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Name: Sarah

Nicknames: Sully

Star Sign: Horseman

Gender: Lady Friend

Sexual Orientation: Ace

Favorite color: Red

Current Time: 1647

Average Hours of Sleep: 4-5

Last thing you Googled:  Cherry Red Switches Keyboards

Favorite Fictional Character: I answer this question a lot so I’m going to pick some favs that haven’t listed in previous asks: Phil and Lem (better off ted) Al (quantum leap) Grunkle Stan (gravity falls)  

Current Number of Followers: 25,597

Dream Job: Not Having One

Height: 5′7″

What do you post: Lot’s of fanart mainly hetalia and ace attorney with a pinch of OC’s for seasoning ;>

Why did you choose this URL: It’s my name and this is my blog so to claim it as my own I stamped my name on it.


2017 Drink aesthetic so far. 

Main pic: Tchai Zanjafeel (green tea with ginger, saffron, spices, lemon, honey) at Tcai Ovna in Glasgow

Second pic: ‘This is my design’ (rooibos with rosehip, redcurrant, rose and lavender) by Beastly Beverages

Third pic: ‘Frost’ (rooibos with almond, papaya, and snowflake candy) by Beastly Beverages, served with a homemade dark chocolate spice brownie.

Fourth pic: ‘Warm gingerbread’ (black tea with ginger, cinnamon and vanilla) by Miss McKeowns.

Fifth pic: Mulled spice wine, at ‘Blood and Wine’ a Game of Thrones pop up bar in Edinburgh.

Sixth pic: ‘This is my design’ again, served alongside a lovely home made apple pie.

Seventh pic: A ‘snowball’ (advocaat with lemonade, and cocktail cherries) at Christmas.

Golden Currant (Ribes aureum) Seedlings

Two seedlings for $8.00

I planted seeds of this North American native last Autumn, and I’m happy to say I had an almost 100% germination rate. The plants themselves grew over 30 cm in a single season, and should begin to bear fruit next year.

The yellow flowers of this species are purported to smell like vanilla and cloves, and the amber berries are often used in preserves.

This is an exceptionally drought-tolerant species of currant, especially when compared to common moisture- and shade-loving black- and redcurrants.

Two (2) seedlings are shipped bare-root. The plants are hermaphroditic, but will benefit from pollinating each other. They propagate easily from cuttings, so with a little skill, two plants can easily turn in to six.

I do shipping discounts on all my listings, so if you are buying multiple items, either use the shopping cart and request a new total, or expect a refund on excess shipping within 24 hours after paying. Combined shipping will (almost) never be more than $15.

Buy here ↪


Gooseberries, currants, and more (Ribes sp.) ripening

All the Ribes species over in berryland seem to be having a fine season - some won’t crop until next year, but I’ve managed to cram a number of species into the landscape.

Their shade-tolerance will be an asset as the surrounding trees begin to form a canopy.

i should totes be sleeping

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Tag 10 people you want to get to know better and fill out the questions so they get to know some stuff about you

Name: Reilly
Nickname: Ry, Ryry, avocado, avocado child, fuckboi
Star Sign: Gemini sun, Sag moon, Cancer rising
Gender: Boy
Height: 5'6
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Romantic Orientation: Aromantic
Favorite Color: Purple, especially in combination with red
Current Time: 3:27 am
Hours of Sleep: lmao
Lucky Numbers: 4? idfk i just really like the number 4
Last Thing I Googled: Xibalba
Favorite Celebrities: Dante Basco
Favorite Bands/Artists: theres too many
Dream Trip: new zealand
Dream Job: tattoo artist


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Name: Mot Screziato

Birthday: July 14

Star Sign: Cancer

Height: 5′8

Orientation: hella gay

Favourite Color: Red

Current time: 12:56 PM

Average Hours of Sleep: at night? like… 6 or 7. But sometimes I get naps.

Lucky Number: 13, 14, 7

Last thing I googled: what’s google?

Number of blankets I sleep under: I prefer three

Favourite Fictional Character: No idea, m8

Favourite Famous Person: Dianite ;)

Favourite Band: what’s a band?

Last movie I saw in cinema: what’s a cinema?

Last movie I saw: what’s a movie?

Dream Job: I already have my dream job

What I am wearing right now: red scarf, black boxers.. nothing else ;)