• Negan to Eugene: Did Rick have you doing this kind of valuable stuff for him?... Did Rick also say anything about me? How's Rick looking these days? Rick doing any gardening with his shirt off by any chance? If Rick comes over you think I should play it cool? Not that I give a shit about Rick... Now let's go inside and have a nice cool glass of Rick.

Scarf!Negan is life!

It went from one small sketch to multiple sketches over the week! Also the pink scarf is something I feel Negan would wear (his reasons for wearing it known by the VERY few he confided with) for Lucille! AND ALSO BARBED WIRE SCARF!

The Cat scarf is a fan art for a lovely, amazing, fanfic written by @sinners0prayer

Check it out: (x)

TWD Character's Priorities...
  • Rick: Keep my people safe, make my vengeance terrible.
  • Michonne: Keep my sword sharp and my family protected.
  • Daryl: Keep my aim true, my wrath swift.
  • Carl: Keep watch over Judith, my life for hers.
  • Carol: Keep my heart hard and my friends distant.
  • Eugene: Keep my company smartly but leave my loyalties unquestionable.
  • Maggie: Keep my grief close but my love closer.
  • Morgan: Keep my principles unshaken but my eyes open.