Bruce Wayne owns a “I’m Proud of My LGBT Child.” He wears it to work every now and then. No reporter can figure out which kid it is. (Spoiler: Its more than one)

Robin’s Nest: Part 19

Prompt: What if the robin’s were batmom’s and bruce’s biological kids?

AN: There’s only one more part after this.

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   You decide on a home birth early on. Your kids look at you like you’re crazy, Bruce looks like he’s going to be ill, and Alfred looks ready to retire. But you have your reasons. This is your sixth pregnancy, which means things should move fairly quickly. Plus, if you have the baby at home that means you don’t have to avoid the paparazzi. Lee agrees to assist in the birth, along with a doula friend of hers. You’re quite certain that you’re ready to go.

    However, this pregnancy is quite different from the others. You find yourself, infinitely more tired. Lee assures you it’s the combination of having eight children and your older age. You pout after the older age part. You’re in your thirties, that isn’t old.

    You hide it for as long as you can, but of course you start to show early. The papers have a field day with the news. There’s references to Bruce not being able to keep it in his pants, raising a nation, and you trying to trap him ever further. You roll your eyes at that; if he hadn’t left after Damian and Helena then he was in it for the long haul.

    Your boys take it upon themselves to ruin any possible paparazzi photos. You find it funny, how they make faces, and jump in front of you. At one point Dick even carries Terry on his shoulders. Your five years sticks out his tongue for the cameras. You can’t help but laugh.

    The months tick by, and you find yourself ready to be done. This particular pregnancy has been demanding physically. Your back always hurts, and you find yourself needing to use the bathroom all the time.

    So when your due date comes and goes without even a braxton hicks contraction, you get a little ornery. You go into labor, in the middle of the night, two weeks after your due date.

You’re wrong on the shortened labor part too. You spend a total of thirty-six hours in labor. By the end, you’re threatening Bruce’s life.

    Maxwell Benjamin Wayne comes into the world at 11 am. He screams, and cries, and is so full of life that you can only smile. You cuddle with him for a good hour, before Bruce carries you out of the guest room, where you’d given birth and back to your room.

    The two of you lie in bed with him for a while, before allowing the kids into the room. You fall asleep to the sight of them passing Max around, and you can’t help but smile, because you finally feel as though your family is complete.

All I want

Today has just been a mix of emotions, honestly and I’m just kinda sad about stuff now. I needed a little bit of something to cheer me up so this came to be and at first I wasn’t sure who to try this for but my fingers have minds of their own and when I read back, it’s Jason so I guess there’s that. It’s a short piece anyways, hope this might cheer someone else up too!

Your eyes became blurry with tears as you desperately tried to wipe them off with the back of your hands. You are filled with anguish and it was really starting to get harder to contain your sobs. You could feel Jason staring at you in shock but you paid him no attention, simply crying your feelings out.

Jason had been watching you for the past few minutes when you suddenly just burst out in tears. He had taken notice of your sour mood earlier but dismissed it for something that had been bothering you in school or at work – these two were what you normally complained to him about – but this was just out of the blue. He had only decided to casually ask you how you were feeling when you just started crying and Jason feels slightly guilty.

Jason takes a deep breath before he gathers you in to a tight embrace, figuring this might help you out but instead you simply clutch his shirt and cried harder. All he could do is just rub your back soothingly, whispering soft words. “I’m here, Y/N so you can cry your heart out.” Jason never really knows how to deal with a crying woman so he tends to just go with the flow. He starts to pat your back delicately too.

You could not even say a word as you are still sobbing quite hard. It’s as if a dam just broken and you couldn’t even stop yourself from crying and sobbing. Right at that moment, all you wanted to do was to stay in the comfort of Jason’s arms. He must have known that too for he presses his lips against your temple, holding you close to him.

“Y/N, no matter what it is, I will always be here so you can cry until you are able to smile again,” Jason whispers, letting you rest your head on his shoulders as he continues to rub your back, hoping he could desperately ease the pain you are feeling.

Good News!

Multiple Red Hood: Dogs to the Fight teaser trailer will be released sometime next week, it won’t give much of the film away, but will rather give you at our rendition of the infamous Red Hood.

Also, two weeks from now a trailer for our project after Red Hood titled ‘Unholy Trinity’ will be released. Unholy Trinity is the sequel to our first production ‘No Easy Way’. More information will be revealed soon.


its good to be back

Okay so I’m only now realizing that in Injustice 2, Jasons guns have freaking spikes at the bottom. 


So not only will these guns SHOOT you and riddle you with bullets, they can also ELECTRIFY you on contact, AND they can also STAB you. 

This is the level of EXTRA™ we have been waiting for…..

What if everyone in Gotham knows that Bruce Wayne has one biological child…

But none of them knows who is?

See, each of his five children acts and looks so much like Bruce that they can’t figure out which one it is. Most swear it’s Cass. She’s the one whose origin they know the least about, plus she acts the most like their father, so the majority of the population assume it’s Cass. Others think it’s Tim, since no billionaire would give his very important company to his kid unless he were his actual child. But a lot of people also suspect that Jason is the product of one drunken night between Bruce Wayne and some random woman who died and left him Jason to take care of, which would explain why Bruce adopted some random street rat without warning. Though questions often circulate about whether Dick Grayson was actually the son of a pair of acrobats, or if it was all a ploy to hide his true origin, which was a scandalous love affair that occurred between Bruce Wayne and Marie Grayson during a trip to see the circus.

Nobody suspects Damian, though. The Bruce Wayne that Gotham knows and loves is a rich playboy who likes picking up ladies and going to fancy parties. Damian Wayne is too grumpy and angry to possibly be the biological son of that guy, right?