The violent video of Sandra Bland’s arrest is like a 21st century Rorschach test for detecting racists

Remember that time Reese Witherspoon’s husband got arrested for drunk driving, and she interfered with the arrest and (gasp) talked back to a cop who had no idea who she was? And remember how the police got mad, pointed a taser at her head and threatened to light her up, physically assaulted her even after she was handcuffed, and then slammed her head into the ground and put their knees on her back, all because she was being “too mouthy” and not obeying them?

Me neither…funny how the police managed to treat an “uncooperative” white woman with dignity and respect, and not brutalize her even though she was being “combative” and interfering in an arrest, and even “talking back” after the police repeatedly and politely told her to stay away. 

“Talking back” is not against the law; in fact, it’s a constitutionally protected right - remember these things called the 1st and 4th Amendments?

When dozens of armed white people can publicly point loaded weapons at law enforcement officers to defend some racist hick like Cliven Bundy, and no one gets so much as a ticket, I don’t want to hear jack shit about Sandra Bland’s “bad attitude”…not from the “don’t tread on me” Tea Baggers, and certainly not from the so-called “civil libertarians” crowd that rides so damn hard for Ed Snowden. 

Speaking of which, isn’t it odd how neither party - Libertarians nor the Tea Party - is officially making a big fuss or complaining about Sandra Bland’s civil liberties being violated. edit: I don’t want to leave out the “liberals” who celebrate the Stonewall Riots, but wagged their fingers at Baltimore and Ferguson protesters. Hmm… It’s almost like there’s two Americas with two completely different sets of rules and double standards, depending on your race.