RTX/SGC 2016 Tickets On Sale Tuesday, 2/16! Sponsors Get 5% Off!

Hi friends!

RTX/SGC 2016 tickets will go on sale Tuesday, February 16th at 10:00am CST! Please tell us you are as excited as we are!!!

We will offer 3 types of badges:

1. VIP (access Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) - $500 (priority line for panel seatings, early access to autograph signings, access to VIP Lounge, admission into VIP party) ***LIMITED badges available for VIP***
2. WEEKEND (access Friday, Saturday and Sunday) - $85
3. DAY (Friday, Saturday, OR Sunday) - $45
***SPONSORS*** This year, Rooster Teeth Sponsors receive 5% off any type of badge to RTX/SGC. Start your FREE trial now: http://bit.ly/1PxRMGI

Remember, all RTX badges grant you access into RTX AND SGC events! How awesome is that?!?

DATES: July 1, 2 and 3, 2016
LOCATION: Austin Convention Center, Hilton Downtown Austin, and JW Marriott (Austin, TX - DUH!)
HOTEL: We have secured a block of discounted hotel rooms at the Hilton and JW Marriott. We will post more info on how to book your room(s) next week when tickets go on sale.

We can’t wait to take over the city of Austin and see all of your lovely faces!



As long as I’m alive, you’re all as good as dead!

Here he is, our favorite shark-themed merc from Red vs Blue!  Fleece and pleather, standing at 17 inches, perfect for cuddling, and heading out to a new home (just in time for valentine’s day, @redteamshark!)  

General reminder that commissions are open, and while I can’t sell things rvb-related, I do take trades!  Message me for more info!

He could never forget her, and his memories were the keystone in the center of everything he was. Yet it is said we are not human beings but human becomings. Leonard Church was no exception.

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Chapter 44

Leonard waited until he could no longer make out Caitlin’s head as it bobbed among the crowds of people before he turned around, pushing his hands into the pockets of his coat and casually walking out of the airport. It was strange to know he had no obligations for the next four days other than whatever he found for himself to do. He and Caitlin had become so used to spending almost every waking second together—sometimes he wondered how they had even ended up with their relationship as close as it was. Until recently they spent so much time bouncing research ideas off one another and discussing funding and theory—it was almost more of a business relationship than love.

But that wasn’t true, he reminded himself as he started his car. He had truly fallen for her, back in those days; and hadn’t she confessed at some point that she had been infatuated with him since nearly the very moment they had first spoken? How absurd. But he had known. Even if he didn’t quite put it together until later. And now it was his own pride and foolish errors that were making her pull away from him.

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