updates & reflections...

first let me start with the updates…

i added three pages to my blog, which you can find links for on the navigation bar of my blog. i added 1) the family tree, 2) a navigation page, and 3) a character page. BEFORE YOU CLICK ANY OF THESE LINKS please know that they contain gen 2 spoilers. the family tree will need to be redone, as i’m not happy with the legend (but it’s a lot more work than i was in the mood for today)… the character page contains links for the characters, pictures, traits, and a brief bio. some of the pictures are from the start of gen 2 and some of the information is as well. so you were warned. 

i also updated my blog just a bit, so that the navigation bar links are titled, you can press the like button from my blog, i added next and back buttons for page navigation, and the tumblr buttons are now visible on the top of my index (so if you were dying for an easy way to unfollow me, there ya go! lol)… 

next! let me get to the thank-yous… i wish i could make awesome sims stuff for you guys but alas i’m on a mac and i’m not committed enough to re-paritioning and re-installing windows to use bootcamp and dl the stuff to make sims cc… and i’m terrible at cas and build mode so. no gifts for you. but thanks for following me guys! 


as you can see, there are 71 posts in the queue… this is the totality of gen 1. my queue will run out on sunday (valentine’s day! oh no!) and then there will be a brief pause because i’m still setting up for gen 2 and i need to play test all the new settings to make sure they are going to work well before i start setting up scenes.

these next 71 posts are supposed to span about a year and a half… i did what i could to kind of demonstrate that, but as i was editing i realized that the time transitions fell a little flat. so i’m a bit disappointed about that, but it is what it is. you live and you learn, am i right?

so for gen 2 i’ve resigned to use the seasons mods, and hopefully it will be easier to follow along with the timeline in the future. 

my goal is to start gen 2 in such a way that you will not need prior knowledge of gen 1 to follow along. hopefully i can do that. i also hope to cut the length of the gens a bit because i’m the worst with editing myself and i tend to give more information that i should. and so… i make this long text post just to say thanks to you guys and fill you in on what to expect. i hope you’re all enjoying!


Off Into The Night by Jeremy Beckman


Midnight Beach by Jeremy Beckman

her potential feelings

She has this habit of collecting “potential feelings”. They are underdeveloped emotions that are being hidden somewhere inside her mind.

This always prevents her from having heartbreaks, disappointments. Or postpones them from happening all at once.

Nevertheless, this mechanism results in a more complex aftermath.

She’s always been so cerebral in assessing her thoughts.
Those potential feelings are apparently systematic denials of what she truly feel.


it’s her fault to always think that there are right/wrong emotions, when actually emotions do not need validations nor ethical judgments;

they just want to be felt and embraced.

This “potential feelings” endpoint has always been disastrous. At the end, she always wish she had done things differently;
she wish she had been free to be how she truly felt.
At the end, she could not escape her feelings; she had to face the impending gloom.

It is indeed a tragedy, that someone can feel so undeserved of

(such privilege called)



Storm Track by Jeremy Beckman