The Red Vs Blue channel is here! :D

hey whats up its rhys rhibros​ here with another yearly round of the impossible game one of those fuckin “like and ill follow” posts but for real my dash is dead as dicks so if u post or u know someone who posts:

  • homestuck
  • big hero 6
  • roosterteeth
  • achievement hunter
  • red vs blue
  • lazer team
  • five nights at freddys
  • markiplier
  • the persona series
  • aesthetic/poetry stuff
  • south park
  • horsey things
  • vines
  • pretty much anything from my tags page

then like/reblog/hmu and ill check u out and prob follow u

texelations asked:

Congratulations on 1000 followers! Would you be willing to do a shippy York/North piece? Thanks!

thanks!! cool let’s start right with the shipping today alright

alright alright alright

sure have some Nork. dumb boyfriends.

the ship name amuses me

Nork Nork Nork

celebrating until Sunday!!! ask me anything or suggest a thing for me to draw!