Red hawks


Red goshawks, Erythrotriorchis radiatus, are a ‘near threatened’ diurnal species endemic to Australia, and are one of the country’s rarest birds of prey. As with other goshawk species, they are master hunters throughout open forest, coastal or sub-coastal, savannah, or woodland areas and can adapt to catch prey in most biomes. Despite this, they have a rather specific breeding habitat, and will only nest in very tall trees near water. 

There is an estimation of fewer than 1000 individuals overall, as the species is suffering largely from habitat destruction cleared for farming (often sugar cane plantations, or urban development. Development also fragments their habitat, which can cause vulnerability to storm damage which often results in damaged or destroyed nesting sites. Sadly, land clearing in northern and eastern Australia is particularly damaging.

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“At least it’s… 40° out. :[” -me, submerged up to my knees in mucky ice water.

SWAMPS. I hate swamps.* Karma dragged me into the middle of this partially-frozen swamp today (I thought she was really keen on something, the way she kept diving down and hovering around the reeds). Turns out she just wanted a bath. And I, being the genius that I am, didn’t wear my waterproof boots today. Excuse me while I rub the feeling back into my shriveled prune toes.

*Disclaimer: I love swamps! But if you remember Sawyer, and his daring escape, you’ll remember why I also *hate* swamps.

Huh. I never noticed.

Fenris never says “I love you,” does he? He says a lot of things that certainly allude to him loving you. I don’t doubt that he feels it. But never actually says the word “love.” 

I’m still in Act 2 of my current play-through, but I looked at some videos on youtube to see if he says it. He didn’t in the ones I saw. But I don’t know if the dialogue varies depending on friendship vs rival, or male vs female Hawke. Or blue vs purple vs red Hawke. 

I just thought that was interesting. 

Tail mount
Finally got around to mounting Cooter’s juvenile rectrices! Now I have to wait for the fixative to dry and I can put them in a shadow box. He’ll never have these colors on his tail again…had to preserve the memory❤️
(One is missing on the left, lost during the molt)