Brewsday Banter: The Red Brick Brewing Company

I’m not an expert on beer, and I won’t pretend to be one. But I have hardly ever seen a beer I didn’t like. Or love.

The Red Brick Brewing Company can single-handedly satisfy any fan of craft beer. With a variety of beers available throughout Atlanta and on tap at the brewery, Red Brick satisfied my curiosity and taste buds as I experimented with new and unique brews.

Here is an unofficial review of the three beers I tasted last week: Hoplanta, Laughing Skull, and Hibiscuwit.

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My brew club had it’s monthly meeting at Red Brick Brewing Company. They showed us around the brewery and showed us some of their new toys. 

I really loved their old mill. They found it in a field in England when buying their system. It’s from 1928 and had to be rebuilt when they got it back to the brewery. I have a thing for old machinery so I though this was really cool.

I also really liked their solution for making sure that their mash did not have any dough balls. Thy feed their grain and strike water through the same pump to get the grain into the mash tun. It’s in the 3rd and 4th picture. 

One of their new toys were their larger plate chiller. All I can think of when I see those is the pain of keeping it all clean. At least with larger models you can pull all of the plates apart. 

The coolest thing was their new centrifuge. They had been using a DE filter but switch to the centrifuge to improve their beer. They said they were getting better hop and malt flavor and aroma after switching over to the centrifuge. They can also run it slightly faster than the DE filter.