Created some homemade custom “Thank you” fox note for orders from my Storenvy.

Also updated my Redbubble store with some new artwork as well(including the fox drawing). Go and treating yourself with some goodies if interested!

If you like to see more simple designs like the fox drawing use for my Redbubble store, don’t be shy to give some feedback. I still trying to figure out what artwork works best there,


The photoshoot from confuzzled 2017 :)

Top row, left to right:
- Enigma the Husky
- Ekron the Bearded Vulture
- Kai the Jackalope
- Reverb the Pegasus Pony
- Voodoo the Gemsbok
- Teeko the Red Panda
- Sayre the Fox

Bottom row, left to right:
- Catastrophic the Hyena
- Todd the Silver Fox
- Luika the Chinchilla
- Nova the Goat
- Alistair the Barn Owl
- Pumpkin the Goat

Here’s some more photos on my flickr, with albums according to photographer!

I can’t wait to see next year’s!                    

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Gender: Female obviously~

Star Sign: Aquarius yo ♒️ It’s the best sign! hehheheh

Height: 5′9″ it’s only good for reaching the top cupboard TBH. Other than that I’m taller than all the cute guys I know. *sigh*

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual 

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw. I can back that up because I took the test on pottermore LOL and my patronus is a St. Bernard.  

Favorite Color: I love peachy colors. I always paint or use them on the computer for some reason. It’s just such a happy color. 

Favorite Animal: That’s a hard one.. but I’d have to say deer are my favorite. They’re so beautiful and graceful. No one can argue with that.

Average Hours of Sleep: usually 8-10 hours. I slept for a solid 12 hours last night though lmao

Cat or Dog Person: Both! (but i’m more of a cat person if I’m being honest)

Favorite Fictional Characters: Nick and Judy obviously (I mean look at my name), Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6, Dipper and Mable from Gravity Falls, Star and Marco from Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and all of the characters from Night In The Woods!

Favorite Singer/Band: That’s hard man. I can’t choose!

Dream Trip: Thailand! The food, the people, and THE BEACHES! Plus it’s extremely cheap for everything. 

Dream Job: Once I graduate, I’ll be working in Interior Design and Architecture and I hope to have my own firm one day!

When was this Blog made: I think around December? Maybe January. But I really didn’t start really using it until February and becoming active with the fandom and drawing!

Number of Followers: I’d rather not talk about that lol

What made you decide to create this blog: All the art and fanfictions inspired me to create my own art and it helped my get out of my three year art block! I just love this community so much. You guys are all the best. 

Alrighty I tag (you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to):

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NAME: kyler but ppl just call me cornma so its become apart of my identity tbh

NICKNAME: ky, lil shit, corn mom 

GENDER & SEXUALITY: a gf/nb gay

ZODIAC: aquarius 

HEIGHT: 5′2 

AVERAGE AMOUNT OF SLEEP: honestly around three hours lmfao and every once in awhile its a whopping 11


FAVORITE ANIMALS: dogs, snakes, lizards, fish, red pandas, fennec foxes, birds 

DOGS OR CATS: dogs!! 

BLOG AGE: thrown into the void i couldn’t tell u but its been a few years

REASON BEHIND HAVING A TUMBLR: i really wanted to start sharing my art and be able to make friendships w people who had similar interests in tv shows/movies/videogames and stufft!! 

I TAG: @elgrims, @megii-is-rad, @mlmrichietm, @cadetdex, @thatsmileyguy, @nordickzz, @heckmate, @backwardsorbust, @julzo-art, and @ocellifera and whoever else wants 2 do the thing! 

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Name: I’ll answer to most things

Gender: female

Sign: cancer (an emotional little urchin)

Height: 5′3ish

Sexuality: asexual

Favorite Animal: cats/fox/red panda

Dream Trip: I have many 

Dream Job: something with books or animals or just genuinely makes me happy

When and Why I made my blog: February 2017 (To house only my TRC feelings but has since morphed slightly)

Followers: 710 people find something interesting about this blog (surely it’s the content and not the owner)

Reasons for my url name: I love Glitter and I love Noah Czerny until the day I die.

Favorite music band: Don’t make me choose this doesn’t end well but at the moment (aka my drive to work) it was a lot of Starset 

Tattoos: 0

Favorite emoji: I’m fond of ✨🌼💜

1. Would you rather be exceedingly rich but unhappy, famous but somehow with little money, or happy and wealthy but in ill health?

Do people really have to think twice on this? Famous but with little money hands down ( as long as i’m happy too)

2. Do you have any piercings that are not in your ear lobes?


3. What kind of exercise do you do/sports do you play?

I don’t actively do any? Just everyday walking about and I was never much of a sport player.

4. Can you sing well enough that you wouldn’t be booed off a karaoke stage?

I’d never set foot on a karaoke stage. Unless it was just my friends and they know exactly what they are getting into. Even then, probably not.

5. Can you cook any meal from scratch?


6. Describe in 5 words the last person you had a serious crush on:

a non celeb crush? None of those

7. Android or iPhone?


8. Have you ever broken a bone?

no broken bones but I fractured my pelvis years ago

9. What’s that one song you can listen to an embarrassing number of times in a row?

Exo’s “Lightsaber”  (among others)

10. What is the last book you read that wasn’t TSC?

currently on: A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares by Krystal Sutherland 

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