Ice Castle // West Philadelphia, PA // February 2015

Now that the warm weather is upon us, here are some flicks from the West Philly Ice Castle to cool you down.  Sometimes the scariest things can bring out the prettiest things. That one with the band aid on the fence is called “Guy Fierri’s Boo-Boo” by the way.  

Rescuers find baby trapped in rubble 22 hours after the Nepal earthquake

So wonderful to hear a glimmer of good news amidst such an awful tragedy.

from KTLA:

A 4-month-old baby was rescued from a destroyed building in the town of Bhaktapur at least 22 hours after the quake struck, the newspaper Kathmandu Today reported.

A Nepali military team had failed to notice the child during its search but returned after his cry was heard, the newspaper said.

The little boy, whose name is Sonit Awal, was reported to be in stable condition without any internal injuries, according to initial examinations.
CNN hasn’t independently confirmed Sonit’s rescue, but the newspaper published photos showing the dust-caked infant being lifted by Nepali soldiers in the ruined structure.

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If you want to donate to rescue and recovery efforts, we highly recommend Convoy of Hope, a first-class disaster relief organization that already has people on the en rout to Nepal.

Swedish Red Cross launches retro video game scheme in airports

The Swedish Red Cross has embarked on a retro video gaming initiative that aims to bring together good fun and a good cause.

Travellers passing through Arlanda airport in Stockholm and Göteborg Landvetter airport will perhaps have noticed that the traditional charity collection boxes have been replaced by video arcade games including those old classics Ms Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Galaga. Rather than simply making a donation to get rid of loose change, you can get a trip down digital memory lane for your money.

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Nepal: Donations

Here are a couple trusted organizations you can donate to. Only donate to trusted sources as there might be spammers and exploiters out to take advantage of this devastating situation. 

Save the Children

UNICEF (click donate to be taken to your country’s donation page)

Canadian Red Cross

British Red Cross

American Red Cross


Mercy Corps

The links I posted earlier are also trusted sources, and they will eventually be donating to one of these organizations.

What Nick Clegg didnt say about mental health services | @guardianletters

Before we beatify Nick Clegg for his laudable intention of improving mental health provision ( Revolution in mental health care revealed , 8 October), let us pause and consider the parlous state of our society after nearly five years of coalition government and how this may be linked to mental illness. The Lib Dems have supported the wanton fragmentation, further costly privatisation and impoverishment of our social and health services (including financial cuts for supportive charities) within t… [Read full article]Read more popular articles on

At least three thousand lives have been claimed by the catastrophic earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25. At least six thousand more are injured and more than that are without shelter, food, or water.

If you can donate even a little, here are a few charities already helping with rescue efforts.

Action Against Hunger


Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Fund


Children’s Relief Fund

When donating, it’s a good idea to check Charity Navigator to make sure your donation is being put to good use.

Even spreading information is helpful. Stay aware. Do what you can. Help those in need to keep going.

The Turkish state has prevented humanitarian aid sent from Denmark reaching people from Kobanê who are in Suruc. Turkish state is even not allowing the Red Cross, which is an international humanitarian aid organisation, to cross into Kobanê to deliver aid. Kobanê Støttefond Association spokesperson Daniel Madsen called on the international community to intervene and to show solidarity with the Kurdish people who are having a hard time

Also Psa to Australians if there’s not one going round already if there’s a chance you consumed nannas or creative gourmet frozen berries in the last few months and have donated blood in that time the REd CRoss urgently want you to contact them!!!

Regarding the Balkan floodings (Please read)

It is Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia that needs our help. All three countries. Not everyone can donate money, which is absolutely understandable, but what everyone can do is share information about these events. The media reports are poor and we need to raise awareness together.

Three months worth of rain has been falling over the countries in just three days, causing the worst floods in the past 120 years. A state of emergency has been declared. Thousands and thousands of people have been forced to evacuate and leave everything behind due to the floodings, and at least 35 people have been killed, the number still going up. More than 100,000 homes have been washed out. Read more here.

If you want to donate money, turn to your local Red Cross organisation. 

Serbian Red Cross
Bosnian Red Cross
Croatian Red Cross

All help is needed, even reblogging a post on Tumblr or sharing something on Facebook is worth so much. We need to help in every way we can!

Massive earthquake strikes Nepal

This is absolutely horrific. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake has rocked Nepal.

From BBC:

At least 970 people are known to have died in a powerful earthquake in Nepal, with many more feared trapped under rubble, officials say.
The 7.8 magnitude quake struck an area between the capital, Kathmandu, and the city of Pokhara, the US Geological Survey said.
Tremors were felt across the region, with further loss of life in India, Bangladesh, Tibet and on Mount Everest.
The government has declared a state of emergency in the affected areas.
Nepali Information Minister Minendra Rijal said there had been “massive damage” at the epicentre, from where little information is emerging.
A national police spokesman told the BBC that 970 people had died in the quake, and that more than 1,700 had been injured. At least 539 people were killed in the Kathmandu valley, he added.
“We need support from the various international agencies which are more knowledgeable and equipped to handle the kind of emergency we face now,” he said.

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Join us in praying for the victims of this terrible event and, as usual, you can donate to the Red Cross here.


My friends Rob and Kari are in Kathmandu, Nepal, where there was a 7.8 earthquake on April 25th and over 1,000 people are confirmed dead. Rob called CNN, gave some on-the-ground reactions to what’s happening.

Like he said several times, much of the city was made of bricks, so there’s a lot that’s been destroyed. Nepal’s going to need help.

You can donate to the Nepal Red Cross here.

You can donate to Shelterbox here.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee



Global Giving

World Vision

World Food Programme


Save the Children

This is nowhere near close to everyone pooling together to help the people of Nepal, but it’s a start.