Kindred Spirits

Set during the Missing Year. On Henry’s birthday, Roland unknowingly comforts Regina. 

For @sometimesangryblackwoman who requested  Roland sees a frog riding a fish and asks  someone to explain it. And for the anons who requested Dimples Queen or Regal Believer and Disney movies, and Roland telling Regina that Robin has feelings for her.

And EXTRA THANKS to @voguevamp who read through and found some AMAZING mistakes that REALLY needed to be caught before i hit the post button.

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i will just never be fuckin over the time regina drank a potion to forget that henry’s birth mother was the savior and pushed passed all her insecurities about the curse being broken and as she was making it she told henry a story about her and her little prince, and i did not get a lot of sleep last night so i;m emotional;,;;;,


“He needs time, Emma,” she says from experience.