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I have a feeling that this was not a planned thing…  ;o)  Check out the reflection in JLY’s glasses - appropriate on this day, representing his time with the students from Noel Community Arts (including the Turnaround Arts performance at the White House last year).  What you give out to others reflects back on you and into the community.  And it’s a wonderful thing to witness.  :o)

On the outside looking in, the battle that may appear to be negligible to most, my be monumental for the person on the inside looking out. Change and growth doesn’t have a standard way of being manifested. You can either lose the love of your life, or lose your favorite pencil. Both can teach you the same thing, that only Allah SWT is certain. Yeah that’s a very dramatic example lol, but the point is, never hate on someone’s struggle, never undermine it. Let live and live. We’ve all got our own issues and struggles to worry about man.

calling all trans people

I’m doing an art project called “Reflections” for part of my coursework this year and because I am pretentious trash (and can’t actually draw real reflections) I’m doing mine about dysphoria. But as fabulous as I am on my own, I also need other people.

- I’d need to be able to draw either your face or your body from the waist up
- also ask you some questions about what being trans means to you
- and a way of contacting you that isn’t Tumblr because I don’t always have access to it
- anyone who does this gets like my eternal gratitude and draws of them
- kaworu-relatable is doing the thing as well (I’m writing this on my phone, but I’ll put a link to theirs later) but theirs isn’t just for trans people so
- I’ll probably upload pictures as I go along unless the people I draw don’t want that?

If you have any ideas, questions or want to take part, please send me an ask ~