Hellbird Ch. 1 [Jason Todd x Reader]

Requested by @nxttime​: “I shall request! How about Jason and Timmy bro bonding? Or if you only do reader inserts, Jason and Reader meeting for the first time when reader moves into the apartment next door? Request for Dickie: Reader and Dick go out for ice cream and defend their choices! I hope you find *some* inspiration with this, lol! Ily Jules! ❤❤❤ “

A/n: Okay so this request kinda inspired me to start a new series! I’m still plotting it out and I will try to update it as much as possible! (Just remember I’m still in school and have responsibilities lol). But I hope you loves enjoy this first chapter and look forward for what’s to come! Also I’ve decided to write this series in a different format than normal. (Also @dc-hoe​ you asked to be tagged!)


It wasn’t often that Jason saw new faces in his apartment building. It wasn’t the best money could buy and the area was one of the rougher places in Gotham, but it was home. He knew most of the people in his building, many were people who fell on hard times but couldn’t keep on the streets. The complex was filled with veterans, single parents, there were a couple felons actually trying to turn their life around, and a few others.

Everyone was relatively nice and Jason knew everyone in the building by name. He often helped out where he could. Sometimes he’d watch kids when their mom or dad had to work, he’d help older residents do work in their apartments, if any apartments got broken into he’d help change their locks. He was more a landlord than the actual landlord, and Jason did it all for free. However, he wouldn’t ever turn down the opportunity to sit down and have a beer with one of the veterans or a cup of tea with one of the older ladies, and just talk with them.

It was actually when he was having a cup of coffee in the morning with Mrs. James that he learned about you. Jason had just fixed her window that wouldn’t shut and had sat down to chat. “Yes, I saw a young lady looking at some of the open apartments here. Very beautiful and sweetest girl I’ve ever met.”

Jason smiled and chuckled. “Sweet young ladies don’t normally move in around here Mrs. James.” Saying as he brought his mug to his lips. She gave him a defiant and stubborn look, “Well this one is, she said she even had one picked out.”

He chuckled again and set down his empty mug. “Whatever you say Mrs. James, thank you for the coffee but I should get going, should get some sleep before tonight.”

“You working those late shifts still?” She asked and picked up his empty mug. “I am” He pulled on his leather jacket and took the mugs from her to take into the kitchen for her. She chuckled and shook her head, “Such a well mannered young man. Well you be sure to get that sleep and eat something. Goodbye Jason.”

Jason smiled and waved before making his way out the front door. He walked over to the elevator and clicked his floor before hitting the door close button. The elevator rose up to his floor and stopped once it reached the level.

His long strides took him around the corner and toward his door. He was one door away from his own when he heard a crash come from the apartment next to his. He stopped at the door that was propped open. Peering around it he gently rasped his knuckles on the metal. “Hello?” He called from the doorway.

“Just a minute!” A feminine voice yelled from inside the apartment. He couldn’t help but chuckle as he heard muttered curses and the sound of boxes being pushed across the floor. Suddenly a girl appeared from around the corner. She was wearing a pair of leggings and an oversized crewneck that had a University logo on it. Her hair was a mess and in her face which caused her to push it back with her hands.

When she finally spotted Jason her eyes widened, “Um, hello? Is there something I can help you with.” Jason smiled a bit amused, “I heard the crash as I was walking by and wanted to make sure nobody got hurt.”

The girl blushed and rubbed her neck bashfully. “Uhh, yeah I’m okay. I just, the movers just shoved everything in my living room and I ended up knocking over a lamp.”

Jason nodded his head in understanding, “Ah I see. Um, well, I’m your neighbor.” He smiled and held out his hand. “The name’s Jason.” Her hand reached out and took his “[F/n]” she introduced herself.

Jason felt a strange feeling flutter around in his stomach, there was something different about this girl. He couldn’t put a finger on it but he liked it. “Well [F/n] if you need anything feel free to knock on my door.”

She smiled and nodded, “Thank you I really appreciate that.”

He nodded slightly before he heard someone call his name behind him. Jason turned to see Tim standing there, “Oh hey Tim.” He said over his shoulder. “Uh hey?” Tim glanced into your apartment questioningly, “Is now a bad time?”

“No, no” Jason shook his head and stepped back into the hallway. “C’mon over” He waved for Tim to follow but not before peeking back in the apartment. “See ya around [F/n].”

[F/n] giggled a little “See ya around Jason.”

Once Jason was out of sight she closed the door completely and locked it. Walking back in her living room she found the real reason for the crash still standing there. [F/n] sighed, “What do you want Waller?”


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Headcanons: Batfamily Edition

Fighting styles:

Bruce: honestly he’s like a tutorial for how to fight bad guys. It’s a miracle no one has used this to their advantage. He’s all about rules so when he sees that punch coming, he will always dodge and uppercut. Like every single time. It’s what he was taught. Wrist straight, thumb outside, follow through. If you slow down his fighting and edit on some wristbands and leg warmers, he could be a YouTube tutorial for How to Defend Yourself. (someone draw this please)

Dick: this boi. Is always looking for excuses to remind you that he’s BendyTM. Will dodge a punch by somersaulting backwards and kicking in the process. It’s like watching him play Twister except instead of the playing mat being on the floor, it’s on the Bad Guys body. Right foot red motherfucker. Bam. He just kicked you in the knee. Right hand Green? Aim for the kidneys. Left foot yellow? He just kicked you in the crotch. All while bending impossibly and making stupid puns about whatever crime was being committed or telling them about his day. One time Riddler actually stopped the fight to give him advice about something and they discussed it for a good twenty minutes before Dick remembered that hey. You’re a bad guy. I’m a good guy. Why are we talking about my struggling love life rn.

Jason: scrappy. say it with me. This boi will use anything to win a fight. You think you have the upper hand? Nope. He just took off his helmet to hit you in the face with it. Doesn’t mind getting hit because he can always hit harder. Landing a punch just makes him more angry. Cut to a criminal just punching him across the jaw and thinking “oh ho ho. It is I who is besting the Red Hood.” And then Jason just turns back to them without a single emotion except maybe annoyance and the criminal just thinks wow. This was a bad idea. Terrible idea. You might as well just hold out your wrist for some handcuffs and save your face.

Barbara: honestly a bit like Bruce, except in a way that isn’t predictable. Mainly depends on her mood. Like if it’s a slow night and she needs the practice, she’ll go a couple rounds before handing the criminal’s ass to them. But catch her on a long shift just before it ends and you’ll be tied up on the ground with a broken rib before you even think about committing a crime. Will not fuck around if she doesn’t want to. Most criminals know not to aim for her face either because the last time she got a black eye, Nightwing came swinging around their cell for a “gentle” reminder to not mess with her again, even though the ass whooping she gave them was enough to discourage them from ever doing it again.

Timothy: my man. my main squeeze. love of my life. cannot fight for shit. Give him a bo staff and you’ll be so distracted by his baton twirling that you won’t notice that you’re beat until he leaves. But he is always trying to think five steps ahead. Sometimes it works out for him. Like he’ll have the whole fight choreographed in his head if you keep doing what’s predictable of you. But do something unexpected and it might take him a few punches before he’s back on his feet again. Still working on his hand-to-hand and he knows this honestly. If he ends up physically fighting you, it’s usually a distraction because he’s placed a grenade behind you or he just needs a little more time for his software to download or something like that.

Stephanie: unpredictable. It honestly pisses the rest of them off because they have so much professional training and then Steph comes along and will throw a wrench into their plans (or literally throw a wrench at them) and then they’re confused and she gets a winning hit in. And she’ll talk the whole time. Damian hates sparring with Steph because no. That’s not how you’re supposed to do it. And she just shrugs and says it works. Hurt her wrist once because she didn’t punch correctly and then had to get really creative using her legs and her non dominant hand so you think you get the upper hand and then bam. Now she’s a lefty which changes her whole fighting technique which means it really only just getting started.

Cassandra: she can read body language so fighting is second nature for her. It’s almost become a game to her. The boys will bet her on how many times she can use a specific move in one night. Sometimes they make it interesting by seeing how many times she can kick criminals in the groin or flick people in the ear. Some nights when she’s feeling AestheticTM she’ll turn it into a kind of dance. She’ll spin around on the balls of her feet while she kicks you right in the nose then twirl away. Sometimes she’ll get Jason to lift her in the air so she can butterfly kick a criminal in the face. Then some nights when she is Not Having It she’ll walk right up to the criminal, dodge their amateur punch and knock them the fuck out immediately. One time, when Dick had pissed her off before, she took her time with one criminal and had him take on the other 20 just to teach him a lesson. When he finished, tired and annoyed, she easily disabled the one she was fighting and walked right past him.

Damian: all of his fighting resonates from his assassin training. They are all moves that are usually deadly, but he tones them down just enough to be barely non-lethal. Criminals usually use his height to their advantage and though he will never admit it to his brothers, he turns this around and uses his height to freaking Ctrl+Alt+Del those motherfuckers right back where they came from. Sometimes gets annoyed with no one treating him as a real challenge but he was raised to be strategic and he knows it’s useful in hand-to-hand. Gets annoyed sparring with Dick and Steph because no that’s not how you’re supposed to do it can’t you do anything right. Rarely punches and leaves his powerful hits as kicks because face-to-face with a criminal, he usually comes up to their mid-section, and punching them in the nuts gets annoying after a while.

Duke: being new to the game, his fighting is usually basic. While the others mainly fightbin martial arts and pepper in some street fighting, Duke is all street fighting and brute strength. He’ll work on a move in training for weeks but when an opportunity comes to actually use it, he resort back to his original style because he doesn’t have time to remember how Dick told him to spin on his foot and then punch-punch-kick. Why would he do that when he cane just -kick-elbow and be done with it. He also shows a lot of mercy when fighting so it usually takes longer for him to beat you and he’ll usually sustain more injuries because of this. He’ll just keep saying to the criminal “you don’t have to do this. you’re a good person.” Until it becomes evident that they’re really really not and then he’ll lay the smack down.

(Also addition for Cass. I say this gif and thought of her doing it lol. She sees the punch coming and just leans into it, taking the hit directly to her skull, catching them off balance before finishing the job. I just think it would be hilarious to see her do that and all the boys going. Why didn’t you dodge. And she just shrugs and walks away, completely fine.)

The Secretary - Jason Todd x Reader

REQUEST: Can I request a small Jason Todd fic?? Bruce hires a new secretary and she’s really sweet and shy normally but when it comes to Bruce she’s like a mother hen and like makes sure he eats and gets his work done and one day Jason comes to Wayne Enterprises to talk to Bruce and she’s like a flustered mess cuz she thinks he’s really attractive and he randomly stops by saying he needs to talk to Bruce when really he just comes to see her?

A/N: I am so sorry this took forever, I just have had no motivation to write recently, I hope this is somewhat like you wanted xxx @pwedatorpanda

Moving to Gotham wasn’t something you had ever planned for yourself, but while being in desperate need of a job upgrade you saw that the Bruce Wayne was hiring a new secretary for his floor at Wayne Enterprises, and well, you couldn’t resist applying. Honestly, you were shocked that you even got an interview let alone the actual job. You had quickly packed up all of your things the week before and signed the lease on a shitty little apartment but figured it would do for now.

So now here you are, first day on the job. Although the job description said ‘secretary’ you were beginning to feel like this was more of a personal assistant type job. Within the first hour Mr. Wayne had greeted you and welcome you warmly, another secretary had shown you the ropes and you had, of course, brought him a coffee. By the end of the day your desk was already piled up with enough documents to shred, file and sign to keep you busy for the week but you weren’t one to complain, this was the opportunity of a lifetime and would look amazing on your resume in the future, plus, if you did well and Mr. Wayne gave you recommendations in the future then you were basically set for life.

In just two weeks you already felt completely settled in your new job, your relationship with Bruce (he lets you call him that now) grew by the second and you had made it your responsibility to make sure he doesn’t forget to eat when he’s working too hard.

Speaking of…

You knocked on his office, and after hearing a quiet ‘come in’, you let yourself in. Bruce was sitting on his lounge with his previous appointment, still talking. You couldn’t see the other man’s face but you nodded to Bruce.

“I have your lunch, make sure you actually eat it today… and while it’s hot.” You joked as you walked over to his desk and placed it down before starting to make your way out of the office. Before you got to the door Bruce stopped you.

“Wait, Y/N, I’d like you to meet my son, Jason.” As he spoke, Bruce and said Jason stood up from their place on the lounge and made their way over to you.

When you looked up, standing in front of you was the most attractive man you have ever seen, and suddenly you had forgotten how to speak coherent english.  “Uh-Hi”, you managed to squeak out with a small wave.

“Hey.” His voice was like sex, and it did not help you become less flustered. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Y/N.” He was smirking, as if he knew what he was doing to your composure, and the way he said your name was heavenly. You could only nod in agreement, too afraid that if you speak you’ll make a fool out of yourself, quickly but politely you excused yourself saying that you had a lot of work to finish.

Throughout the next few weeks Jason continued to meet Bruce for lunch once or twice a week. At first you would greet each other with a simple nod, a small smile, perhaps even a wave. As weeks went on Jason would start up small conversations with you while waiting for Bruce to finish a previous appointment, you did your best to remain professional - this was your boss’s Son after all - but you couldn’t deny he made you laugh with cheesy jokes and bad pick-up lines. Eventually a friendship blossomed between the two of you, he would purposefully get to Bruce’s office early in order to spend 10 minutes talking to you, he would bring you coffee on his way in for which you were forever grateful for, and he would continue with the cheesy pick-up lines that made you laugh but thought nothing of, only a hope that maybe behind his cool-guy persona he actually liked you a little bit.

And then one day he came into the office when Bruce was away.

“Oh, Jason, Bruce isn’t in today. Did he forget to mention?” You spoke as soon as you saw him leave the elevator.

“What? No - um - yes he did tell me. Actually, I came to see you.” Jason stuttered out with a light blush adorning his cheeks.

“Is everything ok? Do you need help with something?” You became concerned, oblivious to the man in front of you becoming a blushing mess.

“No! No I’m fine, I’m great.” Jason rubbed the back of his neck, working up the courage to ask the next question, “I was just wondering if maybe you’d like to spend your lunch break with me?”

At that question you completely froze, was this insanely gorgeous man seriously asking you out right now? You couldn’t believe what was happening, you tried to say something but no sound came out of your mouth, except a small squeak you hope he didn’t hear, as you stared at him wide eyed.

Jason panicked at your lack of response, “I’m sorry, that was really stupid. Of course you wouldn’t want to go on a date with me. Um, not that it would be a date, unless you wanted it too? No, don’t answer that. This is so unprofessional of me, I mean you work for my Dad, you can’t-”

“Shut up!” You cut off Jason’s incredibly cute rambling with a shout. “Jason, yes I would like to spend my lunch break with you… As a date.”

You both couldn’t contain the grins that stretched your faces.

anonymous asked:

fav outfit aesthetic for tim? i like oversized sweaters with dorky glasses and socks with little cats on them

An oversized hoodie (stolen from Bruce Wayne), ripped skinny jeans and a pair of converse.

For when he’s home, a shirt that’s way too big (Dicks or Jason’s) And a pair of booty shorts with a pair of knee high socks with the cat ears on them.

Why was I made about RHATO#25

A moment ago, after RHATO#25, I was on tumblr scrolling tag #jasontodd and I see someone asking why so many people was mad about Batman beating Red Hodd since murder is bad.

At first I was like : “No ! My baby ! Leave him alone” (Jason is one of my favorite Robin) and keep scrolling.

But soon I ask to myself : “If IRL I will be uncomfortable with vigilantism and I think to prevent arnachy justice must be bring by a system even if it is not perfect, then why I was so angry with this issue?”

Here I hope bring some people my point of view about why at least one person is mad about this issue. Feel free to discuss with me about that (no matter if you are against or for)

I love Jason Todd

Not going to lie, my first though was I was biased because I love this character so much so I give him a free pass. But I love some characters and disagree with what they do/believe without any problem. So it is not only that.

Jason’s motivation

Jason is not like Dexter Morgan (Dexter) who have a need to kill and decide to attack only criminal because his father decide since he will going bad thing at least it could be against bad people.

Jason has not some God complex like Light Yagami (Death Note) who think he should be praise for what he did.

Jason understand the value of life, he know that what he does is morally bad. Jason understand what it cost to him to take life, he doesn’t think is a good thing he have to do this.

You can argue that murder is not a necessity and there are other ways. You can be right.

But it is easy to understand why he think it is a necessity. Grow up in Crime Alley, see Batman’s vilain keep escaping to do domage, see the sexual agressor of Barbara becoming is murderer and have no remorse, want keep going awful thing to people.

Anger can take the best of you, but in Jason’s case I think that decision to kill come from years seeing injustice and it results from a cold reasoning.

Arguments DC makes Bruce tells are pretty weak

  • “I don’t want kill because it is too easy and I will never stop”
  • “If we kill we are as bad as them”
  • “I don’t want kill Joker because I prefer evil I know”

This is what Bruce give us as explication and here what I think about that :

I don’t think there is anything easy about killing, especially for a character like Bruce that I learn to love with the 92’s serie.

For me, Bruce don’t want kill because he want have hope in humanity and save as many people as he can. Plus, he was traumatized by his parents death (thank you captain obvious), and everytime he think about killing someone, a part of him must say “What if they have someone who love them? What if I bring to someone the same pain I have to going through since I am a child? I don’t want to do that.”

And you know what? He have every right feel that way and use it as a motivation for not kill. Even if the fact that killing vilain can save a thoudsand people and destroy the argument “killing make us as bad as them”, Bruce has no obligation to kill if he can’t and don’t want carry this weight.

It is a little sad that DC never make Bruce say that, even inside his head. It will make more human and less machine.

About knowing the evil you face, I can understand that for most of his vilain. But for Joker? I don’t think Bruce really know Joker like he know other vilain, despite that strange codependent relationship becoming more crazier with each issue. Each time he have to fight Joker he said things like “No matter what you and I think, what Joker will do will be unpredictable and far more dangerous”. So what? Everytime you just react and get lucky because he like you? (Yeah not a big fan of Joker in the last issues) doesn’t seem like you know your evil.

Arguments DC shows us are pretty weak too

So DC use the killing thing to separate vilains and heros, bad and good people.

Ok so Jason is a bad people for killing and bad thing happen to him because of that (like all the time !! Seriously even when he was Robin he had hard time). But with the DC logic it’s ok. It iw the message they want to tell you.

So Bruce who never want to kill no matter the cost is a good people and … bad things happen to him? WTF? Like all the time too?!

  • Majority of his children died at least once.
  • His paternal figure was hurt by his choices (mentally and physically)
  • All of his children was hurt by him (mentally and physically)
  • His allies were hurt by him (mentally and physically)
  • The woman that he loves and loves him back leave him their wedding day.

With all of that he feels alone (when he isn’t for real) and miserable like all the time ! No matter what he do, he doing it wrong and he can expect be punch for that.

I don’t say his live should be easy becauwd he is a good person (he is a comics hero after all) but damn ! If in a world of corruption, violence, and injustice like Gotham, a good person ready gives everything they have for their city can’t have at least a good, happy, and healthy family/group of friend to deal with this kind of shit every day, then why keep going?

When DC tells us that when the Outlaws use their method in Gotham there is no crime, when they tell us that your principe will make you alone and miserable, why should I think that no killing is the solution?

The relationship between Bruce and Jason

Their relationship have problem beforr Jason died, because Jason feels lonely. Bruce never take interest with Jason’s social life because Dick had never problem making friend and Jason never complain. And when he realises there can be a problem and he decides take Robin from Jason for a while for him to do other thing than school and Robin, Jason became angry, thinking it’s a punishment (and Jason have no use for Bruce if he isn’t Robin to Batman. Because sadly, Jason never know how much Bruce love him and value his son) so they never discuss about that.

  • The Jason Todd birthday certificate problem

About that : I prefer the idea of Sheila Haywood is his biological mother and Joker doesn’t prepare Jason’s death better that Catherine Todd is dead but not really, never call his son that she loved and all the Joker planning thing.

So Sheila is the biological mother :

Option one : during the adoption Bruce learn the tru because you need a legible birthday certificate for the procedure, and decide not telling (WTF?!). Wich is an asshole move really. But unprobable because he ask every woman if she is Jason’s mother (seems genuily doesn’t know the answer) when it would be easier tell the tru to Jason so they can capture Joker faster.

Option two : the birthday certificate uses was legible but false saying that Catherine is Jason’s mother. Maybe she makes one because with Willis gone and Jason unofficialy is son, they can take him from her. A false document can maybe pass a first visit give her time to leave with Jason. This certificate pass becausd person responsable of this dossier doesn’t want have trouble with one of the most powerful Gotham family, or they think one day they can gain money from a secret like that.

  • The careful tale

Bruce still think that Jason died because he disobey and attack Joker.

I understand where that come from. You leave your son in his civies to find him beaten to death in his costume. Sheila didn’t tell him the true before dying. Joker will never tell him because he love being THE responsable of Robin death.

The real problem is they never talk about that ! A fucking detective who don’t ask to the victim how the crime happen? For real?

  • The Bruce reaction to Red Hood!Jason

At first he is just a criminal, then you learn he is your dead son.

You don’t believe him despite test ADN? Accuse him being a clone, a polymorphe, etc

You don’t believe him despite an empty casket? Check again and again, then ask how they sucess doing it, reclame your son body.

Show your anger, sadness, despair etc.

You realise this is really your son and you know how to find him? Go see him without mask, show that you want to discuss, that you miss him, that you love him, ask how, ask why.

Attack only if necessary (he will kill you or people and you are against that)

Don’t stay impassive. Don’t fight. I know that you worries about your first son but don’t forget the one in front of you.

Unless you want him think he means nothing to you.

And if he puts a gun on his murderer head and you are pro no killing, don’t aims your son’s throat (that could kill them you know).

  • Red Hood!Jason member of the batfamily

The peace between Jason and the batfamily doesn’t have explication. Which is a waste of potential, people talking, becoming more real, human for the lecteur.

And during this peace, Bruce expect the worse from Jason and never talk with him to learn what kind of person he become.

But the worst is when Bruce trick Jason to go to Ethopia. I still don’t know why he didn’t ask to Jason.

“I don’t know how I survive after you. I don’t know how I will survive after Damian. I need bring him back like you come back. I need know how this is happen. Tell me everything. Let me take you to Ethopia”

Sure at first Jason can refuse, being angry. But if you didn’t expect him appears one day to the Manor say “Ok but I get drive the Batmobile” then you have no faith in your son. And he shouldn’t have faith in you.

  • The RHATO #25 issue

What makes me angry about this issue?

Bruce didn’t ask Jason why he shoot Penguin. Again he suppose being a detective.

Bruce didn’t ask Jason where his friends were.

Bruce didn’t ask Jason how he feels.

The Batman thar I learn to love is compassionate.

Batman want throw Jason at Arkham. Where is murderer is. Despite Jason not being crazy. Despite Jason does'nt exist. How can he pht Jason in Arkham if it is not by force without tribunal?

It is an another point : Jason Peter Todd is dead. Not like the rest of his friends or family, Jason doesn’t have a civies identity and a secret identity. The only identity he have is Red Hood. He can pursuit studies, buy home, get married, have kids, have job. The only thing he can be is a soldier. I can understand why he don’t want give it to Bruce who was awful with him in the last issues.

In conclusion, and in my opinion, all the problem I tell before come from DC who don’t want take risk and there are too many cook in this kitchen. Because of this two things, author and dessinator can’t give character what their deserve neither they can give lecteur real dark (since you know is Dark Comics) stories other than punch, yells, death for shock value.

English is not my first langage so I hope no eyes bleed while reading this.

Thank you for reading all of that and have a nice day.

thotwing  asked:

What do you think Jasons caper account bio would say?

Oh wow, this is pretty tough XDDD Hmmm, let´s see. 

It´d probably go along the lines of:

“Gun enthusiast and strong believer in justice. My type of justice. Not against meeting up with someone on the wrong side of the law. Multiple passports, but not a spy (usually). I enjoy a good physical fight, traveling, collecting firearms and Shakespeare. No, that last bit is not a joke.”