Things with Feathers, 4/?

For black-throatedblue.

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It started with a storm, one that rumbled in from the west and kicked up the sea, and Regina welcomed it as an opportune turn in a week that had been rather relentlessly filled with town meetings and family dinners and criminal activity in the dead hours before dawn.

It was cleansing, really, to wipe away the hard lines of her makeup and hunker down with Henry over popcorn and board games as the rain lashed the windows, the evening made somehow cozier – safer – under the guttering of the lights. Professor Plum and Colonel Mustard circled each other on the board, moving between ballroom and hall and conservatory, and Henry looked at his papers intently each time, so studious and watchful that Regina couldn’t help thinking that he had as much right to the sheriff’s office as the crack team of Charming, Swan, and Jones did.

Hell, he’d probably improve it.

A ripple of lightning hit close, and the power hummed to black before the thunder could answer. She sighed, hoping it was just the neighborhood and not the entire grid, and started sending fist-sized fireballs into the air to softly illuminate the room again.

“Isn’t that cheating?” Henry asked, but he had pitched back to marvel at the bobbing lights, the same way he had watched fireworks as a little boy. “Not everyone gets stars in their house when the electricity goes out.”

“You’d rather sit in the dark?” she asked back, pointedly, stretching out her foot to prod his as she laid herself down too, careful to not upset the Clue board as she settled.

“I didn’t say that.”

They listened to the storm and felt its vibrations buckle through the floor beneath them, and Regina had a sudden wave of gratitude for all the pieces of home surrounding her in that moment – for walls and soft carpeting and stars pulled to earth and, most of all, for Henry – Henry, who had grown tall and thoughtful and just now rolled his head towards her to grin.

“By the way: Mrs. Peacock, revolver, billiards room.”

She threw a pillow at him.

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Regina trusting her grown up son enough to send him alone,
to the
most dangerous place in town, to retrieve an object.

Just look at his confidence, how he walks, moves, he’s so grown up in just one year.
He has his memories back now, he doesn’t need anyone to follow him around to protect him, he knows more about magic and it’s dangers than many of the adult Storybrooke citizens do by now, he owns this town and it’s secrets, and he can navigate through them.
Welcome to Storybrooke teenage responsible Henry, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. *tears of joy*