Hyung line and Maknae line of my Hybrid Au

  • Park Jimin - Samoyed (dog breed)
  • Jeon Jungkook - Dutch rabbit
  • Kim Tahyung - Labrador Retriever
  • Min Yoongi - Mixed Cat
  • Jung Hoseok - Red Panda
  • Kim Seokjin - Fox
  • Kim Namjoon - Wolf

I used the YNWA era for this but i’ll probably change it bc they change their haircut and colors every day OFC THATS A SKETCH THATS WHY ITS MESSY


Created some homemade custom “Thank you” fox note for orders from my Storenvy.

Also updated my Redbubble store with some new artwork as well(including the fox drawing). Go and treating yourself with some goodies if interested!

If you like to see more simple designs like the fox drawing use for my Redbubble store, don’t be shy to give some feedback. I still trying to figure out what artwork works best there,

All my female Zootopia OC’s.

From left to right;
Kalani Jhawson - Rabbit
Abigail Graychannel - Island Fox
Nekane Volkov - Tibetan Wolf
Maridoe Thicket - Roe Deer
Zonya Frostkova - Snow Leopard
Rosalind Howell - Albino Northwestern Wolf
Ju-Lin Whistler - Red Panda
Diana Asana - Indian Giant SquirrelYes. Rosalind is a teeny tiny wolf. Birth defect, just like her albinism.Nekane is long dead, but I included her in the picture regardless.

Doodles of my Star Fox OC! Human versions w/some animal chibis. Images are kinda small, so full view if you can! I’ve been bombarded with exams, so i’ll draw more later.

Her name is Lumi Vekara. I still need to build her bio, but she’s a villain and an ally of Star Wolf. She has an unknown past with Leon Powalski, which has yet to be determined. In game she’s a petite Red Panda pilot with an annoying knack for playing tricks. She’ll pretend to flake out and use it to her advantage :’v Lumi also taunts other pilots with her dialogue, sometimes breaking the fourth wall and mentioning how many times you died against a certain Star Wolf member.

Lumi is still being worked on, but it’s what I have so far! I’ll add relationships with other characters and extra info soon.


Name: You can all call me “Verwig” or “V”.

Nickname: irl I don’t really have any cool nicknames.

Zodiac sign: Gemini/Pig.

Height: 171cm ( 5′7′’ ish)

Orientation: Cis female, Aromantic/Heterosexual.

Ethnicity: Finnish and Swedish (but I look more Finnish than Swedish).

Favorite season: Real Midwinter or Warm-summer, nothing in between pls.

Favorite books: Some Swedish books so…

Favorite flower: White water lily, and forget-me-not.

Favorite scent: Clear mountain air just before the rain, certain old wood houses, and old dry garages.

Favorite animal: Red-pandas, bunnies, and foxes. 

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: Tea. Black Tea. Some herbals, red, and white teas are okay too (don’t bother with that green or chai thing). Hot cocoa when it’s cold outside. 

Average hours of sleep: 4-10, all depending on however I take a nap or not.

Cats or dogs? Why not both? Tho, I’m more of a dog person, but don’t mind cats.

Favorite fictional character: My own fictional characters tbh, they’re my darlings and I’ll love them regardless they want it or not!

When was your blog created? January 2015.

What do you post about? …I ask myself that same question. I’m trying to keep it Rude centric with rps, asks, memes, and aestich things.

Do you get asks on a regular basis? When I’m active I do, but when I have periods when I’m neither rping and answering asks they can be far between.

Aesthetic: Watercolor-painted animals, lean hands, primeval forest, lonely person walking towards “adventure”, girl standing in a lake/water facing away, teacup, blue bird, old map, mountains. All with a touch of hidden magic~

Favourite band/artist? I don’t have any, I tend to like specific songs from here and there.

Fictional characters I’d date: Ugh, do I have to date anyone? I can come up with a couple I would like to be friends with or/and have some fun adventures with if you know what I mean.

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor. Here’s the deal, when I take the test there’s a 50/50 chance I get either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. But when I think about it I can see myself being more at home in Gryffindor. Even though I have a creative logical mindset and trying to reflect before acting, I still find myself leaping into “dangerous” situations ready to fight and protecting without thinking -and I find this kind of admiring in other people as well. I have more than twice blinked in shock for how it comes that I’m suddenly standing in the “crossfire”.


Countries I’ve lived in: Finland and Sweden. Surprise, surprise~

Languages you speak: Swedish, Finnish, and English. 

Favorite film of 2016: Ghostbusters! 

Last article you read:  ???

Shuffle your music library and put your first three songs here: 
. Duality - Set It Off
. Drown in you - Daughtry
. No Reason - Sum 41 

Last thing you bought online: Lingerie…

How would your enemies describe you? Weird? Psycho? I seriously don’t know, people who doesn’t like me tends to not speak with me so I have no idea what they think about me.

Who would you take a bullet for? First answer that comes in mind is that I wouldn’t risk my own life by being someone else’s shield, because most of the time I want to live? But as I mentioned before, I find myself jumping into risky situations -to protect people who’s being treated unfairly (in my opinion) and the ones I love, so perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised if I find myself taking a bullet for someone. If to say I would be fast enough to react will say.

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