would try to make sure to not be in any contact with you, maybe a few curt answers and nods throughout the day.
Sometimes being downright rude to you. He’d go all the way to Morgan’s office to ask for a file, making Morgan come back to your desk for it when it was directly diagonal from Reid’s. Or the time you made cupcakes for the team, you were able to hide behind a door hearing a brief bit of the conversation with JJ.

“Where the cupcakes come from?”

“Y/N made them.”

“She can cook?”

“Yeah, she cooks all the time, they’re really yummy. You should get one, Spence.”

He had stood staring at them for five minutes before finally picking one up, but as he saw you coming from behind the door he had put it back down and scurrying in the opposite direction. Who was he to be so damned surprised you could cook? Sure, these came out of box mix but you added spices and vanilla to them to make them more homemade.

You’ve had to cook for yourself since you were nine, and he’d know that if he’d ever spoken more than two words to you. Instead of trying to be mad about it, you got the cupcake he picked up, and had set it on his desk when he was away, leaving a note stating:

‘I saw you thinking about trying this, I can assure you they’re pretty decent. I hope you try it.’

You never knew if he did or not. It wasn’t on his desk when you had come back, but he could’ve always thrown it in the garbage.

Then there was the children. Oh, Lord the children. You babysat for Henry and Jack all the time, truly adoring the two boys. You preferred to hang around children, it made you feel less guilty for not acting your age. Spencer had come by JJ’s when you were watching the boys, the three of you piled in the living room building pillow forts, Uncle Grandpa booming in the background, plates with half eaten pizza and bowls of ice cream scattered on the coffee table. He had looked at you standing there like you were a circus freak. They weren’t your children, you could spoil them all you wanted. It didn’t hurt them to eat junk every once in a while, you usually fed them healthy version of junk food but it was cheat day.

What you really think pissed him off was the way Henry still clutched to you though he still greeted his godfather. He had talked to the boys a few minutes, avoiding any eye contact or conversation with you before ushering out the door with a small wave.

After that every time one of the boys came to the office or you were all gathered together Reid appeared to study you with them, like you were bribing them to like you. Or something more sinister. You shuddered, if he knew…Growing up in foster care you knew sinister things, luckily and sadly merely witnessing or hearing about it. It hurt that Reid may think you would ever do that to a child.
But you were a nurturing person at hear


Startling, you were back in Garcia’s apartment. “What?”

“I was saying that I understand. I hope someday he’ll come around to you.”

“Pfft, doubtful, it’s been what? Almost four years? I’ve given up. Sooner or later one of us will transfer and the other can celebrate.”

Garcia looked at you in horror. “Oh, no! We are not having anymore departures on the BAU. I’m tired of breaking in new people, and soon as they become my loves they get sent away. No more, you’re both stuck here.”

You rolled your eyes playfully. “You broke me in?”

“Yes, remember when I quizzed you on anime?”

“You do that all the time.”

“Yeah, but the first time was a test, but you passed it. So I didn’t really have to break you in, if you had failed though. Oh-ho I could’ve made it hell for you the first week.”

“Holy shit, Garcia, I could’ve been straitlaced and never know any of that stuff.”

“But my radar said you did so I seized the opportunity.”

You shook your head, dismissing the tech’s logic. “I think I’m going to bed.”

“What, no, why? This is a slumber party we can’t go to bed yet, was it because I mentioned Reid?”

It was, just the thought of him made you exhausted and with the wine making you drowsy you wanted to erase of memory of him, but you still shook your head.

“No, Garcia, just tired. We already had a romantic movie marathon, been through every dessert we ordered, did a fashion show, painted each others’ nails and fixed our hair, and drank three bottles of wine. It’s past midnight and I’m about to pass out.”

Garcia looked at the ground. “I wish you and Reid got along.”

Had she even heard you? You sighed. “I do too. Believe Garcia, it’s not from lack of trying on my end.”

“So you like him?”


“Like-like him?”

Seriously? You wanted to throw a fit over this, having your words twisted when there was no real end result. But Garcia had caught you. Maybe her radar did work, because, though he seemed to loathe you, you admired him. You noticed his small tendencies – writing to his mother everyday during lunch, or picking up coffee for one of the team members who was stuck with paperwork, the way his eyes lit up with surprise when he discovered something new, and his gentleness that you got to witness whenever he was around Henry. Over the years, each instance placed itself somewhere in your mind easing its way into your heart.

Though you tried to fight it, eventually covering it up.

“Yes, Garcia, now may I go to sleep?”

“Sure, Y/N, we can make waffles in the morning.”

The sound of that churned the wine in your stomach causing you to hiccup, but as you covered yourself with the fluffy comforter your drunkness helped put you to sleep. Unbeknownst to you, Garcia scrambling to her phone and hitting her contacts.

You woke up from your own snores, your mouth tasting like you had a dead rat in it. Felt like one too, needing something to drink to get rid of the fuzzy texture on your tongue. Chugging down the juice you found in the fridge, you set to work on making coffee when your phone buzzed as soon as you began crossing the room to check it, Garcia’s started.

A case, of course.

You were wrong, apparently the Department of Justice were needing the yearly inquiries from each department of the FBI for the annual budget requirements. Maybe the BAU would break even this year and not have any cutbacks. Looking over you saw the buzzing had not jostled Garcia at all, God, how much did she drink last night? How much did you drink? The last thing you remembered was flirting with the delivery guy when he had brought a peanut and chocolate tiramisu. Damn that had been the fifth dessert order, your stomach was still stretched from everything you consumed. Groaning about the fact you were going to need to work out for hours to work off the calories you made your coffee before deciding to wake up Garcia.


Steady breath was flowing out of the blonde’s mouth.


Slight snort, then steady again. You began to shake her shoulder, and she jerked away almost making you spill coffee all over yourself. A trick you learned from one of your foster siblings was you didn’t need a bucket of water to wake someone. That made a mess, and that would only cause trouble. No, a few ice cubes would suffice. Walking back over you stuffed the ice in Garcia’s sleep bra. After a few minutes of trying to sling the cold off her she jerked awake.

“What the hell? Y/N?”

You giggled softly. “We got to go to the office, Garcia.”

“And you put ice in my bra for it?”

“No, I put ice in your bra cause you were comatose.”

“Ugh, I feel sledgehammers fighting in my head. What happened last night?”

“I could ask you the same thing, how long did you wait to go to sleep after I conked out?”

“I don’t know, all I remember is throwing balloons off the balcony.”

Oh, yeah. But that was way before the delivery guy, shit, Garcia must have been totally bombed last night.

“Lets not do that again for a while.”

“Agreed, my sparkle is totally faded this morning.”

“You better get it going cause we need to head out.”

You both decided it’d be best to take a taxi to work, neither of you fully alert or capable of managing to get there in one piece. Upon arrival to the bullpen, you felt the odd sensation of eyes on you. Looking around you thought you saw people dropping their heads, but, than again, the lingering alcohol in your bloodstream could be making you paranoid somehow.

“Well, good morning, Miss Foxxy.”

Looking up, you saw Morgan approaching wearing one of his Cheshire cat grins.

The hangover was making it too hard to throw out a comeback though.

“Sorry Morgan, don’t have it in me today.”

“A little too much 'juice’ for you and Garcia?”

“Way too much.”

“Must have been with my mama doing all that dialing last night.”

That perked in your ears. “What dialing?”

Morgan’s smile faltered at seeing the curious look on your face. “You mean, you have no idea what Garcia called us about?”

“No, that’s why I’m asking, I passed out before she did.”

Morgan’s face turned something akin to horror. “That…That, um, explains a lot.”

“Does it, then? What all did she say?”

“Nothing, nothing important, it was just off comment she made.”

“About what though?”

“Doesn’t matter, Y/N, don’t worry about it, everyone will forget about it by the end of the day anyways. I just need you to do this file here, and I’ll be on my way.”


Though you shouted he pretended not to hear you, going off back to his office. It did draw the attention of everyone else in the bullpen though as you slumped into your chair and threw open the file. It was about you, you knew it. It had to be, he wouldn’t have walked off like that if it had been something else. But what? What could be mortifying enough to throw Morgan off from teasing you? It had to be bad. But you couldn’t think of anything, shaking it off from the time being you scrabbled through the files that were in your desk’s inbox, letting it dwindle down to a few before going for some coffee. Maybe you could get out early and whatever it was you could escape from for today and let it erase from everyone’s memory.

Pouring your coffee, Prentiss bumping shoulders with you. Her grin was as wide as Morgan’s.

“So, must have been quite the night, huh?”

“It was…good?”

“Alcohol is the best truth serum, if we could open a bottle and give enough of it to the unsubs it’d save a lot of time and trouble.”

“It wouldn’t really hold up in court though.”

Prentiss laughed. “No, I guess not. It loosens the lips though, helped you last night, right?”

“Now that you mention it, I’m curious to what all was said last night?”

Prentiss’ brows furrowed. “You mean you don’t remember?”

“Nope, blank screen in there for most of last night, so is Garcia’s, so if someone could just, you know, enlighten me it’d-”

“Oh, gee, I forgot a binder with some witness statements, I need to get those to Hotch.”

“Prentiss, wait, come on…”

“I’ll talk to you later, Y/N.”

A majority of the day was like that, after Prentiss, nobody had talked to you, no glances or anything. But then you had went to get more files to JJ and nudge-nudge, wink-wink again, and again, you had asked what was said only to be pushed out of her office. The same with Rossi, though he did give you a pat on the back. Like that would ease your troubles. Was it that bad?

Deciding you have had enough you trudged to Garcia’s lair, snapping the door shut behind you. “You are going to help me, you said something about me to everyone yesterday, and you’re going to find out what it is.”

Garcia cringed away, turning back to her keyboard and typing furiously. “Garcia!”

“Y/N, come on we were drunk no one cares what we said.”

“No, it was what YOU said, and apparently they do or they wouldn’t – wait you know, don’t you? You know what you said.”

Garcia shrugged sheepishly. “People have been coming to me to talking about it, and after Morgan, and JJ it kind of came crashing back to me.”

“Nice, great, so what was it that you bared about me?”

“You’ll get mad.”

“I’m already mad!”

“You’ll be even more mad.”

“Garcia! Please, people keep whispering about me as I walk by, our team is avoiding me like the plague now, I’d like to rectify all of this before we actually have to go out on a case or something.”

Garcia looked down at her lap, wringing her hands. “Well, last night-”


“You kind of said you liked Reid, like like-like.”

Your body stiffened, no way, there was no way in hell you’d ever admit that. The guy treated you like you were a contagion, no one could possibly believe you’d fall for him. This, this was not happening.


You remained wide eyed and stiff for a few more minutes before screaming at the top of your lungs.

“Why Garcia! Why would you ever tell people that?”

“I don’t know why I did it, maybe, I thought if he knew you liked him he’d come around to you, you know? Then we could get on like a happy family.”

You ran a hand through your hair, your heart lurching in your throat. Reid…Reid hadn’t shown up for work, maybe, maybe he didn’t know.

“Garcia, what about Reid?”

Garcia looked at her doe eyed. “What about him?”

“Does he know, he’s not in, maybe the grapevine missed him.”

Garcia began scooting her chair from you. “Y/N, I’m sorry, I looked at my phone -”

You took a step towards her. “And?”

“His was the first number I called last night.”

You wrenched your hand out, Garcia flinching away, holding her hands up in defense. But your aim was on the pink stress toy on her desk, Beloved, as it was called. Taking the little pink monster, you threw it to the ground with all you might, stomping it until it burst open its blue and purple glittering liquid spewing on the floor. Garcia squeaked in horror but didn’t say anything.

“What am I supposed to do, Garcia? It’s hard enough to work with him, now it’s going to be unbearable. I’m definitely going to have to transfer now.”


“I don’t know what else to do.”

“We’ll figure something out.”

“I don’t think so, Garcia, look, I’m sorry about your toy, I’ll replace it, but I’m going to leave for today. I’ve had enough of being the topic of the office gossip.”

“I’m so sorry, Y/N.”

“It’s okay, Garcia. It happens.” I should’ve kept my mouth shut.

Walking out of the building you felt eyes on you, but you refused to turn around.

Not today.

Getting a blanket you dropped down to your couch blocking out the rest of the world. You really didn’t want to leave, but you couldn’t find a plausible way of working around this. If it had really gotten to Reid, unless it had rolled off his back in Garcia’s drunken state, there was going to be no way to work with that man. How could someone with so much light in them have so much darkness for you? If only you hadn’t drank so much, if only you hadn’t said anything to Garcia, if only you hadn’t built up feelings for such a smartass. If only, if only, if only…..
A knock came at the door, breaking your thoughts. It was then you realized you had been crying, wiping the tears away the best you could you fumbled to the door. Forgetting to look through the peephole you opened it.


Oh, fuck. Why the hell would Reid be here? Is he here to tell you to quit or he’ll file office harassment charges? Or could it be to tell you what an idiot you are for getting blotted out and admitting something so inane in the first place?


Your eyes went to his, and you realized it was the first time he ever said your name.

“Sorry, come in Reid, forgive me I didn’t clean it during our time off.”

“It’s fine.”

Taking the blanket off the couch, you offered him a seat.

“I’m going to guess why you’re here.”

“Oh, um, good, I was afraid on how to approach the subject.”

This was the longest conversation you’ve had with him. And you weren’t really sure how to continue it.

“I’ll be handing transfer papers tomorrow, so you don’t need to worry about anything.”

His eyes searched yours. “A transfer?”

You looked at him dumbfounded. “Yeah, isn’t that what you want? I figured that would be easiest.”

Reid, for once, seemed at a loss for words. “N-no that’s not what I want. Why would you do that?”

“Don’t play like that, Garcia told me she called you last night.”

“She did, I still don’t understand why you need to transfer, was it…Was it some kind of joke?”

“A joke on me I guess.” You laughed ruefully. “Don’t drink to excess, best advice ever, you’ll tell people shit and not remember it the next day.”


Turning you saw Reid looking at you…differently. It wasn’t his usual blank stare of indifference, his stare righ t now held sympathy and something else.

“Reid, I’m sorry, I already know you don’t like me, professionally or casually, and with this on top of everything -”

“Who said I didn’t like you?”

Your jaw dropped. “Are you kidding me? You. You did, Reid. The way you avoid me, you never speak to me, today is the most words you spoke to me than the last four years combined. You berate the way I cook, my friendships with the team, the way I am with Henry and Jack.”

“I’ve never berated you.”

“Not out loud, but I have seen you looking at me. I know you don’t like me here, so fine, you’ll get what you want.”

Damn, you wanted a drink. It was a little ironic in a way.

“I wasn’t…I wasn’t trying to look at you like that. I was trying to cover, I didn’t want you to…to see. I knew you could ever-”

“Ever what Reid?”

“Ever care about me the way I do about you.”

Your head reared back, those were the last words you were expecting.


“I care about you, Y/N. The way you take of everybody, your sweet, nurturing spirit. The way you never really care what people think about you. I adored you from the second day, I just couldn’t let you see that. I decided if I couldn’t have your love I could at least work beside you.”

“But you completely stayed away from me.”

“I was there, just in the background. I watched you, but knew I should stay away, then Garcia called and I really did think it was a joke. But I thought…if there was even a slither of truth in it. I wanted to take a chance. But, I see, it was a joke, on both of us. I should go, we can figure out how to work together. It’ll be okay, Y/N.”

He went for the door and you tried to form some coherence to stop him.


He turned at his name, his eyes so vulnerable and you saw his truth. His fear, of you, of your rejection. How could you not see it? Were you that bad of a profiler or was he that good of an actor?

“I don’t want you to go.”

“You don’t?”

You shook your head. “Not if you don’t want to.”

He came toe to toe with you, a hand reaching to touch your cheek, soft pads of fingers trailing along the curve of your cheek.

“Y/N, I’d like to stay around for as long as you want me.”

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