if i learned how to relate to rich white girls going to private school or a white boy with fucking spider powers i know damn well you can relate to poor kids living in the bronx

What’s In Store For The Get Down Part 2?
The Get Down is set in the South Bronx in New York and revolves around these teens who change the city through their music, dance and…


For Shaolin, all his efforts in Part 2 are about keeping Zeke close to him and keeping The Get Down Brothers together. That’s his life, that’s his whole world, and he will do anything to keep what’s his. Because without Zeke and The Get Down Brothers, he’s all alone. And Shaolin can’t handle that.

[…]And YES, Dizzee isn’t the only character who is gay. Hopefully we’ll get to show that if we’re allowed to continue!

Everybody loves Regina! We love her too. She and Yolanda are definitely present in Part 2 and we learn more about them, but we will have to wait for Season Two to get some more substantial story lines for both of them.

There are characters who never made it into Season One who I would love to bring into Season Two. There is, for example, a charismatic African-American community activist named Kofi Quantay who could play a big role in Season 2. He’s like a Black Jesus, and he would bring more consciousness & street politics into the show. Also, I love all the supporting characters in Season One. I’d like to tell more about Boo Boo and Rah Rah. And Yolanda and Regina. And of course, if The Get Down Brothers continue to rise, there are a million great stories to incorporate that coincide with the birth of Hip Hop.


Revenge is a dish best served... with apples

Slytherin: “Dude, why are you so nice to people who are mean to you?”

Hufflepuff: “and just how exactly am I supposed to respond?”

Slytherin: “You plot revenge!”

Gryffindor: “Challenge their honor and duel or engage in another act of daring!”

Ravenclaw: “Outwit them and show them you are superior.”

Slytherin: “And you especially don’t bake them treats!”

Gryffindor: “I don’t know, I’ve had her cooking. That might be revenge.”

Slytherin: “But the apple turnover I saw her give Gregg after he trash talked her this morning looked delicious.”

Hufflepuff: “Well I know I’m not the greatest cook… unless it involves apples.”


Hufflepuff: “”Food for thought.” *walks away with a gleam in her eyes*

Ravenclaw: “Did.. did she do.. what I think she did”

Gryfindor: “no… no… really?”

Slytherin: *cackling* “Guys, if we hurry we can tell him to share it with all his cronies. Come on! They’ll be out for weeks if I know Regina’s potion skills! ”


Dear Regina, what to say to you?
I’m dedicating every day to you
Domestic life was never quite my style
When you smile, you knock me out, I fall apart
And I thought I was so smart.

You outshine the morning sun
Pride is not the word I’m looking for
There is so much more inside me now
I’ll be around for you
I’ll do whatever it takes
I’ll make a million mistakes
I’ll make the world safe and sound for you

I love see them as an happy family ;w; ❤

If it’s the end of the show as we know it, at least give everyone a happy ending and don’t kill important people. If it’s the end of Once Upon a Time as we know it, if it won’t come back or if it won’t have the same cast we know and love, make the ending HAPPY. 

Let Emma be alive and well, let her be with Killian, have the marriage and happy life they both deserve together. Let them have what they never had. 

Let Snow and Charming be happy with their children, Neal and Emma. Stop cursing them. Stop with the drama and the secrets. 

Give Regina something. Anything that makes her happy. 

Let Henry be the Author, write everything that ever happened in Storybrooke, good and bad. Let him be with Violet and be happy with his big big family. 

I even want a happy ending for Belle and Rumple, maybe not together if it’s not meant to be (I think they will be together in the end), but I don’t care, I don’t know, let them be ok with each other, let them be with Gideon. 

Even for Zelena I want something happy!

Give everyone a happy ending, don’t kill Emma, don’t kill anyone! It’s a show about hope, love and most important, it’s a show about family and if this is the end then let it die with hope, love and family as the main themes. 

There won’t be any hope in our minds if in the last ten minutes of the show you kill Emma, or Snow, or Killian, or Regina, or David, or ANYONE.