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What do the guys of HOMRA and Scepter 4 do for Christmas? 🎄

I’m sorry this took so long. It’s probably painfully irrelevant by now but I think it’s cute for the most part. Christmas is date night in Japan so I tried to incorporate that too. There’s some shipping and slight NSFW warning in the Scepter 4 part but I tried to keep it slight.



Christmas is mostly a Westerner thing but Tatura and Anna insist. They announce on a chilly November morning that they plan on celebrating the holiday as a Clan and everyone is too sleepy to object. Well, Tatura announces; Anna nods with a small smile.

Everyone looks first to Mikoto, their king. His responses are rarely grand enough for the title, but it doesn’t diminish their subtle respect for him, like in the way Yata lifts his head from his folded arms at the bar or Kunsanagi’s eyes flicker upward from a smudge on a glass he’s scrubbing at with a hand towel, or the “King?” Tatura adds, soft and familiar and, if he’s being honest, a little manipulative. Tatura believes the right amount of beseaching will get Mikoto to agree to anything.

With his eyes meeting Tatura’s over Anna’s head, he does.


The actual day arrives with some relief for the Red Clan. After the constant reminders, including the pine tree and decorations Tatura ordered and set up in the corner, it’s hard not to be. While Tatura makes it clear all of HOMRA is invited, it is mostly Mikoto’s innermost circle that attends the festivities the night of the 24th. Those who don’t have a date show up to the bar to sit with only a little awkwardness. They marvel at the Christmas dress Tatura made for Anna when she comes downstairs to show it off– a beautiful white with intricate red patterns, something aesthetically pleasing while keeping Anna’s sight in mind.

Tatura, Anna, and Kamamoto all decorate the tree with enthusiasm and the others join in after some hesitation. Anna pulls Yata from where he’s moping on the couch and she lets him think she thinks she’s convinced him to help with decorating. Izumo puts the star on top.

They all sit with warm drinks and enjoy their time together as a family. It’s not perfect- Yata burns his tongue and some of the guys are still sporting visible bruises from a fight the day before. But Mikoto teases Tatura and sits close to him on the couch, allows Anna to warm herself against his side. She watches the warm chaos that is her home and is content.


Scepter 4 is too busy for Christmas; most of them don’t even know it’s the 24th until other people remind them. By asking them out.

Well, sort of.

Seri’s nearly to the Captain’s office when she gets a call from one Kusanagi Izumo. She wants to ignore it.

“Hello?” she asks, brisk and professional. It could be important.

“Seri, it’s so nice to hear your voice.”

So then, not important. She sighs.

“I’m hanging up now.”

“Wait, Seri,” Izumo purrs over the line. “You know it’s Christmas, right?”

She blinks, lies. “Of course.”

“I don’t suppose you have any plans.”

“I’m working.”

“That’s a no then.” The amusement in his voice makes her roll her eyes.

“Are you asking me out?”

“I am.”

“Work comes first,” she says, and hangs up.


At his desk, Reisi alternates between a puzzle and tea. He greets his lieutenant without looking up.

After standard debriefing, she remains standing in front of his desk. Reisi sits back in his chair, puzzle completed, and folds his hands beneath his chin.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” he asks with a quirk of his lips.

Seri reaches up to pat down an imaginary stray lock of hair. “Captain, are you aware of what day it is?”

“When you sign as many papers as I do,” he says, “you always know what day it is.” But it wasn’t the papers that kept the date fresh in his mind so much as the memory of last Christmas, the edge of the desk and the press of a warm body. There’d been other times, of course, but only once at headquarters. Surely he wouldn’t be using his own desk like that again. The day had been a coincidence; they aren’t that sentimental.

Seri only nods, then excuses herself.

“If you want the evening off,” he calls as she turns away, “you have more than earned it.”


Saruhiko knows what day it is. He’s working or more like going to the only part of work he sort of likes, though in the meantime he’s stuck being thrown around in the truck with the others. The snow is still melting on the bottoms of his boots. He hates Christmas. He hates the cold. He hates how Misaki called him once and hung up without either of them saying anything.


Hope you enjoyed!
-Mod Misaki

I cried..
  • When I saw Mikoto
  • When I saw Munakata be saved.
  • When I saw Awashima get the badass scene she deserved.
  • When I saw Fushimi confirming the mission.
  • When Nagare dropped.
  • When I saw the credits.
  • When Shiro passed.
  • When Shiro came back.
  • When I saw the pictures of Fushimi and Misaki.
  • When I saw Fushimi back in his uniform.
  • When Kuroh spared Mr. Princess's life.
  • When I saw the brat alive.
  • The entire duration of this episode.
  • I'm bawling like a baby in my emo corner. Can someone bring me some ice cream?