Pun Monsters of the day.

Sun: That Grimm is a DRAGON?!

Ruby: Oh god we’re so.. Fried!


Ruby: There’s really no way to tip the SCALES in our favour.

Sun: We have to leave!

Ruby: No way! This fight will make quite the TAIL!


Ruby: I’m just gonna wing it, let’s go!!

*Ruby rushes off to fight the Grimm, Sun following reluctantly behind her*

Cinder: Thank God they made up their minds, it was starting to Drag-On..

*Cinder laughs*

Hello Admin here~~
Here’s me and my bf cosplaying as Ruby and Sun~💕
We did casual outfits this past weekend for the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco.
By the way he’s tickling me in this picture because I tickled him back and stuff lol.
PC: Merayan (thank you for taking this pic~)
Cosplayer: Casual!Ruby Rose @mischiefgabrielle (my personal and cosplay blog)
Casual!Sun Wukong - @sunwukongsclone (his RWBY sideblog)


Once again in Yang’s defense, The potatoe is a member of the Belladonna plant family.
I actually read a few comments on what Poe’s name was suppose to be and originally I just had liked the name Poe. One of my favorite comments however was the silly thought that Yang had followed after her dad and named her child after what he resembled at birth. (Yang looked like a little dragon and Ruby like a little gem) To Suns relief Ruby didn’t follow the same naming route.
SO yes. Potatoe (Poe) Belladonna-Xiao long.