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Attention Society6 Sellers-- UPDATED!

UPDATE! The amazing detective @bluecamellia suggested that it might have something to do with the addition tumblr made a while back to settings involving ‘Affiliate Links’ so I went to my tumblr account settings and turned it (Affiliate Links) off, and tested it out and it looks like thats what was changing all the store links! 

It says that if you put your own affiliate links in, it was supposed to leave your links alone. I tested it yesterday and it did not appear to leave my affiliate link alone and still tacked on that random account info. 

SO if you are a Society6 Curator, or have a store on Society6 (or many of the other common marketplace sites it seems might be connected to this), and you are still having a problem with your affiliate link or store link being affected, go into your Tumblr Settings, and TURN OFF the Affiliate Links switch. Here’s a screenshot:

ALSO– Do note that if this is an issue for your links, you will need to turn this setting off for every tumblr blog you have where the links are a problem. For example: If I have a main blog, and an art blog, and I post my affiliate/store links on both, I need to turn this setting off if it’s still affecting my affiliate links negatively. 

WHEW!! I was super worried some crazy stuff was going on! Thank you to @bluecamellia for being an amazing person and figuring this out! You rock! 

Here’s the original post below:

Hi! Yesterday I noticed a major issue when I clicked on my own store Link that I posted on my tumblr blog. 

I posted my natural link which is:

When I made my post and clicked the link, tumblr’s formatting reformats the link to now re-direct to my store but tacks on someone ELSE’S referral. After it redirects, I click on the URL bar in my browser and the url now reads:

What does this mean? This means that someone who owns the account MattVigLink (which DOES exist on Society6) gets the credit for my link referral. This means that this person’s account gets money. MONEY. Actual money for my hard work. My art. My link posting, and my promotional work. Every sale I make, THEY GET MONEY FOR IT. NOT COOL!!

I don’t know who did it, but I found that it effects other links posted on other seller’s tumblr blogs too. Try it out for yourself. Find a store post on tumblr and click on the link and sure enough, you will most likely find that “curator=mattvlink” has been tacked on to the end of that URL. 

Here’s what I saw:

I made sure to use the correct URL for my Society 6 Shop. I save the post and it goes up on my tumblr blog.

I hover over the link while viewing my tumblr post, and it throws a long redirect link into the preview box. 

I click it and there it is! What the hell– my store is now giving sales credits to this person’s account!

I don’t know if it’s someone who works for tumblr, or some other shady person who is trying to make money off the Society6 Curator referral system but IT SUCKS. 

I have reported this to both tumblr and Society6 and provided screenshots. I thought it was a glitch and I went back and re-did my links several times and EVERY SINGLE TIME it gets re-coded by tumblr when you click the link, and it transfers you to the intended store and automatically tacks on “curator=mattviglink” to your url. 

Fuck that shit. If you are a Society6 Seller who has this same issue, PLEASE Report it to both Tumblr and Society6. Let them know that your links are ending up giving credit to someone else’s account. It’s definitely not supposed to do that, and it’s abuse of the curator system at Society6. 

Thank you.

Update: Don’t get me wrong– I love you Tumblr and @staff and I hope this is something that can be fixed. Tumblr is my favorite social media platform and I really really hope this is something that can be fixed/turned off. I also hope it’s something that has not been going on for very long! I <3 Tumblr!

Caffeine #9

I haven’t done one of the caffeine challenges before, and I took a couple of breaks during the time so I didn’t get it quite finished, and then had to reformat for the broken html import that is tumblr.

But it was a ton of fun! And naturally, I immediately took the prompt and went “okay let’s break this”

Ever since birth, he had never had a voice.

His mother, of course, never held it against him. She sung like an angel, like a siren; she could enchant enchantresses and toy with the playboys, and he was raised on lullabies that could have rearranged the stars.

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Diane Rehm is wrapping up a public radio career spanning more than four decades and thousands of episodes. Her talk show has originated at Washington, D.C.’s WAMU and is heard by nearly 3 million people across the country weekly on NPR stations.

Yet, The Diane Rehm Show almost didn’t get off the ground.

In 1979, Rehm started as a host with a program aimed at homemakers. Several years later, she informed her boss that she had other plans.

“I’m bored. I’m really bored,” Rehm remembers telling him. “Unless I can change this show and do politics, do science, do medicine, do everything that’s happening in the world, I’m outta here. … He listened and he said you’re right.”

Reformatted and rebranded as The Diane Rehm Show in 1984, it became a place for policies to get dissected and politicians to get tested.

Radio’s Diane Rehm, A Mainstay Of Civil Discourse, Signs Off

Photo: Matt McClain/The Washington Post/Getty Images

”Hi! I’m sorry I don’t know if you’ve already considered this but I wonder if the hat has two meanings?

Like it just seems weird to me that they would take such an iconic symbol of Sherlock Holmes and make it unambiguously bad and confining. It would make more sense to me if they intended on ‘redeeming’ the hat; in this way the hat’s symbolism mirrors the actual public’s image of Sherlock Holmes. 

If the hat is a meta-symbol of public perception then it makes sense that Sherlock first picked up the hat and put it on in the first place represents ACD writing Sherlock the way he did. It might have seemed like a free choice at the time, but he did it to hide the gay truth from the public/press. He soon regrets the lie but the public have taken it and run with it. Pretty standard hat theory so far, but where does John come in?

We know John represents the 'right’ kind of fans, the ones who see Sherlock as as human as he is and love him for that, not in spite of. If the Hat were only there to represent a heteronormative lie then it would make sense for John to hate the hat as much as Sherlock does, but he clearly doesn’t. He obviously finds it cute. “People like the hat” well we know “people” often means John. Even without this dialogue, we see how John reacts to Sherlock wearing the hat, and then in TLD we see John’s subconscious liking Sherlock in the hat.  

Now, I know that the fact that the words are being said by Mary is important, especially when she mentions the hat being worn as a tribute to her, this is clearly heteronormativity acting in a similar function as she did at the end of TFP, because the only way to deny the gay romance is to deny that Sherlock and John are people, characters with any depth or complexity beyond being cardboard cutouts pasted into a set of 'adventures’.

However, I believe that the fact that the words are being spoken by Mary as a function of John’s subconscious cannot be ignored. It continues a running thread of John liking the hat, which doesn’t make sense if you take the symbolism of the hat at face value, but does make perfect sense in the context of a dual meaning. Within the show the hat can be seen as representing a facade, yes, but to the world at large the hat is a symbol of Sherlock Holmes himself. John (certain fans) sees Sherlock in the hat and likes what he sees. This is representative of accepting Sherlock as he is. And what he is is a man in love with John Watson. 

So to sum up: Sherlock is ACD, the hat is Sherlock, most people love the hat for the wrong reasons, John (we) loves the hat for the right reasons. The apparent tying of the hat to heteronormativity is linked to the actual viewing public’s seeing Sherlock (the character and the show) as straight. 

If we believe that this perception will be broken then we might assume that the symbolism will be likewise shattered on screen. The only way to cut the ties with heteronormativity would be for Sherlock to do something undeniably, publicly gay in the hat I therefore predict that John will kiss Sherlock in the hat in front of people, possibly reporters outside of 221b.”

Woowee, anon, this is a fantastic take on the hat! This almost makes The Hat sound like it represents a slur: the public likes to use it, but they way they use it doesn’t represent who the wearer really is. John and Sherlock will have to do something to reclaim it and get the original context back (”original context” meaning Johnlock is ACD canon).

okay, so rob anybody has a daughter, right? and i think her name is maggie? she’s mentioned briefly in hat full of sky and the shepard’s crown, iirc. and i have this headcanon burning a hole in my brain about her and it just refuses to get drawn, so have a ramble, kids.
hokay! so we know female pictsies are kinda rare, and that they must move out of their mound at a certain age and start their own clan with some of their brothers, cos you can’t have two keldas in one mound, two queens in one hive, etc.
but like. maggie anybody doesn’t want to be a kelda. she doesn’t want to know the hiddlins, she doesn’t want to have a bunch of kids, she doesn’t want to be hidden away underground her whole life and never get to see the sun again unless something goes horribly wrong.
maggie wants to fight. she wants to fight with her brothers and fathers and uncles, and tie feathers and braids in her long hair and beard, maybe someday get herself a rabbit skull helmet like her dad. some of the pictsies think okay, maggie’s a boy then. no worries, this happens, female children are rare but not unheard of.
but- no. maggie is very sure she’s a girl. okay, her family says, then you’re a kelda. no, maggie says, i am a girl and i am a warrior and i am not a kelda. rob won’t let her get the clan’s tattoos (bc iirc keldas don’t get tattoos or at least they don’t get blue ones? i remember the old kelda before jeanie being described specifically as nut brown rather than blue) and she argues with him and yells and glares but! she does not fold her arms. she does not tap her foot. she does not use any of the tried-and-true Kelda/Hag Methods of Feegle Control. she fights like a warrior. one is not less than the other, one is what she chooses over the other, and she makes it very very clear.
so finally rob gives in, cos she got the stubborness of her father AND her mother, and woe betide anyone who stands in her way. maggie anybody feegle grins through the whole process of getting her tattoos, refuses to shave, refuses to cover her chest (cos then she’d cover the seriously wicked bird right on her sternum) and, of course, runs off to show the hag of the hills what she’s accomplished. tiffany approves.

The haircut part 1

Barry allen x Reader

Author: Bekah814

Summary: Barry’s new haircut leads to some dirty activities

Warnings: Smut, Swearing, dirty talk, nudity

Word count: 503 

(A/N): OKay this is my first fic on here so hopefully you guys enjoy also i like smut so there’s gonna be a lot of it. I had to re enter this on here as a text because i did it on my phone and made it a picture so that i could get the gif in there so this is the same as the other one its just reformatted. 

Originally posted by jinglebarrys

“Ugh Barrrrrrrrr no don’t cut your hair!” You whined as your boyfriend was getting his things to head to the barber shop. “Babe i haven’t had a haircut in a while , plus i want to try a new style i think you’re gonna like.” your boyfriend reasoned. “No! im gonna die if you come back with your hair cut offf” You screamed as he was walking out the door “Well then i guess ill have to test that out” he said as he closed the door. FIne the do whatever you want I don’t care. You thought as you sulked into the shower.

Just as you turned the water off you heard Barry come in. You had to have been in the shower for a good 30 minuets for him to be back already. “(Y/N)! Baby come here!” You wrapped a towel around your waist and headed down the stairs. “i hope you aren’t calling me to stare at your bald head barry because we will-””We will what?” Barry asked when you got to the bottom of the stairs. You were completely frozen and gaping. His hair was cut short on the sides and it was a HUGE turn on because he was HOT AS FUCK. You started imagining pulling on his hair as his head was between your legs licking and sucking your throbbing clit as his fingers thrusted in and out of you at a beautifully fast pace.Of course you u had on nothing but a towel at the time so it would be very easy for Barry to notice the way you bit your lip as you rubbed your (s/c) legs together. And fuck did he notice Every little move you made. “Mmmm you’re rubbing your legs together like your pussy is wet for me.” He said snapping you out of your dirty day dreams. “And here i thought you wouldn’t like my haircut” he said as started walking over to you. “But i do like it daddy” you said as he walked closer. “I like it so much I was about to touch myself right here in front of you.” You moaned out as you dropped your towel and sat on the stair you about the one you were previously sitting on. Your petite little hands went in between your legs as you started rubbing your clit and fingering yourself soft and slow. Small mewls of pleasure were coming out of your mouth as you saw Barry pulling up a chair and watching you contently while slowly stroking his long , thick , hard cock. You were thrusting your fingers in and out and rubbing your clit viciously and practically screaming Barry’s name as you were reaching your climax. All of a sudden a strong hand stopped you. “nooo” you whined as Barry chuckled and pulled your hands above your head. “I wonder what you were fantasizing about when you were fingering yourself, because you’re soaking wet babe” he said as he put your legs on his shoulders

Mr. Fairy Floss

Fandom: GG/Youtube

Chapter: 1/1

Word Count: 6,227

Pairings: Rubberbang, background Egoflap

Rating: T

Warnings: Lots of typical teenage-boy cursing, Dan being a dork

Summary: While stuck together at the top of a Ferris wheel, Ross and Dan become acquainted with each other for the first time.

Read it on AO3 here!

[A/N: Based off the prompt: ‘I was third wheeling with my best friend and his/her bf/gf at the amusement park when I got stuck sitting on a two seated roller coaster with some stranger and something happened so now we are stuck almost at the top and I hate heights but at least they are really hot’ au

The rest of my A/N is in the AO3 link ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ]

“Hey, Ross! Roooosssssss.

Suzy’s bouncy, gentle voice easily pries him awake. The next time Ross blinks his eyes open, she and Arin are both standing in front of him, Arin with his eyebrows knit in concern, and Suzy bearing an expression devoid of nothing but worry. It takes a moment for him to sleepily comprehend their surroundings and remember where he is, but the abundant noise of screaming, gleeful children around them and the sight of the giant, overbearing rollercoaster poised in the distance behind his friends is just enough to jog his memory.

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Long post alert please help me

Hey guys, uh… I need some advice.

So I have been constantly losing my drive for art, and I RARELY draw now. And I really mean rarely, like maybe one or two small pieces a MONTH. So I need something to make me continue art, as it was what made me happy through some… not so good times. And obviously, from the last post, there are some “not so good times” I’m going through right now, but I’m not getting as much support as before(I used to escape through mlp and Tumblr, but not anymore, the fandom died and Tumblr ignores me for the most part- thank you for the people that responded to the last post, by the way, I feel more comfortable for what I’m about to do!). So, I need your help here.

This blog, of course, used to be an MLP original character ask blog, and I got happiness from people supporting my art and drawing the ponies myself(I prefer making others happy with my art than myself I guess). But now I’m not having fun with drawing ponies, even if the end result looks good. So, I hope it’s alright with you guys, but this will become an art blog. I will still answer a few questions from Amber and Dance’s perspective, but I am going to change the story I had written for them into a human one, and make a different blog for it to start again. I will link it here when I do.

But yeah, now that this is an art blog of a sort, I need some requests. Desperately. Please. I have no artistic inspiration, so I am legitimately asking for requests- it doesn’t have to be your character OR mlp at all, I’m practicing art still. I just need something to DRAW. So, if you could reblog this post or tell people about this, I really need help here. (Also it won’t be fully colored or anything I don’t have time for that sorry ahaha)

(tl;dr- I am in need of art requests and support because this blog is now gonna be an art blog BUT THERES ALSO GONNA BE A STORY BLOG but it will be human please reblog this post yadda yadda yadda)

I’m back!

Due to technical issues* beyond my control, Namco Museum Online was inactive since November 2016. But now I’ve returned; I didn’t abandon you folks!

Expect Namco Museum Online to resume normal operations Feb. 13th.

* Three months ago I ruined my cell phone by dropping it in a solo cup full of beer, then very shortly after, I also reformatted my computer. But without my phone, I couldn’t get my authentication code to log in to my Tumblr on my newly-reformatted (and only) PC. I can go without my cell phone indefinitely, so it took me a good three months to replace it. Today was the day I finally got a new phone. So no, I’m not in jail, I’m not dead, I’m not hiding with Tupac, and I’ve not abandoned you!