Au where the bad guys are the good guys and the good guys are the bad guys 

Princess Uma - Daughter of Queen Ursula, ruler of Atlantica and the Seven Seas

Princess Regina - Daughter of the Queen of Hearts, ruler of Wonderland

Prince (soon to be King) Gil - Son of King Gaston, ruler of Auradon

Prince Harry - Son of Captain James Hook, King of Neverland

(Okay I low key really like this and may make more for these four and the others if you guys like it?) 💙💜💙💜

On Wednesdays, Nick is a Wingman

the one where Y/N has a social life other than Nick, Harry is in on the ‘meme’ culture, and Nick is wondering if his best friends are hopeless cases.

A/N: In the timeline of this verse, this TFLN is the day *after* Don’t Leave, Stay. But you definitely don’t have to read that to read this one. Have a good day, hope you enjoy this!

Nick. Harry. Y/N.

Well, guys…

Oh no.


…WHAT are we up to on Halloween?

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I decided to try my hand at GIFS, mainly because I wanted to have GIFS with one of my ocs in it.

So enjoy the sea three x Regina GIFS I made using Heathers the musical quotes! And tell me what you think, I’m debating making others for my other ocs but idk if these are really any good or not. (I’ve never made GIFS before)

(Also I want to say that my favorite of these six GIFS is the I wish we met before one because it looks like they’re all laughing or smiling at Regina being adorable.)


One of tumblr’s favorite things is to worship truly evil and toxic characters.People love to make excuses for them, love to justify their actions, love to woobify them ,love blaming others for their atrocities(especially female and poc characters)and as whole just love pretending that what they did in the past doesn’t matter and that they can be redeemed as soon as they do one heroic thing and then live happily ever after

It doesn’t matter if it’s Kylo Ren, Loki, Regina Mills, Anakin Skywalker, Walter White, Severus Snape and Siruis, Mon El, everybody in the  Vampire Diaries and Supernatural cast and so on and so on. It’s full of fandoms that love to love monsters and love to think they can be redeemed or that they don’t even need redemption in the first place because they were the true victims

This is why I find Teal’c speech here to be so refreshing . He used to be a monster. Just like all those other characters. He slaughtered innocent people and has committed horrible atrocities. He was rarely called out on his past actions. In fact he found love and friendship and yet despite all of this Teal’c doesn’t forgive himself. He knows that no matter what he does there is no excuse or redemption for his actions and yet he still continue to fight for what is right

I would love to see more characters accept responsibility like this because fandoms desperately need this message. Need to understand that just because someone is pretty and charming doesn’t mean that their past actions can be ignored

This is the story I keep thinking of....

In September, 2008, me, Barbara Gaines, Dave and his wife Regina and his son Harry flew to Muncie, Indiana for a Saturday to attend the dedication of the brand new multi-million David Letterman Communication and Media Center on the campus of his alma mater, Ball State University. 

We toured the state of the art building, and every two minutes, they would show Dave something and he would say, “Gaines, do we have this?” and she would say, “No.” It was a relentless mark through technology. At one point, we walked into a sound studio and there was a young woman in a wheelchair, completely paralyzed, and she thanked Dave for paying for her tuition all four years. We were all crying, except Dave, who said to the girl, “You wanna get a pizza.” It was, as he always does, just the right thing to say in the moment.

But that’s not the story I keep thinking of.

At the end of the tour (which concluded with a a 20-minute Q&A with some students), we all had to get changed for the official dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony outside. Gaines and I got dressed, then Dave called us into an office where he had been dressing. The magnitude of the day had gotten to him and he was uncharacteristically emotional. “How can I go out there, in front or everyone, my family and read a Top Ten now?” he sniffed. “It seems so silly after all they have done for me.” i said words to the effect of “You’ll do it because that’s what they want, that’s what they expect, and that’s all they want. That’s all they expect. There will be plenty of time for you to feel all of this. But now it’s the gig.” I’m sure he didn’t hear me. Gaines and I left. Five minutes later, he walked out. His eyes were still red from crying. I thought, “This didn’t work. He’s not going to get through this.” And just before he went outside, he walked up to the President of the University, the Chancellor, the Board of Trustees and said, choking back tears: “My mother has been drinking since 9:00 this morning….” And Barbara Gaines and I shrieked. And they all laughed. And he went out there and the band played and the place went nuts and he delivered the Dave Letterman the world wanted.

And that, that’s the story I think about today, as Dorothy Letterman Mengering arrives in Heaven.

20 anni fa moriva una “Donna” qualunque, una donna sola, depressa, che nessuno ha mai voluto, una donna di sangue comune che per caso è entrata temporaneamente nel mondo della nobiltà e ne è uscita da morta.

Una donna del popolo che una volta diventata famosa ha sfruttato la fama per fare del bene al mondo e per renderlo un posto più bello, ma queste non sono azioni di cui deve preoccuparsi un reale; un reale deve tenere il culo sul trono e arricchirsi senza fare nulla, fregandosene del popolo.

Insomma 20 anni fa è morta una donna inutile, schifata da tutti, che non merita nemmeno di ricevere la visita alla sua tomba da parte della suocera o soprattutto dal “marito” che non si è mai comportato da tale, troppo impegnato a pensare a Camilla; perchè se Diana ha interessi al di fuori del matrimonio è scandalo, se li ha Carlo allora va bene…

Diana una donna usata solo per convenienza, tanto per fare figli.

Chi si fa i cazzi suoi campa 100 anni, o meglio per ora 91…

Chi cerca di emergere, distinguersi dagli altri, tentare di cambiare questo mondo in continuo degrado, allora non durerà molto…

!¡ BIG PACK STYLIXEIRO ¡! like se salvar

I need the Regina George side of Draco sitting with Harry at a café somewhere gossiping and covering his mouth dramatically pointing out all the people with dyed blonde hair, complaining about how his “naturally platinum blonde hair” is much more beautiful. Or what about Regina George Draco asking Harry why he’s so obsessed with him *cough* Halfblood Prince *cough*.

Don’t even get me started on the fuckin burnbook

I also need Harry mumbling about how Draco is too gay to function.

The Sea Three and Regina As Parents Headcanons

They have two little girls, Sela (princess turned pirate) and Marina (meaning from the sea), who have everyone wrapped around their finger.
Uma actually had Marina and Regina had Sela.
Marina looks exactly like Uma (and even gets the same teal/blue coloring in her hair when she’s older) and Sela is a copy of Regina.

Actually, the girls are only a month and a half apart in age. (Marina was born first)

Do not ask who their fathers are. Everyone has their suspicions which girl is Gil’s or Harry’s but Uma and Regina stated flat out they didn’t want to know.
It wouldn’t change their love for their girls (and it may just hurt one of the boys if the girls shared the same father).

Harry already had little hooks being made for their kids once they found out Regina and Uma were pregnant.
And yes, he got them normal sized ones when they got older.

The crew was possibly more excited than the actual parents.
Seriously, they already had plans on what kind of uncles and aunts they would be and they were already designing the cribs.
The cribs were adorable (even Uma will admit she liked them) and looked like ships and ocean.

Their children are, for the most part, raised out on sea.
The pregnancies were both accidents when they were traveling around to the different lands and exploring the sea.
Obviously they’re raised on land as well, but both girls prefer being out on the open sea.

Uma has never been prouder of one of the girls then the first time Marina shifted from human to demigoddess/sea witch.
The best part was Harry, Regina, and Gil’s reaction to it. They were all in awe while they watched their child and wife in the ocean by Regina’s castle.

The crew kept trying to their children how to sword fight and sail before of the four of them could.
In the end, Harry and Uma teach them how to sword fight and Harry and Gil teaches them to sail.

If you don’t think Regina got their daughters little thrones and crowns when they were born, you’d be wrong.

Honestly, they spoil their children.
After growing up on the Isle and seeing how just innocent their children were, there was no doubt they would spoil them and keep them as safe as possible.

Their children are homeschooled by Uma and Regina for the first few years of their schooling.
It’s only after age ten that they let their girls go to school in Auradon. (And only because it was the best option for their girls, and they wouldn’t stop asking to go)

Harry and Uma win for being the most protective over their girls.
Then again, Gil did break someone’s nose for startling and making Sela cry and someone may have nearly died at Regina’s hands for causing Marina to get a scar.

Their girls are the sweetest things you could meet and everyone loves them the second they meet them.

The crew adore them so much you would think they were the crew’s children.

The Sea Three and Regina actually are some of, if not among the best parents there could be.
They’re supportive, protective, and caring. And they’re the least judgmental.

It’s hilarious when the four of them show up for recitals/parent teacher meetings/whatever.
Most seem to forget who the girls’ parents are, so the reactions are hilarious.

And yes, family pictures do include the entire crew, which is some of the most adorable and chaotic days and pictures that they have.

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I wonder what Hogwarts students would say about Harry in Regina George-style. Colin Creevey: "Harry Potter is flawless." Ernie Macmillan: "He has a Firebolt and an Invisibility Cloak." Hannah Abbott: "I heard his bank vault has 10,000 galleons." Lavender Brown: "His favourite food is treacle tart." Susan Bones: "One time he was on trial in front of the Minister of Magic." Terry Boot: "And he won the case." Draco Malfoy: "One time he punched me in the face... it was awesome."

thx for the inspiration, and here’s a random beauxbaton student: