Tomorrow (well, where I am) is April Fool’s Day, and so I feel the need to say something:

There are things about April Fool’s Day that I love, and things that I hate.

I love the excuse to make funny, clever, goofy jokes. Things like the year the Elfquest website redid all their images with the Wolfriders as Keebler elves, or the year Neopets “rebranded” itself as Neoplants, or the year ThinkGeek “introduced” the Tauntaun sleeping bag (which was so popular they made it a real item), or any of several Google hoaxes (PigeonRank! Google Paper! Google Romance! Google changing its name to Topeka!). I love the idea that there’s a day where silly, creative jokes are celebrated.

I hate anything that has to do with misleading, mocking, humiliating, or shocking people. That’s not funny, it’s just bullying. (And there is a long, long, looonnnnnng tradition of telling people who are being bullied, “can’t you take a joke?” Well, yes, I can, thank you kindly. But that’s not a joke. It’s an excuse to be unkind. If you can’t tell the difference, you are the one without a sense of humor.)

So: tomorrow there is an excellent chance that I will post some goofball headcanon or ficlet in the spirit of silliness and creative good humor.

There is absolutely zero chance that I will post anything that will mislead, make fun of, shock, or humiliate anyone. There will be no screamers, no unkind teasing, nothing like that. All links will be safe to click.

Cool?  Cool.

anonymous asked:

Uhm so that Style Five April Fools thing, is the joke that someone made that and SAID it was from KyoAni or is the joke that KyoAni puts that out but it's not real it's just funny. Cuz. I need to know.

If memory serves, it’s a really cool cute thing a group of fans did last year and they redid this year. 

I think some of the posts got translated last year but I’m not quite able to remember the right tag for them, but you can see some of the images from last year here!


Here’s the repainted Eric doll that was started by dollsahoy and I redid his face in my own style to soften up his potato style sculpting. I didn’t have a particular look I need so I’m happy he has a personality and stuff lol.

I also sprayed him down in MSC so his body is now matte and it sorta matches his head better lol. I’m not a huge fan of later 70s dolls but I’m warming up to their… unique style lol.

I thought I had more vintage dolls with blue hair but I guess not lol


Aquaman: The Brave and the Bold paper cutout

I call this one “The Time I Redid the Paper Cutout of Aquaman!”

Been wanting to redo this one for a while now. When I first started doing this three years ago, I wasn’t committed. I used supplies that were around the house (mostly my sister’s scrapbooking materials). So the Aquaman that’s been on my son’s wall was made of thin construction paper, with some parts cut out with a box cutter. So there was definite room for improvement (more so once the original hanging putty started eating through it).

But my son is more interested in getting new characters than improving the old ones, so I need to space out my re-work. Which I suppose is a good thing that my son doesn’t spend his time looking at my work and thinking about all the ones he doesn’t like. And since I do, it’s probably good that I keep moving forward with new characters rather than be stuck in a perpetual circle of rework (since each new correction simply raises the standards for what qualifies for a redo).

But if anyone deserved it, it’s the King of the Seven Seas. Anyone who makes “Aquaman is lame” jokes has clearly never seen Batman: The Brave and the Bold, where he’s easily the best character not named Batman. In fact, he might not need that qualifier at all. If you’re one of those people, you should probably remedy that. Start with “Journey to the Center of the Bat!” if you’re looking for a sampler (those of you who have seen it and want to suggest that “Aquaman’s Outrageous Adventure!” is better, you’re not wrong. But it’s not the right episode for an intro to BTBAB Aquaman). Watch it. You’ll not soon regret it. It’s OUTRAGEOUS!

I sketched up a picture of my blood elf warlock. I just switched to demonology and it was a lot more fun than I expected it to be. The imp looks kinda derpy, i redid him and added a sucubus behind him but didnt take a picture of it. And then lost it, tee hee hee.

Theme and Page Revamps!!

So I redid my theme, and I love it! I like the links better, I like the buttons on my sidebar, I just really love it, even if it took me three hours to figure out the code to do the popup boxes for the ask and the links section!

»New Blog«

I also did some work on some pages!

»UPDATED: About Page«

»UPDATED: Family Page«

As for the family page, these people are already on it: a24packofcrayolacoloredpencils chazzfox conceptsoftension erwinsboy fractalbright handpora hanjipuff hashtag-eruri he1chouarts kayofthebards levierwins levixerwin paper-kingyo snk-nerdette-2013 takusen thenallaverred

But I probably forgot some of you!! D:

If you want to be on the family page, shoot me an ask!!

I’m thinking about making a follow forever page, too, but that is a quest for another day. `(๑ △ ๑)`*