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I mean, any headcanons on big brother Kon?

Kon would be the ultimate big brother.

When he first finds out about Jon he’s honestly pissed off. First of all, he had to struggle to get Clark’s approval, and even now he’s never once been treated like a son. Second, someone just gave his title to some kid? He worked long and hard to be Superboy! Now some other kid’s come along and taken that name from him. Rude.

Then he actually meets Jon and there is no force on Earth that could prepare him for how freaking adorable this small child is. This pint-sized Kryptonian was so beyond excited to meet him, and apparently had been getting worked up and hyper leading up to them meeting, because the second Jon saw Kon the boy flew right at him and tackled him in a hug. Jon had all sorts of questions, and would not shut up.

“I hear you’re a clone! That’s super cool! Is that weird? What’s it like to be cloned? Do you want to be like my Dad when you grow up? Do you consider yourself grown up already? How old are you? Ok but how old are you really? What’s your favorite color? Mine used to be blue but now it’s red. What about favorite food? Do you like Ma’s apple pie too?”

Eventually Kon just starts laughing. This kid’s great. A little hyper, but after dealing with Bart for so long, this is nothing.

Kon loves hanging out with his little bro. He’ll pick Jon up after school to get pizza, go to the zoo, or go on little flying trips to places Clark would definitely never take Jon himself. They have a list of every lame/stupid attraction in the US, and try to cross each one off the list. Their current favorite is the Worlds Largest Corn Cob. Sometimes Tim or Damian will tag along on to things like the Hamilton County Fair.

Jon and Kon’s relationship can best be described by the matching leather jackets with the gold “S” on the back.

Batman #55 Review


I don’t review batman comics but considering the subject matter of this issue I thought I would give it a try. Leading up to this issue I already knew what was going to happen but by the end of my read it still impacted me as if I was there on the top of the GCPD building to see it myself. The Kgbeast is presented to us as cold, unflinching and calculated.

His menacing silent presence juxtaposed to Nightwings unwavering warmth gives this comic an uneasy feeling that’s hard to explain. Nightwing feels like Nightwing. This comic incapsulates his essence in a way true fans will love. His dialogue is quippy and fun. You can feel his smile radiating off the pages. He even sings “the man on the flying trapeze.” Tom King is making a clear effort to portray him well. At times his quippiness feels just a bit heavy handed but I can just tell Tom is having fun while writing him. Actually Toms Nightwing feels more genuine than his batman who’s grumpiness feels like almost a parody of himself.

Though I can excuse this because I can still feel the warmth between the two. The art is amazing in this issue. It’s rare when I find myself saying this but artistically this comic is truly flawless. The comic ends with an exclamation mark that instantly makes you want to read more. The shooting of Nightwing is played in a way where we only see the initial impact then hear a glimpse of the horror. Pulling away like this makes the even moment more intense. Haunting even.

If you want my opinion on the subject I don’t think it should’ve happened. Red hood and the outlaws needed a shake up. But Nightwing didn’t. He only needed a good writer. Either way however i feel about it I cannot deny that it was well executed in this issue. 9 out of 10

[Out doing groceries]

Dick: I hate it when the employees take their time to make sure that the stuff on the receipt matches the things in the cart, like, if I was going to steal things would I really be this obvious about it?

Tim (who hasn’t slept in three days): We are good law-abiding citizens of the United America States.

Dick: …the United America States.

Tim: [blinks] Fuck.

Dick: [laughing]

Arrowverse crossover. The four Wayne boys are on a rare and much needed vacation when their private jet goes down somewhere in the South Pacific. They manage to make it to an island that at first glance appears to be deserted aside from the giant shipwreck in the lagoon. They are injured, battling the elements and possibly infection.

A few days in, they encounter a lone archer who won’t show them his face and seems to mourning a loss that all of them have endured. The archer, though suspicious, nurses them back to health.

There is a mutual understanding that there is more to both parties than they are letting on. Like that one time Jason ‘accidentally’ nailed a seagull with a throwing knife from 100ft away. Or when the archer accidentally let slip a fun-fact about Queen Consolidated’s R&D department that he should not have known. Or when Dick almost tripped over a landmine but caught himself with three consecutive handsprings…

The boys know the archer isn’t their universe’s Green Arrow, but they can’t help but to draw comparisons. And why hasn’t Bruce found them yet?

It isn’t until two of the archer’s friends show up to drag him back to “Starling” city that the boys are 100% sure they aren’t in their own dimension.

Nightwing #49 Review


In Nightwing #49 it’s a race to the Finnish in more ways than one. Let’s see how it went. Getting things out of the way, this issue and the next will be the last in Benjamin Percys Nightwing run. Short lived and… not great. But what bothers me is that by the end of this issue none of our plot threads are tied up in the slightest. Dick wins the race of course and finds a way as heroes always do

but it’s never stated if Vicki Vale or William Cloke are freed from Wyrms clutches. The next issue will focus on Nightwings injury from batman #55 not any of this. So is this going to just be left unresolved? Even if it’s touched upon next issue in a throw away line I’m hoping that we get some kind of resolution. Anyway in this issue Silencer makes an appearance.

I didn’t mention her last issue because she was only in the last page as a little cliffhanger. This time we get a fair amount of her character and I’m happy with it. What pleases me about her and Dicks duologue is that it avoids the storytelling trope of miscommunication. As soon as she appears her and Nightwing find common ground and an alliance is quickly formed between the two of them. Another stand out is that Nightwings character gets time to really shine through the duologue. Quips are even made. It feels true to the character.

The action is top notch and is the main focus of the issue giving us an exiting and thrilling read from start to finish. The art this issue is great as well and aside from some strange shading decisions here and there felt right. Faces are expressive without looking awkward or cringeworthy which is hard to nail with artwork. I’m giving this issue an 8 out of 10. All around this issue is a good time. Ben Percy might be leaving the book but at least he’s leaving on a high note. Next issue would be the most important Nightwing issue Benjamin Percy has ever written as it is both his last and is picking up on the aftermath of batman #55. Let’s hope he gives Scott Lobdell a good place to pick up on.