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Since Swerve, Brainstorm, Fort Max, and Red Alert need more love... their reaction to their bot s/o running up to them, kissing them like they're their a lifeline and they'll die without their kiss, and then ending the cute moment by grabbing their butt and saying "mine, got it cutie?" (turns out someone was checking them out and bot s/o was marking their property and apologizes when the other guy leaves for being inappropriate)

My boys!!!!


  • You better believe the boy returns your kiss ten-fold. He doesn’t know what suddenly got into you, but hell if he doesn’t love it. He melds his body against yours and grips you with shaking servos.
  • When you grab his booty his fans kick into over-drive and he’s a blushing mess. “Yours,” he says with the biggest grin. 
  • He’s absolutely overwhelmed with warm fuzzies. The fact that someone wants him to be theirs- theirs alone,would get jealous over him… It makes his spark go supernova. He clings to you the rest of the night.


  • He catches you in his arms when you run to him. Your kiss scrambles his processor for a moment.
  • He chuckles when you grab him, “got it.”
  • Honestly, he’d noticed the other bot checking him out, but didn’t think much of it. He gets pretty smug at the fact that he was able to make you jealous.

Fortress Maximus

  • PDA makes him flustered, but the emotion behind your kiss overrides any thoughts of embarrassment. He groans into your mouth and tucks you closer to him.
  • Only when he feels your servos on his aft does he have the mind to blush. At your comment he looks at you confusedly. “Of course,” he says. He thought it was obvious?
  • He assures you there’s no need to be jealous. You’re the only one he would ever be with. He gives you extra-snuggly cuddles that night. 

Red Alert

  • He’s honestly concerned at first. The kiss is so desperate; his mind immediately jumps to worst-case scenario and he asks you what’s wrong.
  • He squeaks when you grab him, then gently affirms you that of course, he’s yours and your his, and nothing could ever change that.
  • Yes, he noticed the other bot looking at him. He was just about to tell them to move along when you came. Honestly, he gets jealous when bots look at you, too. He suggests that you two go back to his quarters, away from prying eyes. 

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Hello. I love your blog!! My inner weeb wants to know which mtmte/ll bots would watch anime with their s/o. Thank you! I hope your having a good day!

Thanks! I hope you have a good day as well friend! ♥

Who would watch anime
Rodimus, Rung, Swerve, Fort Max, Red Alert, Tailgate, Drift, Brainstorm, Ten, First Aid, Pipes, Rewind, Skids, Getaway, Nightbeat, Nautica
Whirl, if it’s full of action. He’d get bored with it otherwise.
Chromedome gets dragged into watching it by Rewind. He goes in thinking it’s gonna be dumb. He comes out an anime fan.

Who wouldn’t watch anime
Ultra Magnus, Perceptor, Cyclonus, Ratchet, Megatron, Ravage

You know what I never see on Tumblr? Encouraging or supportive posts about people with trichotillomania and/or dermotillomania. I never see those posts because you can’t romanticize it, people don’t see it as beautiful and therefore don’t want to talk about it. It’s really fucking hard having a disorder that is so painfully obvious to anyone who looks and so hard to understand, so shout out to my buds with trich and/or derm, you are still beautiful and worthy of love

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Omg the anxiety thing with fort max is precious *w* Now I'm curious how he would react to certain balls of fur that serve as stress relievers and fun and joy and energy.... also known as kittens xD (Could you include Rung, Red Alert and Whirl?)


Fortress Maximus MTMTE

He’s skeptical at first, not understanding how small, furry, organic creatures could possibly help with stress- oh dear. He’s holding all of them up to his face and one of them just licked his nose, he’s pretty sure he’s never been more at peace. These little balls of fur understand and he’s going to protect them all from now on 


He’s never seen a kitten before, but he has to admit, after holding several of them, he’s charmed. He gets a good chuckle out of it when they start swatting at his antenna, which makes it shake and the kittens swat at it even more. He likes to let them all explore around his desk, but makes sure they don’t get to crazy near his model ships 

Red Alert MTMTE

He’s constantly stressed, if anybody needs kitten cuddle time, it’s him. He’d be really nervous when you let him hold a few, since he might drop or hurt them, but he gets a little more confidence when they start purring and rubbing on him. After a while, he’s happily sitting on the floor with multiple kittens resting on his shoulders and in his lap 


He’s determined to not like them. Him go soft over a bunch of flee bags? No way. No, he was not enjoying laying on the floor while kittens played on him, that was just stupid. Of course he didn’t have some hiding in his cockpit, and that certainly was not a meow just then. If anybody accidentally came close to stepping on one of the little guys, Whirl would punch them into the next dimension