Prey Week Day 1

Although it’s a tiny detail, I was really excited when I saw that there’s a bunch of red envelopes in a pile in Morgan’s closet in the apartment in the beginning of the game. Since I was watching a walkthrough on my phone, I actually got up and showed my sister, I was so excited! There are very few games out there with an Asian-American main character, and to see something that I also have in real life– I’ve got a collection of red envelopes in my closet from so many Christmases and new years and birthdays– I was so happy to see it represented in a video game.

A is for Assassins: Part 6

assassins au

Pairings: ZhanYi, TianShan

Warnings: Mention of drugs and suggestion of attempted rape (NOTHING EXPLICIT!)

           Jian Yi shifted from where he sat on the bed, his eyes flickering between the other men in the room. Ever since He Tian and Mo Guan Shan came back last night, He Tian had just announced that they hadn’t had any success. Zhan Zheng Xi, even now, was trying to pry more detail, but Mo barely looked up from his shoes, and He Tian was more evasive than ever.

           Finally, Zhan Zheng Xi sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. Jian Yi loved when he did that. It let him imagine what Zhan would look like with slicked back hair, since the other man refused to style his hair in any way.

           Zhan caught his eye, and Jian Yi stiffened, wondering if Zhan would scold him for staring. Instead, he found himself being talked to, and snapped into focus.

           “…you and I will have to go.”

           Jian Yi blinked owlishly.

           “Us?” he asked, “Undercover?”

           Zhan Zheng Xi nodded, his lips pressed into a grim line.

           “We’re running out of time, and these two have already been seen asking for information. We’ll go in tonight. If we still don’t get him, we’ll have to wait and send He Tian and Mo again. But tonight, maybe we’ll have better luck.”

           No one objected, and Jian Yi’s eyes once again drifted to the other two in the room. It seemed like He Tian and Mo Guan Shan were determined not to look at each other, and Jian Yi couldn’t help but wonder what had happened last night. A million ideas swarmed in his head, but then Zhan said something about dinner and getting ready to go, and all other thoughts were swept from his mind. 

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RD ponderable

I want to talk about the episode “Officer Rimmer.”

Specifically, I want to talk about the officer/superior/hero aspect of it.

Unlike what some may think, 99.999 of us fans know the difference between canon on the screen or page, and fanon or quasi-canon based on something the creator has said. With that in mind, presume that something Doug said to a small coffee talk audience at DJ 2013 is The Way Things Are - namely, that the Rimmer in Series 10 (and presumably in BTE and forward) is the original holo-Rimmer who went off to serve as Ace for a while and then came back.

Rimmer is still the ship’s bastard, but he’s mellowed noticeably in series 10-11 and is even bearable most days. But when he’s made Officer Rimmer, he turns into his smeggy old self - power-grasping, attention-hungry, rabidly bossy, and unerringly selfish. And it all seems to be in pursuit of being recognized, of being acknowledged THE LEADER of all an sundry aboard ship. “Acknowledge my giant balls!” Even in Series 10 he nearly bunged things up just to prove he was a Big Man to his brother.

My discussion questions are related to this: It’s been stipulated that Ace Rimmer is universally (or multiuniversally) hailed as a hero wherever he goes, or at least in enough places that he would be treated as such in most places he goes. Yet Rimmer still clearly craves the limelight - and among three other losers (in his view), no less. So,

1. Did he simply not get enough adoration and accolades as Ace? Is Rimmer the inevitable product of Trumps continuing to breed?

2. Was he a bad Ace? After all, since it’s never said one way or the other on the show if this Rimmer is a returned Ace, if he indeed IS, did he elect to leave that role or was he kicked out and replaced by … I don’t know, the Wildfire’s computer? The Multiversal Association of Ace Replacements? Spanners?

3. Did he have his memory of being Ace erased? The only reference to anything having to do with that time is a couple of throwaway lines in “The Beginning,” in which the other three not only don’t remember what he did fondly, they are reluctant to give him any credit whatsoever.

4. Was he an OK Ace and chose to come back, only to find life was sadly unexciting aboard Red Dwarf, so he reverted to his Prime Directive of “drive Lister crazy to keep him sane,” and being a complete asshole as Officer Rimmer was a surefire way to do this? (Perhaps remembering how he treated the others when they were all under quarantine years ago?)

5. Something else entirely?