OTP imagine : Thigh Frames

Person A: *walks up to person B and sits on their lap*

Person B: *rests their hands on person As hips* Hmm?

Person A: Well I wanted to say. To me your face is a beautiful picture….

Person B: That’s sweet… Mph.. *person A kisses them*

Person A: *pulls back and smirks* I’d like to frame it with my thighs.

Person B: *squeezes person A’s ass, making them moan* Now that. *Lowers their voice* Sound very. Very. Fun.

*the room proceeds to be filled with moans and whispered words of praise*

TWD Character's Priorities...
  • Rick: Keep my people safe, make my vengeance terrible.
  • Michonne: Keep my sword sharp and my family protected.
  • Daryl: Keep my aim true, my wrath swift.
  • Carl: Keep watch over Judith, my life for hers.
  • Carol: Keep my heart hard and my friends distant.
  • Eugene: Keep my company smartly but leave my loyalties unquestionable.
  • Maggie: Keep my grief close but my love closer.
  • Morgan: Keep my principles unshaken but my eyes open.

Scarf!Negan is life!

It went from one small sketch to multiple sketches over the week! Also the pink scarf is something I feel Negan would wear (his reasons for wearing it known by the VERY few he confided with) for Lucille! AND ALSO BARBED WIRE SCARF!

The Cat scarf is a fan art for a lovely, amazing, fanfic written by @sinners0prayer

Check it out: (x)

There is always those ships out there that you have nothing against. You may not ship it but you don’t mind it. You wouldn’t have hard feelings about it if it were to become canon…but then you get introduced to its shippers and can’t help notice that every post made by them is nothing but hostility to others and filled with so much immaturity you’re torn between wanting to reply to it or not, but you don’t want to feel as if you are arguing with a ten year old. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I know some of you like to instigate and start arguments just to put other people down, but all you’re really doing is hurting your ship by forcing people to hate it. I can’t tell you how many ships I’m now disgusted with just because of its awful following. Please stop hating and be a little nicer, if not for your ship then at least for yourself.

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