Bring Her Back

Prompt: Could you do an imagine where batmom dies when barry created flashpoint, but since batboys were in another earth/dimension they still remember her when they come back and try to force barry to bring her back?

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    Normally Richard Grayson would be pulling his youngest brother off his teammate. But right now, he was just as mad, and it was only years of self control that were keeping him from killing the speedster. To be honest, he was more surprised that Jason hadn’t taken a shot yet. Tim was too occupied trying to figure out how to get her back, and then there was Bruce.

    His adoptive father was completely unaware of the change. He’d been on world when, what the League was calling “Flash Point” had happened. Bart Allen had gone back in time to prevent his grandfather’s death, and in the process had erased their adoptive mother from existence.

    The realization of what had happened had hit them all swiftly. He imagined, that the only reason they were holding it together this well, was because they had yet to see Bruce. The man’s world had risen and set with their adoptive mother. She was the one who softened him, and could get him to relax. He didn’t want to imagine what Bruce was like without her.


    Dick winced, apparently they were about to find out. Dick’s eyes followed his father as he walked across the room, Barry Allen right behind him. Jason had drawn his gun and taken the shot before any of them could stop him.

    Of course, the Flash dodged it. The stunned look on Bruce’s face, nearly made it worth it. As Damian slid off Bart, the situation truly seemed to dawn on him. Shoving Bart away Damian simply said, “You don’t remember her either.”

    Bruce’s voice was gruff and stern, “Who? Who don’t I remember?”

    Damian just shakes his head, “None of your concern. We’ll take care of it ourselves. Todd, Grayson you’re with me.”

    Without a word, both Dick and Jason followed after him. They were going to get their mother back, even if it killed them.

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Batfam babysitting Mar'i headcannons? Pretty please

-I can imagine Jason being really good with small kids, like he knows exactly how to get a kid to stop crying when everyone else had failed to stop the incessant wailing, so he’d be really good with Mar’i when she’s a baby

-Bruce would always take Mar’i to the park when he had to babysit her and so there are tons of tabloid photos of Bruce pushing a stroller with a content little Mar’i all bundled up inside

-Tim would be better with Mar’i once she could talk and he would make up all sorts of stories to tell her. He would do all of the silly voices and tell of the brave knight princess Mar’i who saved King Richard from the clutches of the dreaded bat-dragon that was mad at him for breaking (another) vase

-Damian wouldn’t be left around Mar’i alone; it’s not that Dick didn’t trust him to watch Mar’i, he just didn’t want her to learn how to throw knives before she could speak on the off chance that she could accidentally kill herself 

-Steph and Cass would have tea parties with Mar’i once she gets into the typical princess stage where they would make cookies (and wreck the kitchen to the dismay of poor Alfred) and set up a table and drag the boys into joining them. Then they would paint nails, the boys’ nails to be specific. Dick totally rocked the bright fuchsia Mar’i chose for him, though Jason was a bit grumbly about the sparkly yellow Steph chose for him (”couldn’t it have been red at least, to stick with the whole “RED hood” thing” “shut up and let me paint your nails”)

-Duke and Damian would teach her how to play video games like Cheese Vikings and the classics. She would eventually become a master at Mortal Kombat under the tutelage of Duke

-basically everyone would have an activity that would keep her occupied and stationary so they could have a rest but still make sure Mar’i is having fun

Big Rumors

4chan has been causing some noise with big rumors of big changes coming to DC. I’ve decided to take a look at what they’re saying and share my opinion.

1)      Dark Days is the mysterious “Metal” event Scott Snyder has been teasing he’ll do with Greg Capulo. It will bring characters from alternate Universes to Prime DC Earth, some of which will try to take it over. Some of them will stick around after the event and be featured in books from September, when every title will get a one-shot setting up new status quo after one year time skip. – Pretty standard, I could buy this one.

2)      One of the characters that stick around will be Superboy Prime, whom Clark will try to redeem on the pages of Superman. – Risky move since it’s Prime but I could totally see Superman try to redeem him.

3)      We will see the return of JSA with Power Girl, Jay Garrick, Red Tornado, Alan Scott and Johnny Thunder, in a new book by Dan Abnett – Will those be Earth-2 characters back to the Prime Earth or Pre-Flashpoint versions?

4)      Another character from another Universe to stick around will be Mar’I Grayson, daughter of Dick and Kory. Nightwing will have to search for her in his own book. – I could see it. If this and 14 will be true, I want them to cross over.

5)      Another will be Bart Allen, who will be featured as Impulse alongside Jesse Quick, Max Mercury and older Wally West in Speed Force by Brett Booth and writing and art – Hell yes Bart is back. And since people wanted a team of speedsters – yeah, I can see this too.

6)      Red Robin will escape from Mr. Oz’ captivity and free several other inmates, leading them as the new Outsiders – They kept Tim quite a bit away, he really could return. Hope Conner and few other forgotten characters will be on this team.

7)      Cyborg will be canceled but replaced with a team-up book (mini?) between him and Shazam, by John Semper. Hal Jordan and Green Lantern Corps will be relaunched as Green Lantern Corps with Hal still leading, but Kyle dying in Dark Days and John and Soranik going to Cullen Bunn’s to Yellow Lanterns.  Don’t worry, Green Lanterns will still be going and keep its creative team, but will go monthly. – Don’t know about the others but I could see Green Lanterns turning monthly. I’ll be mad if they’ll kill Kyle.

8)      Other canceled titles are Superwoman and Blue Beetle with Jaime joining Teen Titans. Red Hood and the Outlaws as well, with Artemis and Bizarro returning to Wonder Woman and Action Comics and Jason getting a solo series by Lobdell. – Totally could see Blue Beetle canceled and Jaime joining Teen Titans and we already have rumors about Superwoman ending. But I thought people liked new Outlaws.

9)      Due to poor sales both Batgirl and Batgirl & the Birds of Prey will be canceled, Barbara will make heroic sacrifice putting her back into a wheelchair. The books will be relaunched as Birds of Prey, where Oracle, Huntress and Black Canary are joined by Lady Blackhawk and Batgirls by Genevieve Valentine, where Barbara trains Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown as her successors. – And this one I cannot buy. DC was so adamant to keep Barbara as Batgirl I find it now hard to believe they would give in and make her Oracle again. And Babs training Steph and Cass written by Genevieve Valentine sounds too good to be true.

10)   Which of course means Cass is leaving Detective Comics. So is Clayface and the post-Dark Days roster will keep Batman, Batwoman, Batwing, and Azrael and add Duke Thomas, Harper Row and Anarky. – Happy to see Luke and Duke in one team since I wanted that and Harper and Kate could result in them showing up on another ball in tuxedos to pick up ladies, so I both could see this happen and would welcome them as additions to the team.

11)   Other new books announced are Legion by James Tynion, Checkmate by Tom King and World’s Fines by Tim Seeley, where every issue features a team-up between different members of Batfamily and Superfamily. – Team up book? Please let it be real, I always liked those.

12)   Batman leading the JLA will be revealed to be Martian Manhunter in disguise. – For what purpose?

13)   More miniseries including 12-parts mini about Crime Syndicate of Earth 3, Justice Incarnate by Peter Thomasi and a completely new Batman Beyond starring Damian who grew up without knowing Bruce and a GCPD cop Sarah Grayson, Dick’s daughter, as his love interest. – Does that mean current Batman Beyond will be canceled?

14)   Slade Wilson will go missing with Rose taking the codename Deathstroke as she tries to find him. – Okay, on the one hand, Deathstroke editor recently teased a bold new direction (still by Priest) but on the other, it was something I once cooked up and proposed on this blog, even got in an argument whenever it would be a good decision with @rosewilsontheravager . It could be something they put for people like me to go nuts….

10. Forever young pt. 3

Last Chapter! Remind me to NEVER do this again! 

Full list here

Other Fics

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More time passed. More time than Faith felt comfortable admitting. Along with the fact that she was happy.

Maybe too happy.

They were sitting on the roof of Wayne mansion just talking, Faith was explaining to him about the stars. She told him about a captain who had taught her about how to navigate and showed her some tricks on how to always be able to tell where she was.

“I like it, they always stay the same, no matter how many years change these things are the same…” her voice trailed off caught up in a memory.

“Faith” he whispered brushing away a few stray strands of her brown hair, “I’m here for you, always”  He leaned forward his eyes fluttering close, swept up in the moment. Faith blinked as he slowly grew closer to her, his breath warm on her face. Her heart was beating so fast she couldn’t breath. It was as if electricity was flowing through her body lighting her up. Slowly she mimicked his movements.

Then it was as if cold water washed over her. His hand genty covering hers. It was soft, sweet but it work her from a dream. Broke her from the spell. She jolted away as if someone had slapped her across the face, “No” he frowned, confused studying her.

His eyes seemed to bore into her very soul as she pulled herself away from him. Retreating from months of slowly sitting closer to her, slowly getting her use to his touch. All the months of him trying to get her use to him being around seemed to crumble around him as she threw up her walls ever higher than before.

“I’m sorry” he mumbled feeling slightly sick, “I thought… I’m sorry I don’t want to pressure you.”

“No, it’s… no I’m not… “ she stood her body shaking, “I am not going to stay here. I like being alone, I don't’ need anyone.” He watched her, his own panic consuming him as he tried to stay calm.

“But, wait Faith!”

But she was already gone.


“Good Morning”

Tim slowly opened his eyes to see Faith leaning over him. Her huge smile shining, hazel eyes looking down at him. He couldn’t help but smile back gently running his fingertips over the smattering of freckles across her nose. His heart racing as he felt his whole body light up at the image of her.

“Morning” he whispered back as his eyes drifted down her face to her arms. “You came back.”

“Yeah, I would never leave you.” she straddled him kissing him. He wrapped his hands around her waist pulling her closer to him. Feeling her warmth around him as he pulled her in. He had wanted this for so long, wanted her to accept him.

She broke the kiss to rested her head on his chest her body curled up on top of him. He played with her hair his nose filling with her scent. That beautiful wonderful smell that just seemed to calm him. They said everything about your soulmate complimented you and he agreed. From every freckle on her face to the way her body just seemed to fit around his as they laid there. His arm wrapped around her pulling her to him as tightly as he could.

Then he woke up.

And she wasn’t there. She had left him, like his family, like the millions of friends he had lost. Just like every other lost he had experienced he was once again alone.

He spend weeks trying to find her but she was an expert at hiding. She had 200 years of doing it. Erasing every bit of her existence from the world. Becoming just another nameless face in the crowd.

She had learned his tricks while living with him and she now knew how to avoid him. How to hide so that he couldn’t find her.

After months he gave up and buried himself in his work. Frustrated and hurt. But he had a new cause now, new motivation.

He would try and help all the other children like her, children who were left homeless and alone. Those who were cursed like that boy who had been killed. Children who had no other choice but to do anything they could to survive.

He started his crusade to help other street kids like her.

He was on one of the many missions to bust such a ring when he went missing. At first Bruce and the others didn’t worry too much. It happened when he went undercover. Disappearing for a while. But when a week passed they realized something was wrong.


Faith had been working over the border in Canada as grocery store attendent at a small store. The woman had taken pity on her and had let her bag groceries in exchange for food. She knew if she could keep this up for a few more years she would be old enough to start getting a real job.

She had been in the back listening to one of the shipment guys swap stories when they called out for her to come help with a large order. As she walked up to the front she was met by Bruce.

“Tim may have treated you with kid gloves but I won’t be,” he told her dragging her out of the store.

“Let me go” she snapped pulling her arm out of his grasp. “I told him, I have lived too long alone, I can’t go backwards.”

“You aren’t the only one who has lost family.” Bruce snapped, “Tim has lost people as well. Having a Soulmate is something you can’t just run away from.”  

She pulled away, “What do you know of loss, so you lost your parents at an early age, you now have a mansion on a hill filled with people who adore you and a city that loves you. I have had nothing but loss my whole life.”

Bruce pulled something out of his pocket showing her a picture, a picture of her family.

“Loss that you chose, you left a family that loved you, and with that the generations that followed.” She studied the picture.

“How did you?”

“Tony is my great great grandfather. You would have known this if you had stayed in that mansion filled with people.” He pulled the picture away putting it back in his pocket, “Tim cares about you and if that really isn’t enough for you to say at least come back to help me find him. I need your connections.”

“He’s missing?” her eyes flashed suddenly, fear gripping her and it felt like her heart had stopped again.


That was all he had to say, she was already halfway to his car.


As they scoured the city for Faith’s Soulmate she slowly learned everything he had done. Helping so many kids get out of gangs and putting leaders to justice. Many of these kids now were attending schools and living in large boarding homes with brighter futures than the ones that had awaited them before.

They finally were able to track him to an old airport a few miles on the outskirts of Gotham proper. With the help of Bruce and Damian, they were able to break in and find Tim. While Batman and the newest boy wonder held off the goons Faith ran into the luggage basement to find Tim tied up land lying on the ground.

“Faith, you came back” Tim mumbled looking up, bloody, his right eye swollen and his right arm seemed to be at a slightly odd angel . Yet at that moment, she felt like he was the most beautiful person she had ever seen.

“I’m sorry” she mumbled as she untied him, “I’m never going to leave your side again”

“What?” he glanced at her, eyes wide with shock as she gently took his head in her hands.

“I promise,” she whispered, “I will never leave you.”

She kissed him, long and hard. Her heart racing so fast it felt like it was going to burst from her chest. He kissed her back pulling her close to him with his good arm. He kissed her as if he couldn’t believe she was real. He held her so close it felt like he would never let her go.

If had hadn’t been for the shooting pain from the several beatdowns he not have.

He smiled up at her when she broke away, “I love you,” he said his eyes never wavering from her’s. “I love you and I will never leave you.”

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Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to modern comics?

A lot really, but I’ll keep it to my main ones.

This is mainly about Rebirth really, so I can keep it short.


Lately with DC: rebirth they been doing some non-nonsensical fan pandering, and what I mean by that is– 

People say they want Tim Drake to be the way he was, so they give him a modern version of his old outfit, give him Redbird (his Robin-Mobile), and have him hang out with Cass and date Steph.

Which sounds completely awesome to me. That’s a lot of stuff I like (I’m pretty meh on him and Steph on the moment though), so hearing that they would bring that back is awesome.

BUT it’s all completely nonsensical in the way they do it. The way they reintroduced Redbird was acting like he always had it; which makes no sense seeing how he never once used it in the entirety of New 52. Why would he just now use a car?

His relationship with Steph is forced as hell, they hardly know each other yet they’re living together and getting undressed in front of each other (something they never did in the old comics, and when Steph basically let Tim do the latter Tim declined, but I digress). When they only known each other for a couple months. They never showed us the progression toward getting to that point in there relationship. They just magically went from meeting in Batman and Robin: Eternal, to living together and getting undressed in front of each other in Detective Comics: rebirth. It’s a bit of a stretch and it’s nonsensical.

He doesn’t even really hang out with Cass, I don’t think they had any more then one or two interactions, there just part of the same team.

They at least had a reason for his costume. Bruce wanted to show Tim that he was always a Robin to him since in New 52 Tim never considered himself one. The costume is a bit much though for that statement, so it’s still a bit nonsensical.

It’s all just fan pandering and the way they do it is nonsensical, and Tim is still acting different then he ever did before the reboot.

Another example of nonsensical fan pandering is the Batburger scene in Batman #16, something I brought up and explained before, but I’m going to do it again.

These characters hardly interacted as much during the New 52, they have no for sure history. The most they interacted was in Batman: Eternal and Batman & Robin: Eternal, and they never showed signs of being close there. They just worked as a team.

So why would they suddenly act like they’re family at the Batburger? Jason hardly knows Damian at all. The most interactions they had before hand was Jason being a snarky jerk to him like he is to everyone else. 

Plus the way they act is just out of character.

It’s just fan pandering. It doesn’t work in-canon. They don’t have the history to make it work right. It’s nonsensical, so it’s nonsensical fan pandering.

They’ve also made Dick and Damian more of a thing, but it doesn’t work because there history keeps going back and forth and it’s never clear.

They were never clear if Dick and Damian were Batman & Robin or not till recently, and even if that did happen they didn’t do much, because Damian’s character arc in the reboot with done with Bruce instead of Dick. So that doesn’t really work to just put that history in there.

Despite that they were shown to like each other, Damian preferring Dick as he treats him the way he wants too, like an equal and not a pest or a child.

but that’s about it, they weren’t really brothers like some people act, or a father/son kind of dynamic like in pre-boot. 

So to suddenly act like nothing changes just makes it not work. They didn’t work there way so they could do it. They just randomly did it.

They didn’t have the build up for it to make sense anymore. They just acted like they didn’t change anything.

It’s nonsensical, it’s fan pandering, it’s nonsensical fan pandering.

Another pet peeve that kind of goes a long with that, is the lack of build up for relationships and ideas.

Most of what I just listed would have been fine with some build up and progression, but nothing ever happened. They just suddenly went from A to Z with out having the rest of the letters.

They just have this idea and immediately do it without doing all the work to make it work right. It ruins the end product for me.

It makes it all feel inorganic, and forced.


This don’t mean I hate every modern comic. I always stuck with Batfam comics, this is just trends of noticed with them.

I quite like Red Hood and the Outlaws, I haven’t seen a lot of fan pandering or anything nonsensical in it yet.

Jason’s in character, they don’t rush into anything. It flows quite nicely. It’s a nicely done book.

Most of the Batfam books just include to many of my pet peeves for me to enjoy.

  • Jason: do you ever get so annoyed at everything that you start to get pissed off at even little things like a spoon clinking against a bowl or sounds of people talking?
  • Dick: I think it’s called sensory overload it’s really common in people with anxiety
  • Tim: It can also be a result of sleep deprivation, stress, or even dehydration
  • Jason: Thanks I thought I was just a bitch

Does anyone else think of that one issue of Red Robin, where Tim has M’gann pose as him at a press conference so that Vicki Vale sees Red Robin and Tim Drake in the same place at the same time, but nobody else knew about the set up besides the Batfam?

Can you just imagine the entire superhero community seeing Tim Drake on television being shot, and they’re all probably panicked, but then less than a millisecond later the camera pans to show Red Robin fighting Scarab, and they’re all throwing down their capes, cursing out Batman and the entire Batfamily.

Like, Conner was probably halfway to Gotham when Clark calls him, and Kon just stops midair and goes “jesus fuckign. How do you deal with this bat stuff?” Then Clark says “Don’t ask me. I just found out Bruce isn’t actually dead.”

Batfamily as things my family has said

Barbara: “If you eat that piece of bacon I swear to god this friendship is over" 

Dick: *sneaks up on unsuspecting sibling* *randomly drops and crushes said sibling with all their weight* "HUMPBACK WHALE!!!" 

Jason: "Hey come here, I have to tell you a secret. Closer. Little closer.” *sticks tongue in their ear* 

Cass: “I’m sorry but I really don’t like you and I want you to stay outside of my house or maybe just be dead and burn in the darkest pits of hell please" 

Tim: *loses battery for the remote* "WHY WON’T GOD JUST FREAKING LET ME DIE I THINK I’VE EARNED IT BY NOW" 

Stephanie: *accidentally sets fire to counter* "You know, maybe you shouldn’t play with fire anymore” “Yeah, maybe-” *lights match* “-but not today" 

Damian: "You know once a kid dared me to stick up the middle finger in kindergarten and I did and the second I did it he called the teacher and she made me sit out recess that day and this is why I have trust issues" 


Bruce: "hOw DaRe YoU dIsReSpEct mE!!! i aM tHe KiNg Of tHiS LiViNg RoOm!!!"