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H/C: Tim Trying to Plan the Perfect Date

Requested: Yes! by the lovely @cityofdespair9

Warning(s): None!

Request: Hey love, may i request a headcanon of Tim Drake and a black!reader? Could it be where he’s trying to plan the perfect date?

A/n: babe so my headcanons include the word ‘you’ so you insert yourself and I don’t know how I would be able to make this headcanon a black!reader insert because it uses the word you so I hope you don’t mind! I’m so sorry if you do.


  • Tim is just very frantic
  • He’s trying to make everything perfect
  • He’s nervous around you because he doesn’t want you to find out and the surprise to be ruined
  • “Hey, Tim what are you up to?” *slams computer/notebook* “nothing!”
  • You’re very suspicious of him because he’s acting weirder than usual
  • He double checks everything about 20 times just to make sure it’s right
  • Some nights he stays up getting everything together
  • He goes to sleep, wakes up, plans the date and repeat
  • It has to be perfect for you
  • When it’s done he blindfolded you
  • “Where are you taking me, Tim?” “Just wait it’s a surprise!”
  • He takes the blindfold off “Ta-Da! What do you think??” “Whoa, you did all of this for me??” “Yes, y/n, I love you.”
  • He’s a gentleman all night and a sweetheart
  • Holding your hand, kisses, a lot of affection
  • The date is filled with everything you love

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Reunited + Jason Todd please ^^ I LOVE your stories ^^

You place the steaming cup on his table, coffee swirling around the borders without spilling, the smooth coat of whipped cream bouncing a little.

He lets his fingers brush on the back of your hand, making you look at him, a knot tightening in your throat.

It’s the small things that remind you of him, colorful laughs and messy black hair. Quiet afternoons where the sun seems to paint everything in golden and orange. Open window sills and boyish smiles.

Averting his gaze, you focus on his jacket.

“Is there anything else I can get you?” You use the most polite customer voice you can find within yourself.

“Yes.” He takes your hand in his and calls your name. “Sweetheart, look at me.”

The nickname yanks something inside your chest and makes it burn with nostalgia but all you want to do is snort and call your manager because was this guy flirting with you?

Instead, you find yourself staring at him.


All of his messy black hair and boyish grin, deep blue eyes that almost pierce through you.

“Took you forever.”

It feels like the whole world is spinning and you flop down in the nearest chair you can find, trembling. You’re not sure if you want to scream or slap his chest, or flip the table and hug him.

Jason is there and he’s real, you have the warmth of his hand to prove it.

“Wha— but, how?”

He chuckles, taking a sip of his mug. “Long story.”


Thanks you! 💕 this one’s a little weird, hope you like it!

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Batkids reaction to Bruce’s proposal

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Headcanons of how would batboys react and help their S/o with some auto destructive tendencies (not eating or eating unhealthy food, not sleeping etc)

Sure thing, love! I relate because this is seriously me. (It doesn’t help that I forget to eat for days at a time and am also hypoglycemic but meh)

• Is literally the epitome of the term worry-wart
• Constantly asking you when you last ate a meal and what it was
• Can tell if you’re lying
• Notices the bags under your eyes when you haven’t been sleeping
• Makes sure you at least try to get the sleep you need
• Sets up a food reminder on your phone
• The reminder is actually just him texting you to have a glass of water every two hours
• “Dick you’re sitting right next to me, you don’t have to text me.”
• “Yeah but you can’t pretend to not hear me if I text you.”
• “…”
• “Go get your water.”
• “Ugh, I wasn’t aware you were my mother.”
• “Go get your water before I send you to your room.”
• “You’re the worst.”
• “I love you too.”

• He’s such a hypocrite
• Because I feel like he’d do these things too
• But he’s constantly lecturing you on how he wants you to take care of yourself
• Takes care of you
• Brings you food himself when he knows you’ve forgotten
• Literally will drag you onto the couch with him for a nap
• Doesn’t listen to the “I’m not hungry” excuse
• “You’re gonna be healthy and well balanced, and damnit you’re gonna like it!”
• “Have you eaten today?”
• “No, why?”
• “It’s five PM!”
• “I wasn’t hungry.”
• “Get your shoes on.”
• “Why?”
• “It’s a surprise.”
• He drives you to a diner and orders food
• Makes sure you eat it
• “I can’t believe you got me a salad, Jason!”
• “What?! It’s good for you and you need to be healthy!”
• “Can I have some of your soda?”
• “Not until you finish your water.”
• “I hate you.”
• “No you don’t.”

• Also a giant hypocrite
• Literally sitting with his eyes glued to the computer at 2AM when he says
• “Hey, go to sleep!”
• Makes sure you eat regularly
• He’s pretty perceptive and notices when you’re letting your health go downhill
• “No kisses until you eat and take a nap.”
• Will nap with you because our poor boy needs some sleep
• Will send you one word texts
• When he knows you haven’t eaten
• “Eat”
• “Sleep”
• “Water”
• Sometimes you think he thinks you’re a plant
• But it’s cute how he reminds you to drink water
• 100% has thrown a water bottle at you from across a room
• You 100% do not catch it
• “You’d have better reflexes if you slept regularly!”
• “Hypocrite!”

• You think he doesn’t notice when you forget to eat or don’t eat meals or pick at your food until you throw it away
• He notices
• It drives him crazy
• He doesn’t call you out until you’re alone
• “Beloved, why weren’t you eating?”
• He looks really worried and you feel really bad
• You just explain to him that you weren’t hungry
• He accepts the answer
• Until you’re not hungry at lunch, or dinner, or breakfast the next morning
• He realizes there’s a problem
• He kisses you one day out of the blue
• You think it’s him finally being cute and sweet
• “Aha! Your lips are dry! You need to drink more water, beloved.”
• You’re slightly offended
• But it’s also endearing
• He also wakes up when you quietly get out of bed at odd hours and realizes you’re not sleeping enough
• From then on out he pretty much latches himself onto you when you sleep
• So you have to stay in bed

  • Jason: do you ever get so annoyed at everything that you start to get pissed off at even little things like a spoon clinking against a bowl or sounds of people talking?
  • Dick: I think it’s called sensory overload it’s really common in people with anxiety
  • Tim: It can also be a result of sleep deprivation, stress, or even dehydration
  • Jason: Thanks I thought I was just a bitch
Littlewing (BigBrothers!Batboys x Reader)

A/N: this is also very very cute ahhhh! (Dami is supposed to be 15-16 in this)
Warnings: None! Very Dick based.
Prompt: Bat boys with a little sister? Around 7-8 years old. Dick can call her Littlewing!

You were grinning from ear to ear as Dick walked through the supermarket, carrying you on his shoulders.

“Okay, Littlewing,” he said, referring to you by his nickname for you. “You get to pick one cereal, what do you want?”

“Lucky Charms!” you exclaimed, pointing at the row of boxes of your favorite cereal.

“Sure thing, kiddo” he replied, pulling the box from the shelf and dropping it into the cart.

“You’re the best big brother! Tim never lets me get Lucky Charms,” you complained.

Dick just smiled and chuckled, pushing the cart to go check out.

You returned to Wayne Manor, bouncing through the halls and into the kitchen where Alfred would be.

“Good afternoon, Master Dick, Mistress (Y/N),” Alfred greeted.

“Alfred!” you cheered running up the the butler and hugging his leg. “Dick let me go help him with his grocery shopping! A-and we got ice cream and he took me to the park!” You rambled on excitedly about your day to Alfred while Dick stood in the doorway, smiling.

“That sounds lovely, Young Mistress (Y/N),” Alfred responded, kneeling to your level. He patted you on the head affectionately. “Now, why don’t you go and get cleaned up for dinner?”

“Yeah!” you agreed, before dashing off.

Alfred stood back up, shaking his head slightly. He loved having children in the manor.

It was the next day, and you were playing with your older brothers.

“Jay! You can be the mean alien captain!” you said, assigning him his role in your game of pretend.

“Aw, come on, kid? Why am I always the alien?” Jason whined.

“A-a-and that’s your ship!” You ignored him and pointed at the couch. “Put on your mask! It looks like a mean alien face!”

Dick and Tim both snorted at your comment as Jason sighed and placed his mask over his face.

“Tim, you’re Jason’s first mate! That means your his left hand man!” You said proudly.

“I think you mean right hand, Captain Littlewing,” Dick said, smiling at you.

“O-Oh! Right! Right hand man!”

“Damian you can be-”

“I’m not playing. This is ridiculous.”

“Oh- uh- okay! You can be the beautiful space princess the aliens have hotstage! You don’t have to talk too much!”

“It’s pronounced hostage. And I am not an alien princess,” Damian retorted.

“Dick! You’re my first mate! And this is our ship!” You exclaimed, hopping on the couch opposite the one you had assigned Jason and Tim. “Start!”

“Attack!” Jason yelled, jumping off his “ship” and running over to yours.

“Release the princess!” You yelled, shooting at Jason with your imaginary blaster gun.

“Never!” Jason cried “shooting” back at you.

“For the last time, I am NOT a princess!”

Dick and Tim pretend fired at each other from across the room.

You darted past Jason over to the opposite couch. “I am exploding your ship Mr. Alien Captain!”

“I don’t think so!” Jason said in a fake menacing voice., striding over to the couch in half as many steps as it had taken you to run there.

You looked up at Jason and Tim as menacingly as a seven-year-old could. “Commander Dick! I need backup!” you yelled.

Dick came running across the living room, firing his imaginary blaster at his brothers.

Before you even knew what had happened, Jason had picked you up and was spinning you.

“Let me go, Mr. Alien!” You said in between fits of giggles.

Even once Jason set you down, the room was still a chaotic mess of grown men playing alien for the sake of their little sister.

Bruce walked through the halls, his mug of coffee in his hand. He sighed contentedly as he headed towards the living room for some much needed relaxation.

When he opened the door to the living room he was greeted by three grown men firing fake guns at each other and screaming about aliens.

He sighed and turned around. Hopefully there were no aliens in the library.


Damian: so you’re telling me to…kill people with kindness?

Dick: yeah, that’s right.

Damian: so i should kill them with what, a teddy bear? Because i could totally do that, choking them with it that could-

Dick: i don’t think you fully understand the meaning…

Jason: let the boy continue, Dick, i sort of like where this is going.

Tim: of course you do.

Damian: see, i could use the stuffing of the tedd-

Dick: no! no one is killing anyone with a teddy bear!

Stephanie: that’s very viable actually.

Jason: after choking them with the stuffing can we shoot them? ya’ know, to be certain.

Dick: i live in a family of psychopaths.

Board games at Wayne Manor

Dick: I will put down my “A” to make “A”

Damian: I will add to your “A” to make “At”

Jason: I will add to your “At” to make “Rat”

Tim: I will add to your “Rat” to make “Biostratigraphic”

Steph: *flips table

  • Bruce, looking at his kids: I love and cherish my children equally.
  • Jason, who's right behind him: [under his breath] I LoVe AnD ChErIsH mY ChIlDrEn EqUaLlY

In the hospital, after Dick was shot

Dick: *wakes up

Dick: Who am I?

Jason: You’re dick

Dick: What did you call me?

Tim: Dick. you’re dick

Dick: No, you’re the dick!


Dick: You are so mean!

Damian, from across the room: Oh my god. Your name is Richard. Dick for short.

Batboys Finding A Positive Pregnancy Test


-he’s freaking out

-he can’t be a father

-is it yours?
-he’s not ready
-did I mention he’s freaking out?
-he couldn’t handle the idea that you loved him
-he can’t possibly handle this now
-what if the kid isn’t his?
-did you find someone who was there for you?
-more than he ever was?
-is he smarter than him?
-he feels like he isn’t good enough 
-but he loves you and having a mini him or you makes butterflies flutter in his stomach
-he knows you love him so why is he overreacting???
-he tries to clam himself down and reminds himself that you do love him

-he addresses you about it at dinner

-you tell him it’s yours
-you forgot you left the test on the bathroom counter
-you’re hyperventilating because his answer is uncertain that’s why you didn’t plan to tell him until a whole lot later

-at first he didn’t say anything, which is making you panic even more

-he finally hugs you and kisses you

-he tells you how much he loves you

-also how he can’t believe how you both made a tiny human

-he can’t stop touching your belly he’s just overwhelmed
-you have to reassure him over and over that he will make a great father figure
-he totally rubs this in Bruce’s face


-when he first sees it he thinks nothing of it
-he takes a 360 and picks it up
-he’s really hopping it’s yours
-he loves you and a having a child with you sounds like a dream
-the second you come home he places kisses on you everywhere
-you’re surprised by all the affection
-“What’s up with you today?”

-he just shows what he’s been hiding behind his back, a pregnancy test
-you’re shocked he found it

-but he seems so happy and you just can’t help but laugh since his reaction is everything you hopped for

-the second you confirm it’s yours he hugs you from behind and trailed his fingers up and down your stomach

-he immediately texts all his family and friends about it even though you tell him it’s too early
-he will tell any one on the street
-“yeah my girlfriend pregnant.”
-“did I tell you that my girlfriends pregnant?”
-“I don’t even know you.”
-the person looks at him like he’s crazy
-“Yeah she’s two months in.”
-oh boyyyy


-oh Timmy my boy
-at first he thinks he’s seeing things
-maybe its another coffee induced dream???
-he pinched himself
-it’s not a coffee induced dream
-is it yours?
-is it his kid?
-he’s scared, what if you found someone else
-then he realizes how silly he sounds
-the second you wake up he immediately asks you, even though he tried to wait
-you give him a shy smile and nod
-he pulls you into he tightest hug ever
-he just can’t wait to start a family with you
-oh my gawd how did he get so lucky
-he immediately does any research possible
-he can not believe he spawned
-he makes sure you eat properly
-you must always be fed and hydrated
-you want a different shirt?
-he gets a different shirt for you quickly
-cup of water
-you can do it yourself, is that what you said?
-well too bad Tim already has it for you
-you’re craving anything?
-Tim somehow already has it
-Tim is extra prepared and is already checking on Pinterest for baby room ideas


-when he saw the test he stopped himself
-he did his best not to assume things
-it could always be one of your friends who left it there
-or it can be yours
-he has not realized how serious father hood is until this moment
-he ends up sitting on the bathroom floor
-what if he fails?
-what if he can’t be the father his child needs?
-he doesn’t want to be like his mother
-oh not at all, he wants to be an actual parent
-you would be an amazing mother, you’re perfect of course you would be
-he can’t believe you’re the mother of his child
-“Damian where are you?”
-once you find him you want to question him
-until you see the pregnancy test in his hands
-you start to panic because you weren’t prepared to tell him
-once he sees the fear and sadness on your faces he jumps up immediately
-he reassures you about how happy he is about this and how he feels that he is going to fail at it all
-which makes you mad and you start to point out how he will be the perfect father
-so many cuddles
-he has become 10x more protective of you
-no one can stand closer than 2 feet from you
-unless it’s him of course

Bruce: That’s it! You’re all grounded.

Bruce: Tim, no computer for you.

Bruce: Damian, No seeing Jon

Bruce: And Jason… Is there anything you love?

Jason: revenge.

Bruce: No vengeance for you.

Jason: I was gonna say I’ll get you for this, but I guess thats off the table.


What happens when I watch SNL and am talking to my best friend? Bruce Wayne as the SNL host of course! We think we’re funny