Emblem3 - Nothing To Lose

7/5/13 @ Mix 93.3’s Red White and Boom in Kansas City, MO

The concept behind this song is, maybe we shouldn’t be telling kids that it just gets better, you know? Maybe we shouldn’t be marginalizing an entire generation of people by saying “you just wake up and it gets better” because that’s simply not how change occurs. People are very resistant to change. And maybe we should change the message a little bit. Maybe the message needs to be something a little more like: “You are the only person that is in direct control of your own happiness. And being honest, sometimes that’s gonna be hard. Sometimes you need to crack the pavement to blossom, you know? Sometimes before it gets better, the darkness gets bigger.”
—  Pete Wentz on Miss Missing You at Red White and Boom, 8/9/14

MKTO - Hide Your Girl

7/5/13 @ Mix 93.3’s Red White and Boom in Kansas City, MO