DIY Leather Lace Up Tee Shirt Restyle

Make this easy NO SEW laced up shoulder tee using safety pins and leather lacing.

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Fabric Covered Shoes | Delia Creates

I’m pretty sure y'all have a pair of shoes in your wardrobe that you love (or loved) but don’t wear anymore for a myriad of reasons - the colour is outdated, the heels are battered or they have just seen better days. Well with some fabric and Mod Podge, you can create your own custom pair of shoes  - when you see the before pic for these shoes I think you will be as inspired as I was to DIY!

DIY Mens Dress Shirt to Tank Top

Make this loose fitting tank top with minimal sewing. This is not a total reconstruction project.

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DIY Life Magazine Inspired Retro Wrap Top Tutorial from Freshly Given.

Whitney at Freshly Given got her inspiration for this DIY wrap top after looking through vintage ads. In the comments someone asked how long and wide the finished blouse was. Whitney’s response was:

I just measured: width 20 inches, length 20 inches. These measurements are based on the top being folded in half at the shoulder/ neck area. So the width is shoulder to shoulder and the length is top of shoulders to bottom of waist.

Other DIY Wrapped Blouses Using this Pattern

Rhinestic’s Knic Knacks’ Version here. The neckline is different on her blouse. Note: Life Magazine Collage at the top came from this site.

Smunch’s Version here. The neckline is different and the sash doesn’t go across the entire back - just on the sides.

Recyled Fashion’s Tie Dye Version. Her tie goes from back to front to back and is tied in the back.

Meg the Grand’s Version. She wished that she had used fabric that looked more the same on the right and wrong sides.