As the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad advanced on the last rebel-held section of Aleppo, aid groups and activists described horrific scenes of death and bloodshed.

Now rebel groups say a truce has been reached with Russia, and there’s hope that civilian evacuations will be possible on Tuesday night.

“A rebel spokesman says a deal has been reached whereby fighters and civilians in the last rebel holdout will be able to leave,” NPR’s Alice Fordham reports. “The U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon says Russia and Turkey have facilitated talks, and people inside Aleppo say fighting has now stopped and they hope the evacuation will begin tonight.

"Russia’s ambassador to the U.N. Vitaly Churkin says people will be able to choose where they go — many within the opposition area are afraid to go into government-controlled areas and would rather head to another rebel-held zone,” Alice says.

The news of a cease-fire comes after days of horror in east Aleppo. U.N. agencies say they have received reports of indiscriminate killings and children under fire, and aid groups are desperately calling for parties to observe “the basic rules of warfare — and of humanity,” as the International Committee of the Red Cross put it.

As East Aleppo Falls, Accounts Of Carnage — Then A Cease-Fire

Photos: AFP/Getty Images (2) & Karam Al-Masri/AFP/Getty Images

Once again, DO NOT donate to the huge scam aka Red Cross to support relief/humanitarian efforts of Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. We all remember what the Red Cross did with the $500 million it received to build houses after the earthquake in Haiti back in 2010.

Haitian-led orgs you can contribute to directly for relief efforts: Konbit Mizik, Haiti Communitere, ACFFC, Sakala Haiti, SOIL, Fondation Aquin Solidarité , Volontariat pour le Développement d'Haïti, Lambi Fund, MADRE, Sowaseed, Konbit Solèy Leve, Sakala

Non-Haitian Orgs with proven track records in Haiti: Doctors without Borders, Roots of Development, Partners in Health, Border of Lights, Nova Hope for Haiti

Clara Barton (1821-1912) was a nurse during the American Civil War, and the founder and first president of the American Red Cross. Her efforts were pioneering not only because of the sheer number of lives she saved, but also because of the effect her visible position had on the status of women in society, at a time when they were still expected to settle as homemakers.

She began a career as a teacher, and in 1852 opened the first ever free school in New Jersey, where she taught 600 pupils – she was, however, soon replaced as the principal by a man, since she was considered unfit to head the school merely on account of her gender. In 1861 she started caring for the wounded in Washington DC, and by 1964 she was in charge of multiple hospitals on the Union side. The American Red Cross was founded in 1881, after years of planning and lobbying.