Regular Joe

honestly the one thing that feels the worst about fallout 4 is the main character themselves

like in skyrim and new vegas, your character is just some asshole. it doesn’t matter who they are or what their role in the world is. the story leaves it open for you to just do whatever the fuck you want as soon as you walk out of that cave because your character has no predetermined traits

in fallout 4 you’re a mild-mannered middle-class person living in a peaceful world, so when you step out of the vault there’s already an established character here. it makes no sense for this regular joe to step out of the vault with all of their senses intact to put a bag on their head, cover themselves in spikes, and declare themselves Doctor Fuckface, warlord of the wastes

everyone in the world was named Joe and I was an outcast for not being a “Joe” and finally I caved in and signed the paper to change my name and I was finally a regular old Joe with everyone else

Love Yourself, Love

Requested Prompt: Can you do an imagine where tom has a gf who has really low self esteem and is really struggling with her confidence, and tom is there to help her realize that self-love is important? (@dropdeadrxses)

           Thanks so much for this request! This is something that I’ve struggled with for a long time and have only recently overcome emotionally, but am still battling physically. If anyone ever needs support in any aspect of life, please know you can talk to me.

Warnings: reader struggling with self-esteem, self-loathing, self-depreciation, fluff


The Hollywood Reporter had just leaked photos from the photo shoot Tom did with his Homecoming co-star, Zendaya, and (Y/N) was curled up on Tom’s couch, eyes lingering over how stunning Tom’s new friend looked and mind running with scenarios of things that could have happened ‘behind the scenes.’ (Y/N) hated how easy it was for her to completely discredit herself, but in reality, what did she have to offer Tom or anyone for that matter?

She couldn’t help but notice how Tom’s shirt seemed to have a different number of buttons opened in various photos. Instantly, her mind went to thoughts of him cheating on her. Her chest tightened as she thought about what could have happened between the two of them. She knew that Tom was raised to be a gentleman and certainly distinguished himself from other guys their age, but the thought wouldn’t leave her mind. She was a no body and always would be. her disdain had nothing to do with the fact that Tom was a celebrity and she was a regular Joe, and it had nothing to do with the fact that Zendaya was a celebrity, she just didn’t know how anyone could see anything worth their time in her.

The soft pattering of Tom’s feet sounded as he made his way down the stairs and toward his girlfriend. “Hey, love,” he called out to her, “I was thinking we could go out to dinner tonight with everyone and I can show you off.” (Y/N) rolled onto her back, feeling the tension in her shoulder subside immediately. She clicked the screen of her phone off and dropped it onto the coffee table as Tom lifted her legs to sit beneath them. 

“Why?” she asked without intending to.

“Why wouldn’t I?” he asked in return with a smile across his face as he rested his hands on her knee.

“Because you can be with like three models at the same time right now and you’re with me,” she sighed all too quickly.

“Why would you say that?” he asked, his voice ignorant of the emotions running through her head.

“Because it’s true,” she scoffed lightly. “You’re an easy ten and I’m like what, maybe a five on a good day?”

“How could you think you’re a five, (Y/N)?” he asked with a laugh in his voice, still not picking up on the fact that she was growing even more upset.

“Just forget about it,” she sighed while slipping her legs out from under his and making her way toward Tom’s room, which she occasionally stayed in. She dropped onto the bed, pulled the sheets up to her neck, and curled into a ball while lying on her side. it didn’t take long for Tom to make his way back toward his room and close the door behind him.

“What’s the matter, (Y/N)?” he asked while sliding into the bed beside her.

“Can you please just leave me alone?” she muttered.

“Only if you tell me what’s making you so sad,” Tom stated while rubbing his thumb across her shoulder.

“Why are you with me?” she mumbled through the sheets as a small tear slid out of the side of her eye.

“Because I love you,” he said as he moved his fingers through her hair.

“But why do you love me?” she pestered as another tear slid across her nose from the other eye. “What do you see in me that makes you think I’m worth anything? There’s nothing special about me,” her voice started to shake slightly as she continued to admit to him everything that stood between them. “In fact, there are a lot of things about me that you didn’t know about when we first got together. I know my baggage is something that you didn’t sign up for when you met me. Why do you continue to deal with me? How can you be so nice to me when all I’ve been is a burden to you? Here you are, asking to go out and have a great time and all I can think of is why you haven’t dumped me or cheated on me yet.”

Tom’s chest tightened at her words and he flopped onto his left side. He slid his left arm underneath (Y/N)’s head, draped his right over her waist and laced their fingers together. His words were lodged in his throat but he couldn’t bring himself to say them without having his voice crack from sorrow. Tom cleared his throat and traced his thumb along her hand before speaking. “You may not see anything special in yourself, (Y/N), but you’re wrong,” he said softly as the wind created from the ceiling fan brushed her hair across his cheek. “I love that you can make me laugh when I’m having the worst day ever, I love that when you’re scared I feel compelled to make you feel safe in my arms, I love the way your nose crinkles when you laugh. When you walk into a room, I can’t help but ignore everything else and focus on you because there’s a pounding in my heart that makes concentrating on anything else so incredibly difficult.” Slowly, (Y/N) rolled over to face Tom. He pushed away the tears rolling along her face with his thumb and smiled at her. “I love the way you look when you wake up in the morning with a weird mix of bed head and sex hair,” he said while ruffling her hair lightly. “I love how smart you are and how you’re constantly pushing me to be a better person so that I can be a better boyfriend, because I want to be the man that you deserve.” She couldn’t help the tears that overcame her at his words. “And when I asked you to be my girlfriend, I asked that of every part of you, even the one’s I didn’t know about yet.”

The tears streaking (Y/N)’s face were a blend of joy and sadness as Tom pressed his forehead against hers. “You deserve more than I can offer you,” she said with an empty tone in her voice.

“Believe me when I say that you are more than I deserve, (Y/N),” he said as he took her hands in his. “All you need to do is love yourself, love,” he said while pressing his lips against her head. “I will help you through this,” he promised and then placed his lips gently and passionately against hers, “because you don’t deserve to go another day without seeing and apppreciating all of the things about you that make me love you.”

most viscerally horrifying moments from that zuckerberg for president article:

“Here’s the thing: for Democrats still smarting over a Hillary Clinton loss, a Zuckerberg hostile takeover of the party—er, I mean, White House candidacy—should come as manna from heaven.”

“The last thing the country needs, this line of argument goes, is another wealthy president. As if there were other options.”

“like a Silicon Valley Caesar”

“He understands the media ecosystem. Hell, at this point, he basically owns the media ecosystem.”

“In a similar fashion, I suspect Mark Zuckerberg would be able to wipe away the cobwebs of old-guard Democratic orthodoxy. Let’s be honest: On any number of issues and matters of presentation—public displays of patriotism, tax policy, military preparedness, law enforcement support—card-carrying Democrats have put themselves out of touch with regular joe Americans.”

green day fans telling green day to “stay out of politics and stick to the music” is honestly the strangest thing ever and i can’t believe it’s such a regular occurrence that billie joe armstrong himself felt the need to tell them all to fuck off because it’s never gonna happen

Sneak peek: Michael Keaton a flying fiend as everyman ‘Spider-Man’ villain

He might have a cool name but Michael Keaton’s bad guy in Spider-Man: Homecoming (in theaters July 7) differs from the likes of Avengers villains Loki and Thanos in one important sense: He’s an everyman.

“My whole approach for this movie is that we’ve seen the penthouse level of the (Marvel) universe,” says director Jon Watts (Cop Car). “We’ve seen what it’s like to be a billionaire inventor and to be a Norse god. We’ve seen the very top of this world. But we’ve never seen what it’s like to be just a regular joe.”

Fourteen previous Marvel films have seen a number of huge superhero battles leave a ton of destruction in their wake, and Adrian Toomes (Keaton) is a blue-collar sort who runs a New York salvaging company that cleans up after these messes. However, he becomes irked when after one altercation, a new government organization, founded by A-list businessman Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), steps in to take over.

Toomes “has a bone to pick” with Iron Man’s high-profile alter ego, says co-producer Eric Hauserman Carroll, and “sort of becomes the dark Tony Stark”: He and his crew — including the Shocker (Bokeem Woodbine) and the Tinkerer (Michael Chernus) — use scavenged alien artifacts and stolen advanced tech to put together amazing weaponry to sell to other criminals. “He thinks once he has this money and power, he’ll have more control of his life,” Carroll adds. However, it doesn’t take too long before they get on the radar of their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man (Tom Holland).

“Some people see themselves as victims — he sees himself a little bit like that,” Keaton says of Toomes. “He probably would have a strong argument that he never got a fair shot — a lot of ‘Why not me? Where’s mine?’ ”

“I like the idea that in these huge movies, you pick out one extra and you’re like, ‘What does he think of all this?’ ” Watts says. “Sometimes these movies are so casual about just destroying whole cities and incredible things happen and everyone’s like, ‘Eh, whatever.’ If that really happened, it would be amazing and change everything.”Plus, with his new baddie Watts gets to use “this neat junk from all the other movies,” he says. “It’s a really great starting point for the villains to have the Vulture picking over the stuff and finding the valuable exotic elements and having the Tinkerer assemble into something that could be used.”The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a place “where you can be a villain and a real person, too,” Watts says. “Being a supervillain isn’t necessarily your full-time job.”


May you have another great birthday and year!

Thank you for creating hitRECord as it allows artists to put their works on a big platform and collaborate with other talented artists. Also, getting profit! 

You inspire me and others to keep doing what we love to do - creating art and of course, collaborating!

You are such a talented actor, director, producer, screenwriter, musician, and many other hats. Your hard work and success is truly inspiring.

Thanks again! :o)


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Who Are You?

“Who sent you?” Jon yelled as he pointed the revolver at her. Sansa rolled her eyes at him and scoffed.

Someone who wants you dead, obviously, you butthead. I’m just the messenger. Ding-a-ling.

“Perhaps I should ask you the same thing then, Jon. Or is that even your name?” Sansa mocked him as she clasped the semi automatic firmly in her hands, its barrel directed at only one target.

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anonymous asked:

Does Dipper often tell reincarnations of his loved ones that he used to be human? What about people he meets post-transcendence?

It depends on the reincarnation. Dipper…. Dipper is doomed to meet a million billion different versions of the people he loved. And hell, sometimes he doesn’t meet them at all. Or if they do meet, they don’t like him… or DIpper doesn’t like them! So it’s on a person by person basis, depending on their relationship

“Who is he?” Honor asked, because Quinn knew everyone, no matter who they were or what they did.

“Harry Styles,” Quinn responded. “He’s a loner. Hides in the basement. Surrounds himself with recording equipment. His friend is Liam Payne. They’re one in the same, I’d say.”

Honor rolled her eyes; she didn’t recognize him. She had probably seen him around campus before, but he looked like any regular Joe off the street. 

“I dare you to flirt with him,” Quinn whispered suddenly, her eyes wide and smile malicious. “He probably never interacts with girls. Just you talking to him will probably give him a boner.”

He’s All That - a She’s All That AU
written for the allficcedup Favorite Movie AU Challenge

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