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RobRae week DAY 4: evil AU

Please tell me you are not surprised I’d draw Teen Tyrants for this day. It’s literally a canon evil AU. 

Red Robin refers to Red Raven as ‘love’ and this just goes to show that in whatever universe he is in, the damn boy still has a thing for redheads (pink is close shutup). You are utterly hopeless.

Raven’s Revenge, Chapter 3: Run

Author’s Notes: Did y'all think I abandoned this story? Shame on y'all! lol jk I promise this story is not going to be abandoned. I’m just an insanely busy person who has to put work and school first. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy and that this was worth the wait! Not much action happening in this chapter, but it will explain some of Raven’s motives, so happy reading! As always, please leave a review so I know you liked what you read!

P.S. My laptop broke so this had to be posted on mobile. Please forgive the inconvenient format.

Disclaimer: Drake Daniels, Landon, and the Dragon Knights are all OC’s created by bearhow, who has graciously allowed me to adopt them. lol

The trip to Steele City was uneventful. Tempers were still high, so each Tyrant kept to themselves as they flew in their specially designed private jet. The plane was made up of smaller compartments, each belonging to an individual Tyrant. Two pods acted as wings, while one pod in the front acted as the head, and one pod in the rear acted as a tail. There was a fifth pod in the center, but that pod was now vacant. Robin sat in the front pod, his scarred face starring out the window with a sense of determination. Far behind him, in the tail-end pod, was his pissed alien girlfriend. The banished princess was facing the opposite side. This was designed so that she could defend them from behind if they found themselves being trailed, but for now, she used it as an excuse to ignore the obsessive man behind her.

She hated what that witch did to her lover. She knew he was once a fearless, merciless criminal. It was that demoness that turned him into this cowardly worm. The alien woman was initially attracted to the martial artist, because of his strength, but as their relationship progressed, she found herself doing something she swore she’d never allow herself to do. She fell in love with him. It was due to this change of heart that Blackfire stayed around. She surprisingly wants her stupid boyfriend to succeed as the leader of their gang, but this new Raven development through any progress that had been made out the window. This was why she was so angry. She was furious with that demon-spawn for once again, taking the Robin she knew and loved away from her.

“Tyrants prepare for landing.” The voice of the man of her thoughts sounded through the staticky speaker. Blackfire openly sighed as she began pressing a few button and dials, doing her part to help with the landing. As their ship lowered onto the landing mat on top of the East Tyrant’s tower, Blackfire came to the decision, that she would allow her love these next few days to gather himself, and when he was ready, she would return to the issue. Raven was coming, and denying that fact would be a fool’s errand.

Robin turned off the ship, and each pod opened, allowing the other Tyrants to step out of their respective pods. Robin used one hand to pull himself up and over his pod, and landed himself firmly on two feet. A few yards away, standing at a safe distance, were the familiar bodies of the resident Tyrants East. They had met this group of Tyrant wannabes a few months back. There had been reports of a team of villains operating in this East-side city under a similar name. Once word caught up to the original Tyrants, they decided to pay these impersonators a visit. Their initial meeting do not do well, ending with both teams exhausted and beaten. After that, it didn’t take long for the opposing teams to join forces and take on some of the more challenging swindles and heists. A friendship had formed out of neutral benefit for each other.

“I have to admit that this improvised visit came off as a surprise to me team and I, Robin.” The commanding sound of a woman’s voice called from the other group as Robin approached them, his own team right on his heels.

“Well we aren’t really known for our politeness.” The boy blunder shot back, joining in on the playful banter.

“That you are not.” The same strong, feminine voice agreed as the owner stepped up to meet him. The two leaders met half way, and stared each other down. Both teams tensed as their leaders took each other in, their eyes never wavering. It was Robin who broke the silence by extending his hand.

“Good to see you, Wasp.”

“Good to see ya too.” Wasp accepted his handshake. She was a tall, African-American woman dressed in a black and yellow stripped suit, and glossy wings fluttered behind her. As an old Brotherhood of Justice member, she held some of the best inside intel on the superhero group, which always came in handy.

“So you gonna tell us why y'all are here?” The strong woman probed as she gestured for the group to follow them down into the tower.

Robin matched her pace as they went up to the stairs that led down into the tower. “Let’s get inside first. You’re going to want to sit down for this one.”



A pair of floppy, green ears perked up as the jade-furred dog sniffed the air in a particular direction. The scent musky scent of flesh swamped his senses, making his mouth drool and his tail wag. The green hound took off in the direction of the enticing smell. Dodging cars and city folk wandering down the busy streets of Jump City, the young dog followed the scent up to a building made of metal and glass. The intoxicating aroma of cow meat radiated off this building.

“A steakhouse! Jackpot!”

The canine snuck down the surrounding alleyway, and traced the scent to a large green container behind the building. Once he reached his target, he dog barked in excitement and then his small body transformed into the lean body of a fifteen-year-old boy.

The boy, who’s raggedy old black and purple spandex uniform fell in shreds, took a few clumsy steps toward the dumpster. His claws fingers wrapped themselves over the edge of the bin and with all his strength, he pulled his green body over the edge and fell into the container. His back instantly met the piles of garbage on the inside. Taking a second to catch his breath, the dirty lad began digging through the old food until he found his prize. A partially eaten, medium rare, prime rib. The shapeshifter licked his lips as his stomach growled in hunger. Without wasting another second, he used his calloused hands to pick up the slab of meat and brought it up to his awaiting fangs.


The changeling jumped at the sudden sound of his name. His pointed ears stood erect and his emerald eyes frantically searched for the source of the voice.

“Garfield!” The voice shouted again. This time he shifted back to a dog and growled, hackles raised and ready for a fight.

“Foolish mutt! Wake up!”

An older version of the boy flung open his eyes. A sharp pain shot through his rear end which sent him flying in the air with a frightened yelp. He quickly shifted into a house cat and landed on his four feet. His fur stood on end and his tiny frame shook with a mix a fear and annoyance.

A woman dressed in a dark red leotard and matching cloak rolled her amethyst eyes in aggravation.

“Imbecile.” She muttered under her breath as she moved away from startled feline. “It’s time for us to go.” She said in a much more commanding voice as she exited the cave the two had been staying in for the past couple of nights.

The cat transformed back into its human form.

“You really need to work on your wake up calls.” The man complained as he followed her out.

The sorceress snorted at his statement, but chose not to address the subject further. There were more important topics on hand.

“Where we are going will take time to find. I only have an idea of where this dragon kingdom is located. Plus, my magic isn’t strong enough now to teleport us in one go. I predict I can take us as far as Bermuda today. Then tomorrow I will take us to the Alps of Switzerland, where it is believed the hidden Kingdom of Kuarlong lies.”

“A night in Bermuda? Sounds romantic.” The changeling teased as he waggled his eyebrows flirtatiously.

“This isn’t a vacation!” Scolded the demoness, her eyes flashing crimson. Garfield flinched away, but her anger spontaneously dissolved and her dangerous glare became a lustful gaze. She ran a sharpened nail down the man’s chiseled face, stopping at his pointed chin. The way she looked at him sent shivers down his spine. “But I’m sure we’ll have some time to waste tonight.” She amended, before the lust in her eyes changed back to determination. Her hand wrapped around his face, squeezing his cheeks. “Let’s go.”

And with those final words the pair disappeared into a black puddle of magic.


The Tyrants East Tower was very similar to that of the Tyrants West. The giant T-shaped structure cast an ominous shadow over the nearby city that was at its mercy. With very little Brotherhood of Justice presence, it made their rein over the city a walk in the park. The state-of-the-art equipment that was showcased in their home was proof of their recent success. As the residents of this tower escorted their guests through the halls, some of them walked in stride as they noticed the awestruck faces of Arsenal and Tempest or the jealous scowl of Blackfire. Leading the pack, Red Robin and Wasp engaged in a light conversation, comparing stories of recent crimes and how each leader’s city was faring. Blackfire kept right at their heels, her dark green eyes observing the exchange with a suspicious glare. Considerably behind her were Arsenal and Tempest, being followed closely by the other members of the Tyrants East, Cyborg, Flamebird, and Mas and Minos.

Cyborg was clearly the second in command, his large body complete with prosthetic well….everything. He had one infrared eye that moved about on its own, creeping the hell out of their guests. To his right, a thin and tall blonde woman dressed as a flame walked confidently beside him. She wore a smug look on her face as she kept in step with the half man, half machine. On Cyborg’s other side, the speedster twins, Mas and Menos, had their eyes fixated on the newcomers.

Once they arrived in the common room area, Wasp gestured to the couch. “Make yourselves at home. Robin, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to speak with you privately for a moment.”

Robin nodded his head and stepped forward, but was cut off by his fuming alien girlfriend. “I’ll join you, if that’s okay with you, Robin.” She shot him a challenging look, before diverting it to Wasp.

“That won’t be necessary, Blackfire.” Wasp spoke coolly, but had an obvious look of announce.

Blackfire turned her head to Robin, her expression softening somewhat. “Please Love? I insist.”

Robin gave her a spetical look, but decided this would not be the hill he dies on.

“Fine.” He said with a nod of his head. Wasp quietly growled, but stilled turned to lead the pair to her study.

Her study was not far from the common room, and was littered with maps of the city, photos of big name heroes or law enforcement, and models of different insects. She led them to her desk and big brown-leather chair, which she plopped herself in before spinning around to face her guests.

“So, Robin, do you plan on telling me why you are here or are you going to keep me guessing?” She inquired with a smirk as she twisted in her chair.

“Well unfortunately we aren’t here to catch up. Do you remember when you had asked me about are old teammate?” Judging by his sudden serious demeanor, the mutant girl lost her smirk, and sat up in her chair.

“The demoness, yes I remember. You flipped out and told me never to say her name again.”

Robin simply nodded his mostly shaved head. “Right. Well there is a reason for that.”

“You don’t say?” The woman bit back sarcastically.

“Do you want to hear the story or not?” The criminal wonder snapped.

“Alright, geez. Continue.”

“A few months before we all met, my team and I were helping her complete a mission. She said it would be are greatest mission yet, if only we did exactly what she said. What we didn’t realize is that we were just her slaves working to our own demise.”

Robin began to feel his heart race again at the painful memories. His throat clenched up and his body began to shake. He stepped away slightly, trying in vain to hide his episode.

“Robin, you okay man?” Wasp wondered with slight concern.

Inpatient and wanting to divert the rival leader’s attention away from her vulnerable boyfriend, Blackfire continued for him.

“She was after power.” She started, earning the other girl’s attention. “The throne of Hell, to be exact. It had been part of her plan all along. First, she agreed to aid the Brotherhood in defeating her father, who was on the throne at the time, then she conspired to force herself on the throne. Like fools, we let her feed us lies. False promises of wealth and power if we helped her succeed. It wasn’t until the last minute when we discovered her true intentions.”

“She was going to enslave us. All of us. Heroes and villains, citizens and criminals, the whole Earth was going to be under her rule. Instead of destroying planets, like her father, she wants to rule over them.” Robin interjected.

Wasp looked at them baffled by their tale. “Well how’d you guys stop her?”

“We didn’t.” Robin answered. “Landon did. We only helped.”

“And that is?”

“An ambitious demon who wanted the throne for himself. He was too cowardly to confront that witch and her Hell-born followers, so he came to us for help. That’s how we found out of her true intentions. With his help, and the help of a few other demons who didn’t want to see the blood of Trigon rule again, the Brotherhood and my team were able to sedate her and her number two. We locked them up at Arkham and threw away the key.”

Robin had finished his explanation, but the proud leader wasn’t satisfied yet. “Well that was interesting story, but it still doesn’t answer my question. Why are you here?”

This time, Blackfire answered, with flames in her eyes. “Because she has escaped, along with her pet, and has had a whole year to devise a revenge plan to slaughter us all!”

Wasp looked at her, unfazed. “And you thought leading her here would solve all your problems?”

Robin stepped up. “We just need a place to lay low for a few days while we plan are next move. Our home is compromised, so please, help us out.” He pleaded.

Wasp huffed with irritation, but begrudgingly agreed.

“Fine. Two days. If you haven’t figured it out by then, you and your team are out of here.”


A puddle of darkness opened up on the beach of Bermuda, the sand and water spraying up in a circular motion. Two figures rose up out of the portal and landed on the sandy shore. The cloaked figure staggered until her knees buckled from under her and she landed on the ground. The other figure ran to her side in an instant.

“Rae, are you okay?” The figure on all fours asked the exhausted woman.

“Yes, I’m fine Garfield. It’s just these cursed limitations to my powers.” She growled as she held her head in her hands in an attempt to soothe her pounding headache. “We must find shelter for tonight. I need to rest before we finish our journey.”

The green man nodded his head in understanding. Shifting his body into a wolf, he ran out into the nearby canopy in search of her demands. While he was gone, Raven looked to the evening sky. The stars danced in the darkness and the moon was full and swollen with light. Her violet eyes shone red with bloodlust as her mind wondered to those who had wronged her. A particular mohawked man coming to mind first.

“I will get my throne back, and when I do, I will not be taking any prisoners. Enjoy these few days, Robin, for they will be your last.”


Red Raven Movie Records 1956

This was a great kids toy. You put the faceted mirror on top of the spindle while it was playing in order to see the animated effect, rather like a praxinoscope. This made the pictures come to life. These records came in two variations. The shown example is the earlier and rarer version which was a picture disc and the later ones were simply a label put on a colored record.

Small Moments of Witchiness


-When the air pressure changes and the wind picks up

-Arctic Monkeys songs

-Radiohead songs

-Going to witchy shops on rainy days

-Black, green, purple, or red dresses

-Ravens or crows hanging about

-black, heeled shoes

-London when it’s grey and windy


-Full moons

-Tarot cards in little coffee shops

-The smell of lavender inscence cones

-Long dark acrylic nails

-Long corridors in old houses in England

-When the rain hits your window and the wind howls late at night

-Lightning illuminating your room for just a second


-Dark full-brimmed hats

-Cursive handwriting

-Cumbria, England

-Cornwall, England

-Necklaces with little bottles on them


-Agatha Christie novels

-Collections of tea

-Seeing spirits in public and knowing no one else can

-Using a pendulum

-Using one word spells in your daily life

-Driving in the rain

-Carrying crystals in your pockets

-Writing in your grimoire on a rainy day

-The smell of leather

These are just a few things that makes me feel especially magical, I’ll probably make another part to this! xxx

Books with badass female characters (An ever growing list)

¸.•´¸.•*´¨)✯ ¸.•*¨)
✮ (¸.•´✶ (★•**•. ★"Nevertheless, she persisted"

::Updated Feb 17, 2017::
Note: Numbers reflect the number the book is in its respective series & not reading order.
The list is written in reading order.

📚 Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas
0. Prequel: Assassins Blade
1. Throne of Glass
2. Crown of Midnight
3. Heir of Fire
4. Queen of Shadows
5. Empire of Storms
5.5. Untitled Novella (Fall 2017)
6. Final book (TBD release in 2018)

📚 A Court of Thorns & Roses series by Sarah J Maas
1. A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR)
2. A Court of Mist and Fury (ACOMAF)
3. A Court of Wings and Ruin (ACOWAR) (Release date May 2, 2017)

📚 Kingmaker Chronicles by Amanda Bouchet
1. A Promise of Fire
2. Breath of Fire
3. Heart on Fire (2018)

📚 An Ember in the Ashes series by Sabaa Tahir
1. An Ember in the Ashes
2. A Torch Against the Night
3. Untitled (2018)
4. Untitled (2019)

📚 Queen of the Tearling series by Erika Johansen
1. The Queen of the Tearling
(Emma Watson is Executive Producer for the film.) 
2. The Invasion of the Tearling
3. The Fate of the Tearling

📚 The Witchlands series by Susan Dennard
1. Truthwitch
2. Windwitch
3. Bloodwitch (2018)
4. TBD (2019)
***Note: Truthwitch took until page 112-114 for me to get into it. Then it took off running.

📚 The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo
1. Shadow and Bone
2. Storm and Siege
3. Ruin and Rising

📚 Six of Crows Series by Leigh Bardugo
1. Six of Crows
2. Crooked Kingdom

📚 Daughter of Smoke & Bone series by Laini Taylor
1. Daughter of Smoke & Bone
2. Days of Blood & Starlight
2.5 Night of Cake & Puppets novella
3. Dreams of Gods & Monsters

📚 The Conquerers Saga by Kiersten White
1. And I Darken
2. Now I Rise (June 27, 2017)
3. Untitled (2018)

📚 Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard
1. Red Queen
2. Glass Sword
2.5 Cruel Crown novella
3. King’s Cage
4. Untitled (2018)

📚 The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater
1. The Raven Boys
2. The Dream Thieves
3. Blue Lily, Lily Blue
4. The Raven King

📚 The Checquy Files series by Daniel O'Malley
1. The Rook
2. Stiletto 
3. ? TBD ?

📚 All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness
1. A Discovery of Witches
2. Shadow of Night
3. The Book of Life

📚 The Hunger Games series by Susanne Collins
1. The Hunger Games 
2. Catching Fire
3. Mockingjay