Red the Akita

Hanzo, Genji, and two Akitas (red and brindle).

The Akita Inu is a beautiful, dignified, proud, courageous, powerful, and devoted dog. Sojiro keeps a lot of Akitas and some of them are very good at babysitting his little sons. He’s also got a Shibe pupper for his little sparrow as this small dog is more playful than Akitas which pay no attention to noisy kids if they are not interested. Moreover, for baby Genji, Shiba is better for hugging and cuddling compared to his large counterpart.

I drew this for yummytomatoes a few days ago. At first I was hoping to submit it, but I couldn’t find the submit box so I’m hoping she’ll find it here. I really hope she likes it! She seems to have a lot of stress as it is and I really look up to her and checking her blog for new art ahhhh. 

Nueva imagen promocional del Anime ‘Saint Seiya: Saintia Shou’

La serie spinoff de Kurumada y Chimaki Kuori fue lanzada en agosto del 2013 

La edición de octubre de la revista Champion Red de Akita Shoten ha revelado una nueva imagen promocional del próximo Anime adaptación del Manga spinoff Saint Seiya: Saintia Shou de Kurumada y Chimaki Kuori. El anuncio aun no especifico la fecha de estreno o formato del Anime. El estudio de animación Toei Animation (One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, Digimon Adventure Tri.) se encargará de producir el Anime.

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Little Family Ch. 1

Chapter 2 3 5

A/N: The Lucky Ones is one of my favorite Inuyasha fanfictions of all time, and I am drawing inspiration from it, along with every other story where a little hanyou is found and needing more love. MOAR LOVE.

I read somewhere that Inuyasha was based off of the Akita inu (and I love that breed of dog more than anything in the world), so I was inspired to ask myself ‘what if there was a red Akita hanyou’, and I’m taking it and running.

Also, I want to make it a little bit like post-cannon, but I am definitely making it AU. (There is a baby and Kagome can go back through the well, because Mama Higarashi is life.)

Kagome had been back for a few months, not quite a full year but almost. It was six months into living in the feudal era that they discovered the well was still open to them to travel.

It had happened quite unexpectedly one day. Miroku and Inuyasha had been taking the twins for a walk, and Kagome was taking care of the new baby to give their mother a break. They had made it back to the well where the girls were playing by running around. They had managed to rope Inuyasha into playing along with them. They were rather sly girls, much like their father, and had, while playing peek-a-boo with their favorite uncle, gotten him to balance on the ledge of the well. While he had his eyes covered pretending he couldn’t see them, they each shoved a leg with all their might, and toppled him into the well. They squealed in delight at having gotten the upper hand on their beloved uncle. But instead of him jumping out to playfully startle them, a bright blue light flashed.

Miroku had rushed over as soon as he saw the light, but knew there was nothing to be done- Inuyasha was on the other side of the well. Scooping up his girls, he made his way to Kagome and Inuyasha’s home.

“What do you mean he’s gone?” Kagome stared at the monk. The girls were back to running around, seemingly to have forgotten their favorite uncle was gone.

“I’m afraid they pushed him down the well, and now he’s gone.” Miroku reached and picked up his son from Kagome’s embrace.

“Well, where did he go?”

“Down the well, I suppose.”

“The well is closed, Miroku. He couldn’t have gone down it.” Kagome crossed her arms and regarded the man in front of her. “I can’t believe you lost my husband.”

“I didn’t lose him, the girls did.” Miroku dropped a kiss to the baby’s head as he snuffled and nuzzled closer to his father.

Kagome turned to look at the girls. “Ayame, Suzume. Where did Inuyasha-jii-san go?”

The girls stopped playing and looked at their beloved aunt. Ayame, the far more vocal girl, spoke first. “With the blue light.”

“Poof!” Suzume added with a flourish of the arms.

Kagome paused before turning back to Miroku. The robed man shrugged before holding out an arm to his girls. “Let’s go find Kaa-san, girls. Kagome-baa-san needs to find her husband.”

With that, Kagome was left alone.

Sighing audibly, Kagome walked to the well. Looking down it, she reasoned that trying wouldn’t hurt. But she wanted to go slowly down it, as to ensure she wouldn’t break something in case it wasn’t open. Hoisting herself over, she cautiously worked her way down the vines to the bottom of the well. Her feet touched the solid ground, and she curse out loud.

“YOU’RE SO DAMN FULL OF IT, MIROKU.” And the light engulfed her.

Kagome looked up and saw her little brother staring at her from the top of the well. He had grown quite a bit, she noticed. He no longer had his chubby baby cheeks. Her heart-strings pulled hard as she realized how much she had missed.

“Took you long enough, nee-chan. Inuyasha-nii-san is already on his third bowl of ramen.” He tossed the rope ladder down her. “Mama went to the store to make oden for you.”

Kagome teared up, and made her way out of the well. When she reached the top, she grabbed Souta and squeezed him tight.

They ate dinner with her family that night. It was a large meal full of familiar and favorite food. When Momma heard that Kagome and Inuyasha had married in the feudal era, she insisted on running to the store and buying a small cake. Inuyasha didn’t understand the significance of the small white cake, but he sure enjoyed the taste of it.

They returned to the feudal era the next morning. Kagome was insistent that she belong in the feudal era, but that never stopped her and her new husband from joining her family for dinner.

Shiori Teshirogi lanzará el Manga ‘Batman and Justice League’ el 19 de junio

El Manga seguirá a la Liga de la Justicia tratando de proteger Ciudad Gótica del Joker y sus súper villanos

La edición de julio de la revista Champion RED de Akita Shoten reveló más detalles sobre el próximo Manga que contará con personajes de DC Comics de Shiori Teshirogi este viernes. El Manga se titula Batman and Justice League, y contará con Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman (Mujer Maravilla), The Flash, Cyborg, Green Lantern (Linterna Verde), y Aquaman. La historia contará con Justice League (Liga de la Justicia) llagando a Gotham City (Ciudad Gótica) para proteger al mundo del Joker y su alianza de súper villanos. El Manga será lanzado en la siguiente edición de la revista Champion RED, a la venta el 19 de junio. 

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Póster promocional del Anime Saint Seiya: Saintia Shou.

La serie spinoff de Kurumada y Chimaki Kuori fue lanzada en agosto del 2013.

La más reciente edición de la revista Champion RED de Akita Shoten ha revelado el primer póster promocional para el próximo Anime adaptación del Manga spinoff Saint Seiya: Saintia Shou de Kurumada y Chimaki Kuori. El anuncio todavía no especifico la fecha de estreno o formato del Anime. 

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Aikatsu! Japan Tour mode.

Akari’s new unit Luminas, with Sumire and Hinaki, tour and meet other various idols from Hokkaido to Okinawa!

Hokkaido (purple): Nono Daichi and Risa Shirakaba (new sexy brand Dolly Devil)

Akita (red): mystery~~~

(pink): Ichigo and Mizuki

Osaka (green): Niina Doujima**

Fukuoka (dark pink): Kana Hashimoto (real idol tie in)

Tokushima (blue): mystery~~~

Okinawa (teal): Minami Hateruma**

**names from a video source