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however, on a different note, how tall do you think everyone is?

oh man i was actually just thinking about this the other day

there is a lil bit of wiggle room for some of them, by an inch or two 

from shortest to tallest:

Church:  5′4 

Grif:  5′5

CT:  5′6

Sarge:  5′6

Tucker:  5′7

Kai:  5′7

Donut:  5′8

Florida:  5′8

Doc:  5′8

479er:  5′9

Felix:  5′9

Carolina:  5′10

Siris:  5′11

Simmons:  5′11

South:  6′

Tex:  6′

York:  6′1

Washington:  6′1

Wyoming:  6′1

Locus:  6′2

Caboose:  6′3

North:  6′3

Maine:  6′6

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how does blue team play pokemon go

Church: He is terrible at catching Pokemon and somehow always messes up with throwing the pokeballs. After awhile he just gives up in rage as the pokeball never hits.

Washington: He likes to capture all the pokemon and will walking around for hours hatching eggs and finding new pokemon. 

Tucker: He’ll be trying to capture all the gyms around to show off to women and tell them about how great his team is and how his the best pokemon trainer around. 

Caboose: To catch them all is his goal and Caboose refuses to transfer any of his pokemon and wants to love them all. 

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001 rvb, 002 lolix, 003 felix? <3

whoo anon this might be too much at once for a single post so i’ll just do 001 rvb for now, but if u wanna know the other two, you can ask me again if u want :)

001 | Send me a fandom and I will tell you my:

  • Favorite character: MASON ‘SIRIS’ WU ahhhhhh
  • Least Favorite character:  MALCOLM HARGROVE somebody please stop him
  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): 1) lolix 2) sharkolina 3) grimmons 4)  southct 5) yorklix lmfao
  • Character I find most attractive: lmfao who is even attractive among this sea of bobbing helmets?? actually yo Samuel Ortez is good looking, probably.
  • Character I would marry: i’d marry Siris but he’s taken lmfao so Vanessa Kimball please would you do me the honour–
  • Character I would be best friends with: my heart says Sister but my brain says Lopez
  • a random thought: consider: Mason ‘Siris’ Wu never stops bounty hunting, even years after his two wayward partners fall into the pit of crime he can’t stomach the will to stay too deep in, and years later, he becomes the man driven to chase down and finally brings the notorious criminal ‘Locus’ in to face the justice he fled from
  • An unpopular opinion: despite the visual spectacle of what they were, seasons 9 and 10 were not written and arranged especially well imo
  • my canon OTP:  LopezxSheila is the original, the one, the true–
  • Non-canon OTP: lolix technically.  but if we’re talking wtf im like yorklix is p great.
  • most badass character: UM CAN WE TALK ABOUT SIRIS PLE A S E
  • pairing I am not a fan of: yorkalina
  • character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): lbr the writers mess up a lot lmfao but if you’ve followed me long enough you probably know the answer
  • favourite friendship: Caboose and Agent Washington actually.  I love their dynamic
  • character I want to adopt or be adopted by:  throw me in the pit with the insurrectionists please i want to cherish them and be cherished by them

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Cute Significant Other Smokes, Freelancers Part 2

York: Secretly thinks it’s super cool, but feels like he has to put an outward face of disapproval on lest he risk the ire of his BFFs Carolina and North. Will just halfheartedly repeat lines of “that’s bad for you” and “you should quit,” but otherwise, doesn’t bother you. In fact, will bug you to make smoke rings when his buddies aren’t around. Tries your cigarette one time– coughs out a lung, and goes, “Yep. Still can’t stand it.”

North: Straight into disapproving big brother mode. Genuine fear and concern of course, but for the most part, it’s warped by a subconscious idea in his mind that you don’t know any better and are just acting out. Sits you down and gives you a very stern lecture; talking to you almost like you’re a child. Says he’ll back off afterwards, and leave it up to you to decide, but actually switches his approach to passive aggression. Will do things like leave anti-smoking propaganda out where you can see them (i.e., there are suddenly new posters around the MOI), clicks his tongue at you any time you get out of breath, and makes callous offhand comments about how you don’t care about your health. Claims innocence if you confront him. “Maybe that’s your subconscious talking to you. Maybe deep down, you want to quit.”

South: Thinks it’s awesome. She smokes, too. Or– used to, rather. She had to quit for various reasons, but she shares a cigarette with you every now and then anyway. A little annoyed you didn’t say something earlier, but whatever. Thinks it’s pretty hot. Smoke kisses for fun and profit (aka, annoying her brother). As far as she’s concerned, you’re her significant other, and you can do whatever you damn well please. She doesn’t think twice about fighting people on that subject, and getting her to back down is next to impossible. It’s unknown whether she actually does this for your sake, or if it’s just another front in her war to exert control over her situation– but maybe it’s a bit of both.

Connie: Pretty cool about it. A bit taken aback initially, but basically shrugs and says, “You know that’s bad for you, right?” That’s the first and last time she mentions it. She cares– there are just bigger things to worry about right now. Plus, it’s your life. She doesn’t get control over it just because you’re dating. That’s how she looks at it, at least. Appreciates when you don’t smoke around her, tho. Doesn’t like the smell too much.