Their first kiss? Well...

…They would be standing outside of the shipping container. After pointing out Polaris and revealing to Lizzy that *she* is his North Star, Red would protect her from having to reply to him by describing in animated detail the stories behind various constellations they can see. She would turn her head to glance at him out of the corner of her eye every now and again. He would be pointing to one star cluster, then another, his voice dramatically raising and dropping in cadence.

God, he loved to be alive. She would admire that in him…and a part of her would envy that about him. She would want to feel the passion for living that he feels so keenly…the desire to experience what he does would burn within her like starfire.

His voice would eventually fade, the sea breeze whisking it away across the waves. He would drop his gaze thoughtfully to hers, his head tilted to the side. Her lips would be slightly parted, her eyes searching his. They would be standing close enough to feel the heat radiating between them. A sudden gust of wind would whip by them. She would shiver, and he would notice. Solicitous, he would murmur how they should go back and he would press his hand against her arm to lead her inside.

As they would be about to turn, her hand would find his wrist, fingers light, almost hesitant–almost. But there would be enough pressure to give him pause. He would stop moving and look down at their hands. He would watch as her fingers encircle his wrist–a touch from her, as intimate as a kiss. A breath would escape his lips. His eyes would dart to hers, questioning.

She would lean closer, eyes sliding away from his. His lips would meet her temple in a chaste way. They would stand that way for a heartbeat. Maybe two. Then she would move, tilting her head in such a way that his mouth would be closer to her cheek. Her heart would be pounding–no doubt his would be too. But he would think that this has gone far enough, farther than he would have wanted for tonight. Because she is vulnerable. Because she is raw. He doesn’t want to complicate matters between them. Their situation is already convoluted enough. But she would tighten her grip on his wrist and her eyes…those marvelous eyes would flicker to meet his.

A questing. An invitation.

A new kind of heat would suddenly flare and glow between them. Because he is invited, he would lean closer and his lips would meet hers for the first time. Softly. Gently. They would shift and his hands would find her waist, hers would find his chest. The kiss would tentatively deepen for a moment before they part to look at each other. Her eyes would glitter like the stars burning above them. His smiling mouth would work soundlessly for a moment before he murmurs in a gravelly voice, “Well.”

Well, indeed.

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To the Writers of The Blacklist:

This past weekend, Louise (Lou Lou) McLellan, an avid fan of the blacklist and dear friend to us in the fandom, lost her long, arduous battle with cancer. As you can imagine, we are all heartbroken. Lou Lou was the bravest and most optimistic person I’d ever met. Even as she battled cancer for years, she still remained hopeful.  She gave us all hope. We thought she’d always be here, but now she is gone.

As sad as I am about losing Lou Lou, I’m even more sad that she’ll never get to see how her favorite show ends. It was because of The Blacklist and more particularly, James Spader, that she was able to endure horrendous chemo treatments for three years. Spader and The Blacklist gave her something to look forward to every week. Up to the very end. On behalf of my friend, I want to thank you all for that.

The reason I’m writing to you, is to see if it’s possible for you guys to memorialize Lou Lou somehow. She was the biggest James Spader fan on the planet (and I’m not kidding when I say that). So naming one of Red’s associates after her would be the most awesome thing you guys could do. She would’ve felt SO honored. It would be an added bonus if the character wore her patented red lipstick ;)  Either that or having an “In Memoriam” after an episode would be great too.

I’m not sure what episodes you guys are currently working on, but I’m sure you’re not finished with the season yet. I just thought I’d throw this out there for you to consider. I hope you will, because I know she would’ve been so thrilled, and frankly, so would all of us who loved her.

Thanks for your time.

Please help me get #Tribute4LouLou trending on Twitter!

The Blacklist not Reloaded but sort of.

-Red’s not taking shit from any fucking bitch y'all.

-Tom, son. Just shut the fuck up. No one gives a shit.

-“Rabbit food smoothie.” Oh Ressler. You’re a meat-head! 😄

-Samar: you were amazing last time.“ OMG. Yaaaaassssss.

-“Very handsome.” 😊 Samar. Jump his bones. Now.

-I’m kinda feeling bad for poor old, shivering, Isabella Stone. -omfg. This is some sad fucking shit. Look at this Stone cold bitch’s face.

-Tom is such a scumbag. How dare you play this old woman.

-Aram. Boo. You’re such a badass.

-I feel some more cock-blocking coming on with this lying bitch.

-old man. Stfu.

-The Architect can Archi-fuckoff.

-I’m pretty sure they are gonna make Aram and the Crazy Bitch get back together THE EXACT FUCKING WAY THAT THEY DID WITH KEEN2.


-Aram. You’re my #1!

-I’ve never loved the F.B.I more than this moment.


-uuuugh. Go away Sucio.

-Araaaaaaaam! Come back!

-I love how Samar just sets aside her ire about the Crazy Bitch and gets straight to business.

-is he gonna seriously intimidate or kill an old woman he won’t will he? Lol, I was wrong, he totally fucking would.

-ugh. Fucking Supremacists. And they’re using a brown man to do their shit. Hilarious.

-I hope they don’t start a lame storyline where they need to hunt down criminals that escaped from that prison.

-Dembe you’re such a stud.

-“That bitch?”

-I hate this man. Arrogantly walking out of prison. Ressler, Samar. Kill him. Now.



-ROFL! Omfg. Red.

-I want a gif of Red grabbing his crotch on loop at my funeral.



-Yes. Aram. Cut her off. No. Wait. Don’t look at her. Why. Why. Why??

-lol I bet Tom is gonna blame Red.

-awww you fuck, Cooper. He just wanted to extend an olive branch.

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