Of Paperwork, Knots, and Warm Glowy Things, or, Roland Registers for Kindergarten

This story fulfills a prompt from a nonnie (thank you, person!) that’s included at the end of the story. I’d like to thank black-throatedblue for talking me out of rage deleting this story and then giving up one of her mornings before work to sit in a chat window and literally watch me write the last 2k words. Also a huge thanks to outlawqueenluvr for the beta. All errors are my own. 

This story is dedicated to lillie-grey in honor of her first thirty days without smoking (which is why the third title of this story is “or, I Just Spent the Last Thirty Days Not Smoking, Motherfuckers!”). Everyone go leave an ask in her inbox with congratulations. I’m so proud of you, Em.

Rated F for Fluff

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Roland’s never had a big brother before, but he’s one hundred percent positive Henry would be the best one in the whole world. A belief only further cemented when the older boy agrees to give him a piggy back ride while they’re waiting for his papa to meet them at the school. Oh, yeah. Henry would be an awesome brother.

(Everything is “awesome”, now that he’s taught him how to use the word. Henry’s teaching him lots of words.)

“Faster, faster!” he says as Henry hikes him further up on his back and starts to jog across the grass in front of the school. His hands grip the teen’s shoulders (not around his neck, as he’d done the first time) and he hums for the simple pleasure of hearing and feeling his voice stutter in his chest with each footfall.

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“My happy ending is finally feeling at home in the world”

In a season where many things felt meh, Operation Mongoose was the most beautiful thing created: the quest for Regina’s happy ending. A mission between mother and son, in which all the people dear to Regina joined in and helped till the very end!

And finally, we have Regina ending a season with a smile on her face, with the people she loves by her side, ready for the next adventure for once not alone! ♥

PS: Heavy Regal Believer and Outlaw Queen feels, but of course there is also Swan Queen and more! ;)

Henry was the real hero

Henry outsmarted Isaac and got in the book.

Henry found both Regina and Emma.

Henry took down Blackbeard and commandeered the Jolly Roger.

Henry took down Lily in the tower.

Henry stood up to Evil Snowing and Rumplestiltskin.

Henry fixed the AU fiasco and brought back the happy endings for the heroes.

Slow clap for Henry Mills.