AAAAHHH SO I HAVE 21 FOLLOWERS NOW & I REALLY WANTED TO DO A COLLAGE OF JVR CUZ HE’S LIKE ONE OF MY FAV LEAFS BUT OFC NO TIME CUZ OF STUPID CHEMISTRY… I’ll honestly try to do it tomorrow if I don’t have too much work… So I’ll just post these pics of him instead. well enjoy my happy 21 followers day JVR post:)


Being on the front row to watch your favourite band on the last night of their arena tour is one thing… but it gets even better when Danny Jones from McFLY comes on stage with them then screams in your face! Definitely one of my best memories!

‘You’ve always got your head in the clouds!’

You got a feeling inside you just can’t hide, You’ve got a man on your back, making it crack, You’ve got a hole in the road, And you don’t quite know what you’re feeling, When I’ve finally find my place, I’m gonna take this pain away, When I’ve finally find my place, Are you gonna be there?
—  Reemer - Find My Place
So tell me what I’m s'posed to say, Tell me what I’m s'posed to think, Tell me what I’m s'posed to do do do, You only came to live a lie, Such a shame to say goodbye, Tell me what I’m s'posed to do
—  Reemer - Words

Reemer - “Clouds”


Reemer - Disturbia/Just Dance

I love Dave’s accent so much