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WIP guessing game: Said

I had to go back a ways, since anything recent I’ve written is in present tense, but I found it! This is from a fic @cinnamonskull and I are working on together :D

“Hello,” Tim answered in low tone. He was getting better at the voice, he thought. At least it didn’t hurt anymore. The first few days he had tried too hard and sounded more like a drunk pirate than a sexual fantasy. “I’m Robin and I’ll be your Siren tonight.”

The voice on the other end was deep and young-ish, gravelly (in a good way, like what Tim’s drunken pirate was supposed to be). “Robin. You gonna sing for me?”

“No, that’s Canary.” Tim winced. That was not the correct response. He should have said something along the lines of, “If you’re good, baby,” or, “I’ll cry out for you all night.” Both acceptable answers. Instead he’d gone with…

Tim sighed. It was one of those nights, then. He’d need a lot more coffee and a lot less shame.  


I was thinking about who I could dress up for Halloween, and the Lunar Chronicles ladies were the most obvious outcome. I’m actually surprised I haven’t done it before. I started a bit last minute, but I made it :)
So here are Cinder, Cress, Scarlet and Winter dressed in the dresses of the fairy tales their stories were based on ^.^ 


Once Upon a Time…

There was an Enchanted Forest filled with all the classic characters we know. Or think we know. One day they found themselves trapped in a place where all their happy endings were stolen. Our World.