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Hey guys, just letting everyone know, I marked all of my red bubble 15% percent off and it would be really cool if you could check it out! If you want a specific design or something made, just message me on tumblr! Thanks guys


If you’d like some nerdy goodies (prints, phone cases, etc.) with this picture on it, please check out my RedBubble shop! Even just clicking the like button or maybe even sharing it would be beyond Awesome!


Hi everyone!

Just letting you all know that I now have a red bubble online store. The store features my original digital designs on t-shirts, stickers, notebooks, bags, cases and more. 

My store →

I started the store recently and I am in the process of adding even more designs, including more colour options and graphics.

I’d really appreciate if you could check out my store/reblog this post so that more people can see it. 

Thank you!

Actually really proud of this! Bryan Fuller asked shirtpunch for Shivdigo shirts, I’m gunna submit this to them and see what they think, but it will also be on redbubble here

Based on Ko No Mono, the use of Shiva to represent the destroyer and the benefactor and Hannibal and Wills relationship. The Indic words are “Rudra” for the fearsome (Hannibals side on the Left) and “Sankara” for the beneficent (Wills side on the right.)
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As per some suggestions, I made a redbubble shop :00 its been really easy to use, so if you want a particular drawing of mine put up there, just let me know and I’ll do it! <3 thank you for all the support! 


So I finally got around to drawing more designs for my Red Bubble. They’re both quite different I grant you… 

If you have a crush you want to confess to… You can purchase Tamaki here

Or if you hate everyone and everything… The bitter biscuit is available here. ;)


A Tale of Two Rulers stuff
Red Bubble shop of Zelgan Stuff

For those interested in this sorta thing, (and after a ton of requests) I’ve finally tossed a bunch of my Zelgan art up on my Red Bubble page.

Thanks again to everyone for the suggestions and I hope you enjoy checkin out the stuff.

(They let me make Princess Hair Ganondorf leggings.

And blankets that have Ganondorf awkwardly saying “Sex.” on them.

I am amused by this. )