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Hello Sensies, 

I know that many of you are losing hope, but our battle is not over yet. I understand some days is hard to still have hope, but so far we have achieved so much.

Yesterday was supposed to be all about OITNB and instead the world was still talking about us, about Sense8 and about our movement. Not to mention that we dropped their stocks by 6% instead of them going up.

Netflix is so afraid that at this point they are trying to shut us down any way possible. You know what that means, right? It means they realised that WE hold the power.

They realised also that we are aware of having this power. CEO Reed Hastings even had to change his email recently because he has been bombarded with complaints. Keep Emailing and keep complaining BUT ESPECIALLY DEMAND FOR SENSE8′S RIGHTS TO BE RELEASED TO ITS WRITERS AND CREATORS. 

This may be our only chance to SAVE Sense8.

So grab a snack and a drink, blast What’s Going On:

And email Netflix’s CEO. We are our ONLY CHANCE.

Email the Netflix decision makers to renew Sense8

Here are their emails:

Reed Hasting - Co-founder and CEO

Cindy Holland - Vice President of Original Content

Neil Hunt - Chief Product Officer

Ted Sarandos - Chief Content Officer


I got these emails from here which is a great post with more info about what you can do to help save Sense8, so definitely check it out! I just thought it would be helpful to put the emails in their own post to make them more prominent!



Every successful campaign to get a cancelled show back on the air has something in common: physically mailing letters/items to the people in charge.

Cagney & Lacey: letter-writing campaign got it back on the air.

Roswell: fans sent bottles of hot sauce– 3,000 bottles to WB. 

Friday Night Lights: fans sent light bulbs and eyedrops to NBC.

Jericho: fans sent over 20 tons of nuts to CBS executives.

Arrested Development: Fans sent crates of bananas to executives–they renewed it for another short season before Netflix picked it up.

I suggest we mail letters, and if you can afford it, Magic 8 Balls. There’s a good selection on amazon, and you can even ship it as a gift directly to Netflix offices.

The address is:



You should address it to Reed Hastings, CEO, and Ted Sarandos, chief content officer (he’s the one in charge of original content!).

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Top 10 Facts Of The Day (March 31, 2017)

10. The Queen of England once “terrorised” Saudi Arabia’s King by driving him around. In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive.

9. Snoop Dogg and Cameron Diaz went to high school together and Snoop was Cameron’s weed dealer.

8. Squeezing lemon juice on fruit like apples and bananas will prevent oxidation (turning brown).

7. Netflix employees get unlimited vacation days. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says tracking vacation time is an “Industrial Era Habit” and prefers to focus more on workplace efficiency than time spent in the workplace.

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Snowballing problem with Netflix...

And quite frankly their CEO Reed Hastings:

1) Netflix cancels Sense8, and he specifically calls for higher cancellation rates overall, which a) undercuts what I believe is something that sets Netflix apart, in that up to this point they didn’t act like a ransack network until recently b) this strikes a blow on one of their most original, bar raising, norm challenging and diverse series.

2) Hastings backs down his up-until-recently-strong stance supporting net neutrality, citing (source) “Where net neutrality is really important is the Netflix of 10 years ago… It’s not narrowly important to us because we’re big enough to get the deals we want,” Hastings said. “…Netflix isn’t worried about its ability to survive…[net neutrality is] not our primary battle at this point…we don’t have a special vulnerability to it.”

Oh Reed, you have no idea how hasty and short-sighted you’re being. To quote one of your other original series “It is difficult to scale the heights of power, the fall is swift and easy.” Netflix is ‘big’ now but if it deviates from certain core values it may not always be. You, Hastings, should be the leader on this because it is important, perhaps not specifically for you but for the health of your industry overall. Time to send you another flip flop, since you seem to keep flip flopping on the values of your company.


Netflix Inc
100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, CA 90532

“Dear Mr Hastings,

Stop being so hasty. Sense8 is great, net neutrality is still a big deal, and until you take a stronger stance in support of both, I hope you take a hard look at the Netflix you’ve built and realize, in the words of your own content that you seem so eager to kill, that to fall from the heights of power is swift and easy.


-Former subscriber”

Eyewitness Nation, we need to target Netflix to get eyewitness picked up. We want you to write and send a physical mail to Netflix Headquarters and address it to Netflix executives listed below.

It can be a short, funny note or a five page letter; just write your love for the show or what it means to you as an LGBT person or an ally. Write how much you want to see it picked up by Netflix, why it would be so fitting with their programming and mail it to the address below to any (or all) of the Netflix executives in the following format:

Netflix Corporate Headquarters 
Reed Hastings (Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Netflix) 
100 Winchester Circle 
Los Gatos, CA 95032 

Netflix Corporate Headquarters 
Kelly Bennett (Chief Marketing Officer) 
100 Winchester Circle 
Los Gatos, CA 95032 

Netflix Corporate Headquarters 
Ted Sarandos (Chief Content Officer) 
100 Winchester Circle 
 Los Gatos, CA 95032 

We have said it before, we will say it again. Fandoms have the power to decide the fate of their shows. As long as we keep fighting we can get Eyewitness back on air for all the lost moments we never got to see, for all the growth and thrill and love a second season would bring. Let’s hang tight and keep making noise!

  • Me, scaling the walls of the Netflix building: Renew
  • Reed Hastings: What the fu-
  • Me, flinging myself through the window and throwing an absurd amount of Sun Bak photos in his face: Renew
  • Reed Hastings: How did you get-
  • Me, crawling on the ceiling and walls, hissing: R E N E W T H E G A Y S

dramaqueenlito  asked:

Jamie just posted a picture from Netflix on Instagram where they won't pick up the show despite the petitions!! And they don't even tell us why!!!

netflix has royally fucked up lmao i hope they realize we’re fucking coming for them tomorrow on every damn piece of OITNB promo they release

If they’d been respectful and professional, if they’d given us an actual explanation and not some kinda 12-year-old passive aggressive BULLSHIT, I honestly might have accepted it and stopped campaigning. But this??? Baby Netflix is gonna be hearing from me until the day i die or i get a goddamn explanation wooooooo child netflix is gonna be on first name terms with me, I am gonna haunt Reed Hastings in his motherfucking sleep, NETFLIX CAN KISS MY WHOLE ENTIRE MOTHERFUCKING ASS

apparently somebody needs to tell netflix, reed hastings, dan snyder, adam sandler and the rest of team edgywhiteguys™ that they don’t get to tell people what to be offended about and when it’s ok for them to be offended - especially not Native Americans
The SEC has sanctioned the use of social media to announce investor-relevant information, with some rules.

Specifically, they’ve decided that platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are acceptable means to disclose information pertinent to investors, so long as the investors in question know and expect to receive such info. The impetus for this decision came in July 2012, when Netflix CEO Reed Hastings posted about a particularly successful milestone for his company on his personal Facebook account, earning an investigation by SEC regulators for a possibly improper material disclosure. No action was taken, but the case did force the SEC to adopt a sorely-needed regulation for the digital age — information that could have an impact on investor decision-making will likely be updated to specified social media accounts, but must be available at the same time as it’s disseminated through corporate websites.

anonymous asked:

I feel like Netflix is going to tire everyone out and are just hoping to wait out the current outcry. I wish they would at least give us one last special episode or something to conclude the show. I think the fans deserve that.

You and me both. The momentum we had a week ago is slowly dying down. It’s disheartening, but tbh expected. People want to see results in a day, but the reality is these things take time, and that is if Netflix even decides to do something about sense8. 

Of course the fans deserve an ending. The cast and crew, who put such an unbelievable amount of effort in this show, deserve to give their story an end. Sense8 deserves, at the very least, one final season to wrap up the story if Netflix is so worried about cost vs viewership. But in all probability Netflix won’t do anything, it would cause too big a dent in their $6 billion budget. It’s pretty clear that they simply don’t give a shit, as evident by their bs excuses for cancelling. 

They were setting the show up to fail. Now that they’ve gotten their 100 million subscribers by being different from normal TV networks, they’re gonna cancel the “failures” and be just like normal TV networks. Apparently it’s better to churn out tons and tons of shows and cancel the ones that don’t become the next Stranger Things, than to have a few high quality shows with varying and diverse audiences. Quantity over quality is all I’m getting from that interview with Reed Hastings. Hope that works out for them (note the sarcasm).

Why does JMS tweet all the spoilers aka he wanting to kill Will, sun happy ending, other shit and now it’s “I can’t go deeper than this” u literally spoiled the finale why there isn’t 1 coherent thing in this whole mess I swear to god I’m almost positive that tomorrow reed hasting will come at my door and tell me that Sense8 never existed at all