Hi Every one! I know its been a while since I last uploaded anything to my RWBY or Happy Rwby Au tag. Well the wait is over. I’m back and hopefully will keep you guys entertained until Vol. 5 huh? :D So a quick filler. Since I last updated, time has passed in the Au. A couple years to be exact. Many new things have happened and many new things are about to as well! I wont go into full detail but I’ll give you a run through.

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how does the type of star + the light it emits affect what kind of plant grows on its orbiting planet? i read somewhere that the trappist-1 star gives off a red/ orange light and therefore the plants would grow black?

Darn good question! Once we find a planet with different types of plants under a different type of star, we’ll have an answer. :-)

Until then, all we can do is make some educated guesses.

Plants under a dim red sun (or any sun, actually) would want to absorb as much energy as possible since the red wavelengths are the low-energy side of the spectrum. Black absorbs all visible wavelengths, and so, logically, would be the most efficient color to be.

But that assumption doesn’t always work out. Evolution doesn’t choose for the ‘most efficient’ solution, it chooses for the ‘best for now’ solution.

Our Sun puts out most energy in the yellow-green wavelengths, so you’d expect that Earth plants might be reddish or black, absorbing all the higher-energy yellows and greens and blues. But they aren’t.

Enter our green friend, chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is a comparatively poor absorber of green light - which seems counter-intuitive. Why would plants shun much of the higher energy green light (they reflect much of it - which is why plants are green)? Shouldn’t they be red or yellow in order to absorb greens and blues, which are of higher energy?

Plants use chlorophyll (instead of a chemical that absorbs greens better) for a very simple reason - it works ‘good enough.’

So, maybe plants under a dim red sun will be black. Or they may be green, as chlorophyll works to absorb those reds really well. Or they may be some other color because it works ‘good enough’ for the plants in that ecosystem.

We just don’t know yet. Which means any color you want plants on a planet to be would probably be a believable choice.

For more information, you might want to ask @scriptecology@scriptchemist, or @scriptgenetics. They know more than me about plants.

Pun Monsters of the day.

Sun: That Grimm is a DRAGON?!

Ruby: Oh god we’re so.. Fried!


Ruby: There’s really no way to tip the SCALES in our favour.

Sun: We have to leave!

Ruby: No way! This fight will make quite the TAIL!


Ruby: I’m just gonna wing it, let’s go!!

*Ruby rushes off to fight the Grimm, Sun following reluctantly behind her*

Cinder: Thank God they made up their minds, it was starting to Drag-On..

*Cinder laughs*


Thank you @qrowin-shitposts for your wonderful Strawbanana shitpost inspiration and another note~

*slams this down and runs*


Part 2 Shipping post~ here’s part 1 ——> [x]

Here’s the 2nd post I mentioned. This time shipping pictures~ WhiteRose, RedSun/StrawBana, & NutsandDolts. My top 3 (?) ships of rwby but mainly I ship WhiteRose and RedSun/StrawBana, and yes that is my boyfriend heh if you haven’t notice my icon and other posts lol. Also this is a good time to post because penny in the new episode ;;;n;;;…I cried and I even kind of cry like ruby too ahhhh she sounds like sad sad puppy.

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Taken at SacAnime Winter 2016

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Here’s me and my bf cosplaying as Ruby and Sun~💕
We did casual outfits this past weekend for the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco.
By the way he’s tickling me in this picture because I tickled him back and stuff lol.
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