Fun fact: When building the Refreshment Corner each build had to be one red, and the other white, when getting to the middle the designers didn’t know if to put white or red because of the odd numbers. But Walt wanted the pattern red and white, so he made them put a bulb with half white and half red on it! *\(^o^)/*

I’m so bad at trying to post these things on “time” but I’ve spent most of the day kinda recovering from being on vacation and just taking care of myself. However, I couldn’t pass this moment up because it’s been a year, more or less, since I took in Suga as my muse. Minus the fact that I deleted my first account and took off for two months, I came back with a fresh start and it has been, well far from easy. As happy as I am to be back at times, I also regret it with a lot of, well, insecurities, frustrations, stuff like that. I’ve been such a brat and the like this past month since I remade and came back and I really do apologize for being such a bother. I’ve been trying to be as happy as can be but well, sometimes I feel far from happy and whatever. I wanted to hold back since it would’ve been a year as gentlesetter and not this remake, but some friends have mentioned that it’s more of the time as the muse than the blog itself. I’ve had some great memories as Suga and some pretty ones, but honestly it’s the way life goes, whether I like it or not.

But, trying to save all the sappy stories for later, I just wanted to thank a good number of you that have constantly been by my side, or sending in things to make sure I’m alright and people that make my dash interesting, even if I’m still a big baby.

My rocks:

keusenon/tori-neko, thecerisequeen/floridusisms, defensivespecialist, jeiidaan, cymatiliscxr, thebestdecoy, oblitxrations, flxwermanager, freckle-angel, akumanokoibito/brxtherless

Other Darlings:

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swansets, dhampyrite, kaiju-suisoku, zeppoueita/mxttsun (and your other millions of accounts that I’m not mentioning because I’m lazy), hinikuru, gentlexxgiant/yamatoos, karasunosun, karasutaichou, collectivediversity

I‘m sure there’s more of you but my brain is pretty much drawing a blank. But again, thanks a lot for everything. I wish I was a better presence on your dashes and not as annoying as I am all the time, but I’m trying to work things out so I can at least get some real closure and move on. And thanks again for being so patient with me.


Refreshment Corner Review

So I finally experienced the glory that is the Mac & Cheese Dog, one of the legendary Disney Parks foods just below the ranks of the Red Wagon corn dogs and Dole Whips - and let me tell you, it WAS glorious.

The hot dog was enormous (at least 7"? 8"?) and was loaded with tons of mac and cheese. Even eating this as a late lunch, it was almost too much food for me to eat, giving it great share-ability or making it a perfect meal to split on a date. (I just had a vision of Lady and Tramp eating one on a date.. hmm)

The service was super fast, plus there’s always lots of seating at Refreshment Corner, with the option to even spill over into the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe. This location also offers great live entertainment, like a ragtime piano player or even the Mad Hatter and Alice playing games with guests. (Last year I stumbled upon them playing “Chase the Alice” with guests!)

The Mac & Cheese Dog is not the smash-hit sensation (as far as popularity) as the other legendary Disney Parks offerings, so I definitely recommend it as a great “sleeper” hit. Short lines and fast service, can’t lose!

Score: 4.5 / 5

WTF Is this remotely true. Taken from , me thinks it is not true but can anyone shed some lint on this?

The Legend: The basement storage area beneath the Refreshment Corner on Main Street still exists, but it is no longer used because it is cursed and anyone who goes in there dies.

Behind the Legend: True.

Candy Palace on Flickr.

Some of the cool things about places like Main Street USA in Disneyland are the intersecting of lives from around the world.

Some of the bad things about places like Main Street USA in Disneyland are the intersecting of Baby Strollers from around the world into the back of my ankles.

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