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Ok I’m not sure how far these posts tell the truth but i’m fucking pissed and when there is someone out there doing stuff like this I wanna help taking her down. To be honest I never understood why someone would even hate on people online because I like to keep my opinion to myself. Still I would let those people be, it’s there decision how the waste their time and mostly they don’t even get what’s wrong about it even if you tell them. But it is NOT ok to actually go around and spread rumors or actually attacking and hurting people. Like it is one thing if you send them a massage about you hating them ( which is worse enough) but ACTUALLY TRYING TO KILL SOMEONE OR SPREADING FALSE RUMORS IS INACCEPTABLE. Do they even know how much damage they do by accusing someone to be a rapist. It’s not just his career that could end, also his private life will be affected just because some bitch has nothing better to do than going around hurting others. I’m not saying this just because it’s bts, no idol has ever done anything to deserve this they all work hard and those fucked up people have no right to judge them. I’m really angry and I hope that this person gets scolded not only by other fandoms but also mostly by exo-l’s, I know that there are some who agree with her but belive the the biggest part of this fandom isn’t like that and they would never encourage such behaviour because I know and love exo, although I’m an ARMY, and when they belive in their fans than so will I (not to mention because my best friend is an exo-l, yes people a friendship like this exists and it’s a fucking good one). Please help protect not only your but all groups, they don’t deserve this and we are better than people like that. Sorry for the long post and that I wasn’t able to express my self that we’ll but thank you for your attention I love y'all

Red Velvet Reaction To Having To Leave For Schedule But Wanting To Stay

Irene: Even after getting ready to leave she would go back to bed and lay there with you until she’s almost scolded by Seungwan on the phone, telling her she is late and that they’re waiting outside. But still she would delay a little more to meet up with the girls.

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Seulgi: She would try delay it as much as she could just so she could spend some more time with you. But when her members started to call her unstoppable, she would have to go to her schedules. But she would try to get everything done as soon as she could so she could go back to you.

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Wendy: She would tell you a lot of times how much she wanted to stay and how good the day looked for sleeping. But then she would accept that its her job and that she has to leave you and your extremely comfortable bed.

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Joy: It would be really dramatic. She would go to the door and then come back to you and hug you. Then she would do it again and go back to you. She would only leave when Irene went there and dragged her out of your house.

“But I want to staaay.”

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Yeri: After she got ready, she would go to you and would cuddle you ‘just fifteen more minutes’. But her fifteen minutes would turn into thirty and she would be really late. She wouldn’t care too much about it. Only when she got threatened by Joy.

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“I can’t do this anymore Rosé” I don’t want to fucking leave her but things became so complicated.

“I gave up my dream just to be with you, Isn’t that enough?” I can feel a warm liquid running from my eyes. Her eyes are closed avoiding my gaze. I love her so much. That I gave up everything just to be with her. But in the end she cheated on me.

“Do you still love me?” I move closer to her and cupped her face. “Look into my eyes and tell me that you don’t love me anymore” I told her. My tears are overflowing. It hurts so much. and yet there’s still no response from her.

She look straight into my eyes. “I don’t love you anymore” Upon hearing those words my whole world falls apart. i remove my hands from her face. “I’m setting you free” I told her before I leave our apartment.

I rested my head on the wheel and cried. Our 6 years of relationship are now gone because of an asshole. She chooses the guys she just meet over me. She gave up everything. I loved her with all my heart. I always think about me and her having some babies. building a mansion. growing old together. but now it’s all gone. We graduated high school it was so perfect. Maybe i’ll hate college for the rest of my life. I gave up my dream to study in my dream university. I rejected the offer because I don’t want to leave her. It will be a long drive for me to get to her. She’s not happy with my decision. but i still did. She changed my whole life. She’s the only person who stayed in my life, who never leave my side. The only person who loves my whole being. She supported me in every single way she can.

But she canged. He met this guy. who became her friend and started making a move on her. I drove back to the apartment. She’s not there anymore. I checked every room. it’s empty. I entered our room and her cabinets are already empty. I can’t explain the pain i’m dealing right now. i grab some cigarette on my drawer and saw a note.

“I’m sorry”

And tears started to fall down again from my ears. I hated myself from not hating her. I love her that much and I can’t even hate her for hurting me this much. I lighted my cig and bomb a smoke. to release some stress from my body.


Drugs, and alcohol is the only way i can forget the times I saw them together. it’s been 4 weeks. I saw them everyday at the university. Holding hands, hugging each other. i want to beat The crap out of him.

I was walking towards my vehicle when i heard a familiar voice.

“Y/N!” I didn’t bother facing the person behind me. “Fuck off Suho” i told him while unlocking my car. “Rosé ask me to gave you this” I face him with a confused look painted on my face. She grab my hand and opened it as he placed a silver ring on my palm. My whole body froze.

It was the ring that i gave her during our 1st anniversary. “I’m sorry” he told me. “Don’t worry I will gave her the attention she needs and the satisfaction you can’t give her” He told me with a smirk on his face.

My fist met his face. “Fuck you! you already have her you don’t have to fucking rub it into my face! You won already!” I shouted at him. My tears are starting to fall. my knees are weak and i’m starting to kneel in front of him. “Please, don’t—- hurt her…. please” I don’t want to feel anything anymore. “I won’t” he told me and leave.

I can see some feet in front of me. i looked up and see Seulgi. She offers her handkerchief. I grab it and wipe my tears. she stood down my level. “Those beautiful eyes should be happy” Seulgi is one of the girls making a move on me, but i rejected them all because i love Rosé. but now everything changes.


3 months later.

Everytime i’m going to my last class, i always saw her sitting under the same tree she’s been sitting everytime she’s waiting for me after my practices. She’s been reading her favorite book again. I’m still inlove with her, i can’t deny it. Her face became pale. Those lips are drying. a feel a pair of arms around my waist and a lips pressed to my neck.

“Babe. stop you’re hurting yourself” Seulgi blurted out. I closed my eyes. “I’m sorry I can’t help it but stare” I notify her. and i decided to go straight to my class.

After my last class I ended up in a convinience store near the campus to buy some yogurt. And i saw her mom buying some stuffs. her eyes widen when she laid her eyes on me.

“Y/N, it was nice seeing you today” she told me and give me a warm hug. i smiled at her.

“It was nice seeing you again Mrs. Park.” i helped her with the stuffs she’s buying to the counter. Her eyes are puffy, she became pale like Rosé too. While the cashier is taking care of the items, her phone rang.

“Suho? what happened?…….” that bastard. Her mom’s face became so worried and her eyes became teary.

“Oh God, i’m on my way….. thank you shawn” and she ended the phone call and she turn her face to me.

“It’s Chaeyoung”

and my heart drops. what happened to her?

“What….. what about her?” i asked her while pulling the groceries from the counter.

“Come with me” she told me while she exit the store. i followed her to her vehicle and put the bags behind the shotgun seat.

She’s driving fast to the nearest hospital. my heart is pounding.
“She has gastric cancer Y/N, stage III and she’s not taking any medication. That’s why she stopped performing live”

My whole world stops upon hearing those words. she didn’t told me this. but why? fuck. i have no idea. i should be with her, fighting for her but i didn’t.

We reached the hospital and i can’t even walk, i’m so weak. Suho saw us and he gave me a weak smile. “I’ll let you guys talk” Chaeyoung’s mom told us and she ran inside the hospital.

“I’m sorry Y/N, but Chae loves you so much. We’re not dating” He told me. i’m so confused.

“I don’t get it” i said, my mind is about to burst i can’t stop thinking about what he meant.

“She loves you. She asked me to fake date her because she’s sick y/n! She doesn’t want to be a burden to you, she wants you to be happy without her”

“That’s bullshit Suho, pure bullshit” i said. i ran inside the hospital and she’s still in the operating room. her mom is crying inside Jennie’s arms, the other members came here 20 minutes ago.and they are all crying and worried. i walked outside the hospital. Reminiscing all the memories we had.

Her first debut as an idol with the rest of the girls. he was so happy. she even cried after performing.

Our graduation i gave her a puppy but she died because of oldness. Our first fight because i lost her favorite handkerchief. i first break up because because she’s so jealous of f(x) krystal. i remember everything.

I sat on a bench in front of a pond and i looked at the sky and closed my eyes. “Please fight for me chaeyoung. i love you so much”

i’m sorry it took so long for me to update. i ran out of ideas hehehe. and something came up so. Finals week are coming please pray for me.