Dumbass - Roy Harper x Reader

(Requested by @batlog)

You and Roy crept silently through the air ducts of a Wayne Enterprises building. You glared at him judgmentally, to which he responded with a grin.
   “This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done. And you and Jason have done some really stupid things, Harper,” you hissed. “What in god’s name were you thinking? Yeah, let’s break into a high-security office building and try to snoop through the owner’s files. Really damn brilliant.” Roy sort of shrugged it off. “Hey. It could be worse,” he offered. At that moment, the metal ducts started creaking. You both flinched as voices got louder below you. 

   “Screw it. We find a vent, then we run,” he commanded. You didn’t argue. Opening a vent, the two of you dropped down into a conference room. Fortunately, it was empty. You peeked through the door, and upon seeing nobody, led Roy out into the hallway. You continued making your way through the office building until you reached the stairs. Realizing you were on the 18th floor, you groaned, but started running down them regardless. Roy trailed behind you. As you emerged onto the ground floor, you were met with a security team. Their weapons were trained on you and Roy. For a second, you wondered how they’d found you so quickly, but Roy quickly answered your unspoken question.
   “The cameras,” he groaned.

   “Remind me why I decided that being your best friend was a good idea?” you inquired harshly. He shrugged, attempting to reach his lockpicks with his cuffed hands.
   “You know you love me,” he declared. Your heart beat a bit faster. Roy was your best friend, and he didn’t know about how you actually felt. He didn’t need to. You huffed.
   “Whatever. Just come closer, I’ll grab the damn lockpicks,” you muttered. He leaned over to you until he was close enough that you could grab the picks from under his belt. You passed them over to him.
   “Salty…” he commented under his breath. You scoffed.
   “It’s your fault we’re in this mess!” you argued. He smirks as he frees his hands and starts picking the cuffs on yours.
   “Oh, but Y/N,” Roy announced. “You didn’t have to follow me.” You froze. That was actually a valid point. The handcuffs fell off your hands, which Roy promptly grabbed.
   “Now let’s go,” he says, pulling you off into a run.

Later, in his apartment, you collapsed on the couch.
   “We shouldn’t visit Jason at the manor for a while. Bruce will be pissed,” you suggested. Roy flopped down next to you, making a noise of agreement. He put his hand on your shoulder, which made you tense up a bit.
   “Thanks for helping me out of that,” he said. You turn your head, looking into his bright green eyes. There was something there he hadn’t ever shown you before. Affection?
   “You’re welcome,” you replied. “You’re still a dumbass, though.” He chuckled.
   “Yes, but I’m your dumbass.” And with that, he did what you had wanted him to do for a very long time. He kissed you.