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Ok so here we have the love of my life, JVR, with children! I love hockey players with children! It’s like the greatest thing ever! Ok so enjoy guys!

Warning: none

@jinglemejamie Request: could you do a JvR imagine where you take him home with you for a family event and there are a bunch of kids? then he like asks you when you can have kids and then you tell him that you’re pregnant?? i think this is such a cute idea!! thanks so much


              You sat on the porch swing, watching and laughing as James played hockey with the kids.

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Sandra Reemer, Dutch singer and television personality (1950–2017), pictured here in 1979, when she represented the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest for the third time, this time as frontwoman of the band Xandra | photo source:

James van Riemsdyk #1

Requested by:  hey!! love your writing, could you please write one where your brother is Matt Martin from the Toronto Maple Leafs and you’re dating James Van Riemsdyk in secret and everyone on the team knows but Matt because Matt has told you to stay away from hockey players because he doesn’t trust them and he accidentally walks in on you & James in the Leafs dressing room?

*Hiii! Thank youuuu!I I hope you like this one. Enjoy!:) And I know you’ve been waiting for this too @carey-pricemas.*

Word count: 986

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This is the riskiest, possibly the stupidest, thing you could ever do and yet, you’re still standing outside the Toronto Maple Leafs’ dressing room after practice, patiently waiting for your brother *cough*boyfriend*cough* to come out. Does Matt even know you’re here, waiting for him? No. Does James know? Yes.

The door opened and your soul almost jumped out of your body, only to find Mitch Marner peeking out, “hey,” he said, a big grin on his face, “brother or boyfriend?”

“Boyfriend,” you told him honestly, smiling, “but we’ll just say brother, okay?” you laughed.

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A Puck and A Date- JVR

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Ok anon gave me free reign of players and I haven’t done a JVR one in a while and I need my fix! Lol! Also check out @nhl-hockey-fanfic! She has a William Nylander 14 parter that is awesome as well!

Warnings: None!

Anon Request: Hey could you do an imagine where a player hits you with a puck and he feels really bad about it and asks you out on a date? The player can be anyone, sorry if that doesn’t make any sense. I love your writing by the way 💙


              You don’t remember it happening.

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Ice Cream- Morgan Rielly

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I can’t believe I wrote a Leafs imagine with JVR that doesn’t end with the reader with JVR. Who wants to write me a JVR imagine now? Any who! I love Mo. So much! I mean who doesn’t?? So I hope you guys like this one!

Warning: none

Anon Request: What the heck you’re a super good writer, I’m so very jealous! Could you please do a Morgan Rielly one where you guys meet through mutual friends and hit it off


              Ok so he was hot.

              Way hotter than you gave James credit for.

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AAAAHHH SO I HAVE 21 FOLLOWERS NOW & I REALLY WANTED TO DO A COLLAGE OF JVR CUZ HE’S LIKE ONE OF MY FAV LEAFS BUT OFC NO TIME CUZ OF STUPID CHEMISTRY… I’ll honestly try to do it tomorrow if I don’t have too much work… So I’ll just post these pics of him instead. well enjoy my happy 21 followers day JVR post:)


Being on the front row to watch your favourite band on the last night of their arena tour is one thing… but it gets even better when Danny Jones from McFLY comes on stage with them then screams in your face! Definitely one of my best memories!

‘You’ve always got your head in the clouds!’

You got a feeling inside you just can’t hide, You’ve got a man on your back, making it crack, You’ve got a hole in the road, And you don’t quite know what you’re feeling, When I’ve finally find my place, I’m gonna take this pain away, When I’ve finally find my place, Are you gonna be there?
—  Reemer - Find My Place